Theory of Sexual Orgasm:  Penis-Clitoris/Vagina/Cervix Screwing Massage
What are the screwing technique to massage the penis and vagina, and how can we benefit from them?(Date: 8/1/1997, 9/12/1999)

Advice:The 2nd ejaculation, drugs and the erectile drug cause health problems.
Tricks for the female orgasm (updated 9/12/1999>:
1. Can you learn from the vibrator-induced orgasm?
Of course, the keys for women to achieve orgasm are: (a) Penis Hardness, (2). Stimulation speed (The maximum speed we can do is 2.5 cycles per second; The vibrator can do at much higher speed, but the frequenct users of the vibrator has reported the clitoral and vaginal numbness or insensitivity - the side effect of the vibrator for its long-term users. Our 2.5-cycles-per-second stimulation speed has been considered as an upper limit of the most effective sexual stimulation.)
2. You must make sure that the penis and the clitoris/G-spot are erected/engoreged to an extreme. The samples of the polished love tools are given in;
I means, you must be patient to polish the love tools for multiple orgasms.

3.Dr.Lin has broken through the traditional Taoists' sexual limitations for more sexual orgasm.

Dr. Lin's Answer>

Screwing is every important in love coupling for massaging vagina and penis in the Chinese sexual bible "SU-NUI Ching". The original purpose of screwing is to cure the woman and man's sexual related problems, such as the woman's abnormal discharge, period irregularity, and frigidity, and the man's impotence and early ejaculation. SU-NUI Ching suggests that the sexual problems have to be solved by sex itself, that is, the sex act itself is considered one of the physical therapies, penis and vagina's massage, and sexual controllability. Since the reproductive system is tighten to the urinary system, both of them share the same muscles. The sexual capability may reflects the controllability of urination in the senior years of the life.
They are two screwing technique depending who, the male or female, is the driver. If the male is the driver, he controls the screwing motion and massages the vagina. He should be less constrained, and allowed to move freely. In this case, the female will lay down, and the male can lay on her, stand up or knee down to do the job.

If the female is the driver, she will sit on the his legs without constraint. She can rotate her upper body right and left periodically or uses her hip to make a circulation motion. For the purpose of sexual therapy, the couple should screw each other gently.
Screwing can also be used to wake up the sexual energy, increase the vagina lubrication and harden the penis. I consider it is the foreplay for senior couples.
Screwing is a kind of exercises for the low back section of the body. It is also a mutual massage of the external sexual zone around the couple's pubic borne. If a couple screw each other for 10 to 20 or 30 minutes every morning, they will feel that everyday is in honeymoon (or horny mode), no matter how long they have been married. It will provide enough morning exercises for the loving couples as well.

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