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Case Study - Solutions of toe cramping and curling due to sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/28/2001>
My girlfriend's toes curl downward after orgasm and it takes alot of pressure on the toes to unlock them to their normal position. What causes the toe curling after orgasm and is considered the ultimate in orgasmic peaking or and how common is this type of occurrence in females?

Dr. Lin: 1/29/2001> 
The short circuit of the sympathetic nerves L4 and L5 (the toe and leg circuit) with L1 and L2 (part of the orgasm circuits T10-L2).
The short circuit area is in her groin and inner thigh where the Dorsal digital nerves passing through the L1 and L2 reflexion zones. When her orgasm is triggered in either side of her urethral spongy tissues (her inner penis), about the 2 or 10 o'clock position. There will be a powerful orgasm responses of the L1-L2 circuits , which couples the orgasm surges into the Dorsal digital nerves of L4 and L5. Generally, if her L1-L2 circuits is decoupled from Doral gitital nerves, a powerful vaginal sideway orgasm can send a sequence of orgasm surges along the Medial Calcaneal Braches of tibial nerve to the inner ankle and the center of the foot, or along the acupucture Kidney Vessel (KV) and Liver Vessel (VL)  down to the acupuncture point KV-1 at the center of the foot. When I trigger my wife's vaginal sideway orgasm with my Finger Pliers method, she always feel the orgasm heat in the central of her foot and inner ankle, either the right and left leg, depending on which vaginal side I stimulate. 
1. she has to remove the blood congestion in her groin and inner thigh in order to decouple the L4 and L5 from L1 and L2. Frequent Massage on these areas and the low leg can gradually improve her situation.
2. Or simply trigger her vaginal orgasm on the 12-o'clock position along her urethra. Her orgasm surges will mainly run upward along the Conceptive Vessel (CV)- the central line of the body to her heart and forehead. Only a small portion of orgasmic energy will be coupled into her Kidney and Liver Vessel and L3 and L4 nerves. http://www.actiontao.com/image/wavepath.jpg 
In this way, she can prevent her toes from curling.
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