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Case Title:  A female physician experience with C-section - hypesthesia, vaginal and rectal de-sensitivity, and difficulties for achieving sexual orgasm due to destruction of the vagus/L1/L2 nerves and blood circulation with surgery scars in the low abdomen, pubis and uterus..
Reader : 5/11/2004>
I am a 38 year old female physician desperately seeking, not only an explanation, but a cure for lack of sexual sensation. I have become frustrated and depressed exhausting main stream medical answers for my problem. As a physician I have researched a never ending amount of literature and remain confused.
I had 2 C-sx's 12 months apart in 1999 and 2000. The first section was without incidence. The second section, however, left me with significant decrease in vaginal and rectal sensation. I also experience hypesthesia to my abdomen and to my sacrum below the S-2 level's bilaterally. I continue to have some clitoral sensation and could still achieve orgasm, although it requires greater effort with less fulfillment. My libido has greatly diminished as well. My testosterone and DHEA levels are within normal limits.
I fear that my symptoms are progressing, but I wonder if that is a result of the increased awareness I now have toward my condition.
My question, in addition to the above, is... With C-sx's being so commonly performed, why are there not more complaints of this nature? In addition, what are my risks of losing total sensation if I were to undergo another C- sx?
Are my symptoms the result of the C-sx or the epidural I received? How could I differentiate the two?
And most importantly.... Is this a hopeless situation? Is there anything that can be done to reverse the damage and can my symptoms continue to progress at this point?
I am desperate for answers. I am truly at wits end. I am so very sad to have such a loss in the quality of my life. It's as if a huge part of me has died.
I am truly...
Grieving in NY
Dr. Lin: 5/12/2004>  
This link can help you out -
Well, people need some education about surgery - cutting nerves and blood vessels and creating scars
That is why I started collect the information from 1997.
C-section has cut a branch of the CX Vagus nerve and L1/L2 sympathetic nerves running across your low abdomen to your clitoral shaft (the upper left corner) and uterus. The vagus nerve may run into the vaginal/urethral spongy tissue or vaginal orifice. I wonder the branch of the vagus nerve may interlink with S2-S4 in the bladder, uterus and G-spot area, based upon our visual or auditory stimulation experiments for the erection of the clitoris, G-spot, urethral/vaginal spongy tissue and the movement of the uterus/cervix with porn movies.
Cutting the vagus and L1/L2 nerves in this area will interfere with the nervous transduction between the hypothalamus/pituitary and the clitoris/G-spot/uterus and cervix. It reduces the release of the pituitary LH/FSH and oxytocin into the blood stream. This is why a partial hysterectomy (without removing the ovaries) can kill libido and sexual responses.
Damaged nerves can be relinked or rejuvenated, but it may take more than 10 years, depending on the supply of the androgen hormones, neurochemicals and oxygen for the prostaglandin E-1(PGE-1) around  the scar. Massaging or warming the scar can promote the synthesis of prostaglandin E-1 in the local tissue to gradually eliminate the surgery scar.
It took my wife 5 years to get over the nervous damage and scar from 2 episiotomies. I have used my screwing sexual technique to promote the PGE-1 synthesis and then soften her episiotomies scar tissue during lovemaking - http://www.actionlove.com/love/screw.htm 
But, most of women start their peri-menopause before the damaged nerves rejuvenate.  They experiences some of the peri menopause systems as described in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11763.htm, http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11167.htm or http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10596.htm   
You are approaching the peri-menopause age.
You have to promote the Prostaglandin E-1 synthesis around the scar to help rejuvenate the damaged nerves and blood vessels.
ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) can help you out.
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