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News updated:

What is the difference between the Multiple and Long Orgasms?

As an Engineering Scientist, I have tried to do my best to perform measurments on everything surrounding me. They include SEX. I measured the penis hardness vs.the probability of women's orgasms, the signal processing (period & frequency) of women's voice responses to sexual orgasms, and the minimum pressure acting on the clitoris and G-spot for breaking the orgasmic barrier. I used the Finger Plier to test the role of the penis size in the excitation of sexual orgasms. I don't believe that any "Sex Expert" has done these before. It is a historical breakthrough of the human sexual study, and done by an engineer! Based these measurements and the wave mechanics/vibration theories, I have, therefore, established my theory of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms, and The Resonant Excitation Approach. In addition, I have also developed the special methods for making women achieve orgasms in a short time( a brief document posted) , trouble shooting of the impotent and frigid problems based upon the Tranditional Chinese Medincine methods - Pressure and Vacuum-Cupping Massages (a brief document posted), powering up the penis with the woman's sexual energy (no document posted), exercising women's sexual muscle leading to multiple orgasms (2 brief descriptions posted), and prolonging intercourse with the Sexual ChiKong practice (4 brief documents posted). In fact, my approach is the TAO OF SEX, following the natures of the human sexual system including the sex organs, five senses, and brain.

You may wonder that if you e-mail me your sexual response voice during intercourse, I may be able to solve your sexual problems, accordingly. I have several, very powerful signal processing systems, including a Doppler Radar Signal Processor. The analysis of sexual response signals is one of my research topics. If you want to try my sexual signal processing computer, please contact me!

If you have been advised with "more forplay, oral sex, or using vibrators", that eventually numb your sex organs, you may think about a natural way to generate sexual orgasms, the response of the human sexual system. So, My first Step is to analyze the response of the human sexual system to the driving forces(generated by the man' pubic bone & penis, or the Finger Plier). If you want to generate sexual orgasms, you must understand this trick.

OK! Now, It is the time to explain my theory on multiple and long orgasms for you, as follows:

1. Long Orgasm- When a woman achieves orgasm, her uterus starts to contract. If the stimulating (driving) force is too weak, the contraction will die down very quickly. Only the first cycle of the contration will pulse the sexual energy out of the genital area. Although the rest cycles are too weak to send another sexual energy pulse out, the woman will feel these weak cycles as the extension of her orgasm. This can usually happen when the man ejaculates before the woman achieve orgasm. After the man ejaculated the hot semen will assist the woman to reach orgasm if the penis is still moving inside the vagina. If the penis can still hold erection, the uterus contraction will be continuously driven by the penis or man's pubic bone, that is multiple orgasms. Otherwise, the uterus contraction will become too weak to send out another sexual energy pulse. The woman won't feel pulsing pleasure after the first one. However, the utreus still contracts weakly, so that her brain will memorize the sexual pleasure for a while. Our experiments shows the penis pointing to 3 o'clock position is likely to produce this kind of orgasm. The trigger point of the woman orgasm is close to the vagina opening or the clitoris.

If you are an engineer, the orgasm duration is the time constant of a damping system; if you are familiar with the time series analysis or system idenfication theory, it is the system memory duration. The Time Series Of Stock Market is the first-order system, no memory at all!
2. Multiple orgasms - After the womam achieves orgasm, the vagina and clitoris are swollen to a maximum state. The vagina becomes resistless (super-conductive.) In this state, pressure waves generated by the penis at the rate of 0.8 or 0.4 seconds per cycle, will be converted into sexual energy pulses by the mechanism of the uterus contraction. Each pulse will put the brain in the eruptive pleasure state. The pleasure pulses are continuously driven by the motion of the "HARD" penis. The sexual pleasure pulses will be continuously generated as long as the penis holds erection or its stimulation force (the pressure wave) on the vagina AND clitoris keeps going. In fact, the multiple orgasms are DRIVEN by the pressure waves when the penis periodically pressurizes the G-spot and Epicenter inside the vagina AND the man's pubic bone synchronously exerts on the clitoris. This is the method of 3-point excitation. For detail on this method and the 3 points, please read


For the penis hardness, please see

PS: To generate orgasms (Long or Multiple ) for a woman, the man MUST HAVE A " HARD PENIS". Please read our testing results in www.linplaza.com/love/clock.htm Men have to LEARN How TO POWER UP THE PENIS USING THE WOMEN'S SEXUAL ENERGY
Only her sexual energy(from the vagina) can help her man to hold the penis erection.
In fact, the method of Powering Up the Penis for multiple orgasms is ONE of the most important Topics of This BOOK
A HARD PENIS, with the sexual ChiKong practice, CAN GUARANTEE WOMEN'S MULTIPLE ORGASMS. Two voice samples of the ChiKong breathing during intercourse and the woman's responses to the multiple, sexual orgasms are included in the CD-ROM Version of this bio-medical engineering sex manual.

FOR MORE DETAIL ON the definition of the penis hardness, please read clock.htm (click here)
Resonant(Trans-Harmonic) Excitation Approach can simply tune Women's Multiple Orgasms at the Fingers' or Penis Tips.
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