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Solutions for nauseous, painful and cramping sexual orgasm. 
Why ViaGrowth-IV for maximizing sexual orgasm? and Kill your pain too!
Causes and Solutions for low-back pain - and sexual orgasm.
Note: This document was generated in 12/1997, revised on 7/5/1999, 1/26/2000, and 6/2/2002.

Vacuum-Cupping Massage(For a detail article, click kere)

is the most effecitve method to remove your blood congestion (click here for the graph) in any places of your body, including the genital area. This is a tune-up tool for your sex engine - your fuel (blood) line and electric (Chi) circuit in the sex organs. It also sucks pain, chronic fatigue, and numbness out of your body by removing the blood clogs that compress your nerves and interrupt your acupunctural bio-eletrical (bio-energy) channels. Pain and numbness in my low boby from the waist to the foots were resolved by this method, as show in the following picture. At the same time, it restores my hard erection and sexual potential as well. In fact, I tuned up my entire body with this tools after my doctor gave me up in 1993. Since then, I have never seen any doctors.

More explanation on the principle of body tune-up is given in
This is a do-it-yourself Tool Set. List price: US$150.00; On Sale for US$120.00.
A 90-minute video tape of the actual(not demonstrative) vacuum-cupping massage will be provided for the buyer.

Note: A pressure massage pointer, US$10.00, is sold separately.

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==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7752.htm
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Post-ejaculation pain may be caused by the prostate dysfunction for no sexual orgasm. Vacuum-cupping massage can disclose the prostate and uterine dysfunctions.
Vacuum-Cupping Massage improved sexual function for sexual orgasm- progress
Vaccum-Cupping Massager helps a nurse relieve her orthopedic pain for better well-being ( perhaps, sexual orgasm )!
Asthma and Vacuum-cupping massage. For sexual orgasm? Why?
Reversing Over-maturbation and blood congestion that kill his body, for sexual orgasm!
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