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Case Study - How to get rid of the over-masturbation habit  and to solve Youth Impotency for restoring erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/16/2000>
I started masturbating at the age of 14 and now I can't seem to get erect as i once was, this occured about 6 months ago and I can always get half way but usually it takes a lot of work to get it all the way erect which never really happens that often...second off there is a darker color showing on my penis than before ..what is the problem??? the color is the darkest around where i got circumsized...I have quite masterbating for about 2 weeks but not much luck yet...the problem has gotten worse over the paste 6 months to the point of me planning on stopping masturbating for good which at one point before anything was wrong i did it 1 to 2 times a day.. If i quit masturbating for good will the 2 major problems i have go away (the color and the erectile problem) and how long do u think it would take???? Also what products do u think will help me along the way if i use those??? will they increase my recovery time?

Dr. Lin: 12/17/2000> 
This is called Youth Impotency. It is very common for teenagers to experience this problem when they have worked too hard on the penis.
Teenagers have a misimpression: Ejaculating is like peeing.
When your penis erects, you want to ejaculate for releasing sexual urgency like peeing out your urinary urgency.  This misconception leads to over-masturbation.
You have to change your sexual practice. Here are my tips to help you out.
You have to learn how to re-circulate your sexual energy back to your brain from your prostate with my Anal Breathing Method, and change your diets by reducing your red meat and dairy products to 30% and at the same time, increasing your intake of fresh vegetables/fruits and seeds/nuts/beans.
It will take your 6-12 months to master the Anal Breathing Method. After your master this technique, you will feel a sequence of heat surges running into your tailbone and spins every times when you practice it. The heat surges are generated by the testosterone burning in the anal/tailbone muscles. In this way, you can avoid the biological action of testosterone and DHT (the byproduct of testosterone burning) on the prostate and remove the ejaculation urgency without ejaculating.  Of course, you have to ejaculate manually or naturally,  by masturbation or morning wet dreams,  when your seminal vesicles are full; otherwise, you will experience pelvic congestion and  the lockup of the brain's testosterone/sperm negative control circuits.  That is, use the Anal Breathing Method to reduce your sexual (ejaculation) urgency and to normalize ejaculation frequency, so that
you won't experience sexual exhaustion, fatigue, sleepiness, or tiredness after ejaculating manually or naturally.  
Do the anal muscular exercise (
But, don't contract your prostate (PC) muscle!) when you go peeing. Use the slow anal breathing to stop your urine flow by lifting up your heals (ankles) and contracting your butts against your tail bone. Stop the urine flow 3-5 times firmly. 
Warning: Exercising your PC muscle will stimulate your sexual urgency and promote your ejaculation. 

Your darkening penis indicates that your penile blood circulation is getting worse.
The penile blood circulation relies on the natural (spontaneous) erection of your penis.
The more frequently you can erect, the better penile blood circulation you will have.
Frequently spontaneous erection fully relies on the Nitric Oxide (NO) level in the penile parasympathetic nerves and the testosterone/DHEA levels in the bloodstream, particularly the DHEA level which helps NO synthesis. When the DHEA level becomes too low (the deficiency of Kidney Yin Chi), your penile parasympathetic nervous endings won't produce NO.
The NO and DHEA production requires the liver enzymes, while DHEA is mainly produced by the adrenal glands sitting on the top of the kidneys. The traditional Chinese medicine does not distinguish the adrenal glans from the kidneys. When Chinese medicine/acupuncture doctors and Chi masters tell you that you experience deficiency of the Kidney Yin Chi, they mean that your adrenal function is too weak to produce sufficient DHEA in driving your testicular function (Kidney Yang Chi).
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You are too young to take ViaGrowth-IV.
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