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Case Study -  Solutions for Vaginimus, depression, anxiety and sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
My wife has vaginimus...was instructed to do Kagel excercises which haven't helped. I came across your website and was wondering if ViaGrowth IV is available in Canada? I am also looking forward to trying some of your techniques.
I should also mention that my wife is suffering from depression and anxiety which she is taking Pax?l (SSRIs antidepressant, a trade marked drug name)  for. Makes her very tired and uninterested in sex.
I am looking for any ideas on how to return things back to normal for her as we both are frustrated with it for the past 4-5yrs. Although things are getting better day by day and the anxiety/depression is being dealt with thanks to the Midwest Centre for Stress and Anxiety...I am still looking for ways to better her health naturally, without drugs. Any ideas are appreciated.

Dr. Lin: 7/25/2000>
ViaGrowth-IV can solve both vaginimus and depression/anxiety for her. She can gradually drop the antidepression drug, within a week, by reducing dosage day by day when she starts to take ViaGrowth-IV one tablet a day.
In fact, her vaginimus may worsen by the side effect of the antidepression drug.
The drug has knocked her brain's parasympathetic nervous communication to her uterus and vagina, and deactivated her liver function that produces the enzymes responsible for production of the the parasympathetic neurotransmitter acetylcholine, the erectile messenger Nitric Oxide and dilator cGMP, and interfered with her endocrine function that produces DHEA and testosterone for the muscular flexibility and elasticity (including the vaginal muscle). 
Vaginimus results from the deficiency of NO, cGMP, DHEA and testosterone in the vaginal tissues/muscles.  ViaGrowth-IV can boost the production of NO, cGMP, DHEA and testosterone for the vaginal erectile tissues..
The side effect of the drug can intensify spasm pains or cramps in the vagina during vaginal penetration. 

After she fully drop the antidepression drug, you can start to massage her vagina with one finger to reactivate her blood circulation down there. Then use my Finger Pliers method to trigger her orgasm.  The Fingers Pliers massage can stimulate the production of NO and cGMP in the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, and grows hormone receptors to increase the hormone concentration in the vaginal tissues.  Give her a daily vaginal massage in the morning.  It may requires 5-10 times to relax her vaginal muscles and help her achieve orgasm. When you can penetrate her vagina with one finger, you can do it with your penis. Generally, if you can make her come very often, her depression and anxiety will be solved naturally. This is because sexual orgasm increases  her oxytocin (passion and orgasm hormone)  level. 

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