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News updated:

Case Study - An erectile drug user said Dr. Lin formulas help him for better erection and looks for better control of sexual orgasm.
Reader: 4/13/1999>
Dr. Linn-- I have ordered and used your advice and products and they have helped with my erectile dysfunction problem. I still use V?gr? (the ereticle drug, trade-marked name not allowed here) but don't need it all the time now. Thankyou. You suggested that I cycle Male Power with Trbilus and Estrovan one day and take Endura with Real Dhea the next. I have times however that premature ejaculation is a real problem. Sometimes I have more control than others but it is usually a real sruggle for me and very frustrating for my wife. Should I be taking Kava Kava before sex? I also notice that you don't recommend taking GinsengX4 with Vi?gr? (the ereticle drug, trade-marked name not allowed here). Why? I know I'm on the right track but just need to learn more.
Dr. Lin: 4/14/1999>
1. The erectile drug and Ginseng can be taken together, but Ginseng Power Max 4X contains a little alcohol about 10%. I have never tried the erectile drug myself, i don't know how alcohol is too much. But I advise you to take precaution to mix the erectile drug with alcohol because the heart may not take it.
2. To solve Premature Ejaculation, you have to stabilize the prostate condition during intercourse.
This can be achieved by the LoveLonger or LastLonger package.
It depends on the situation.
But, the PeniSOS (2 tablets) + Estrovan + Ginseng Power Max 4X can do the job very well.
When you take any erectile drugs or herbs, you need our  new ViaGrowth products to replenish your body so that your erection power can become hard enough to create a high blood pressure inside the penile shaft. The high blood pressure inside the penis will  block the nervous transmission between the glans and the prostate, as described in /cases/case7648.htm
You can check the availability of ViaGrowth products in http://www.actiontao.com/herbs/vgrowth.htm

Remember, the erectile drug can mediate the penile erection, but you need a hard erection beyond the spontaneous erection. Only ViaGrowth products or ViaPal-hGH packages can bring your spontaneous erection to a power-up state as shown. This is one of the ways to prolong sex.
By the way, do you feel pain or pressure when the penis erects?
You have to contract the anal muscle to control ejaculation. This method is very effective when you have a natural erection. This is Sexual ChiKong Breathing Method or the Anal Breathing Method.

Dr. Linn --Thankyou for your response. I do not have any pain or pressure during erection with or without V?ag?a. V?ag?a causes me to have a very natural feeling erection. I don't think that the amount of alcohal in Power Max 4x is enough to worry about in my case. I know this because I have taken V?ag?a after a glass of wine and it still works fine. The manufacturer reccomends against alcohal use with V?ag?a because it can deminish its effectiveness. Are you reccomending that I use your new products now instead of your previous recomendation (male power & Tribilus one day and Endura the next)? Which Viagrow in my case? Would taking Kava Kava before sex also help me with my parasympathetic function. I will work on my anal contractions and breathing during intercourse. You have so many formulas it's just a bit confusing getting down what is the best things to take and when. The good news is that I have definitely seen improvement by taking your products. I have much more energy and my libido is way up! Just have to figure out how not to prematurely come. Thankyou

Dr. Lin: 4/15/1999>

Generally speaking, My products, except Fibra Tea, works perfectly with a low dose of alcohol (2-oz bear, 1-oz red wine, and 0.5-oz whisky). High dose of alcohol with any herbal products or drugs will trigger the Kidney renal activity for high blood pressure and overactive sympathetic nervous function.
Since I have tested many products, I have integrated them together as ViaGrowth products in order to make it more affordable. I am very aware of the product pricing. ViaGrowth products are more effectives at lower cost.
PeniSOS has a high dose of the testosterone-building substance from animal testes and Zinc/Soy. 
To prolong sex, PeniSOS + ViaGrowth-III + Ginseng Power Max 4x  or New product ViaPal-hGH-D or -X are for men of age 40+; PeniSOS + ViaGrowth-III for men of age 25-40 (?); ViaGrowth-II + Ginseng Power is for young men;  ViaGowth-I + Ginseng  Power is for teenage, youngmen and those who has the prostate enlargement.
Since you are an erectile drug user, I recommend you to take ViaGrowth-III + PeniSOS + Ginseng Power Max 4x. ViaGrowth-III includes Tribilus which can trigger the hormone messenger (LH) release to target the testicles. I believe this is important to you. After you finish the existing products, you can switch to this new package.
The ViaGrowth or ViaPal-hGH packages  will be available at the end of April, 1999. The description of these products is given in
Ginseng Power 4x in
http://www.actiontao.com/herbs/ginseng.htm ,
PeniSOS in
Kava Kava help clam down the sympathetic function. ViaGrowth contains this important component.
I believe, as long as you understand how to apply  the Anal Breathing or Tai-Chi Yin-Kong Breathing Method to intercourse  and have a good erection, you can overcome the premature ejaculation problem with my Penile Ballooning Effects as described in
with the attached Graph, enlarge.jpg.

Reader: 4/15/1999>
Once again thankyou Dr. Linn for your prompt response to my questions and your genuine concern towards helping me solve my sexual problems. I will use what I have purchased from you recently until gone and reorder your new viagrowth product! I noticed that Vaigrowth3 contains Androstenedione. I read that this powerful steriodal precursor can shut down or severely curtail the bodies own ability to produce testosterone while Tribilus encourages our bodies lutinizing hormones to produce it naturally. I also read that Androstenedione spikes testosterone levels quickly but for only an hour or so. I've personally used Tribilus and it does increase my libido seemingly naturally. I know a gentleman that was a user of Androstenedione and it thrashed his natural testosterone level and it has taken him some time to recover. I noticed that the level of Andro in your Viagrowth3 is quite low and you do recommend taking two days off after using for five straight days. Is this your cycling method? Last question-- You recommend using PeniSOS and Ginsengx4 with Viagrowth3 in my case. How do I use these together? Every day? Please advise so I get it right by the time I'm ready to order. Thank you for answering my many inquiries. Sincerely
Dr. Lin: 4/16/1999>
 Androstenedione?  You can find this chemical in animal testicles, adrenal glands, and pine seeds.  Overloading  the body with this one will turn on the brain's hormone negative feedback loop.  It is detectable and sensible because it will overload the prostate with testosterone and DHT. As a result, you will feel uncomfortable pain down there.  Low dosage of Androstenedione will not alert the brain, but compensate the deficiency of testosterone in your body. When your body can not produce sufficient testosterone in the endocrine chemical chain, you need this ingredient! The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)  need a certain level of testosterone to re-initiate the brain/adrenal/testicular function. Since we are getting older, the brain with a low bioelectricity in the Central/Autonomic Nervous Systems can not release the hormone messengers to target the adrenal cortexes and testes. A low dose of Androstenedione, which can be converted to testosterone by the liver function, can initiate the nervous system in a short time without triggering the alarm in the brain. That is what a low dose of Androstenedione can benefit the system. I use the low dose of Androstenedione to jump start the system. Then, Ginseng and PeniSOS/FIBRA will promote the liver, blood circulation, and endocrine system for more testosterone (a little Estrogen too!), 5-alpha reductase for burning testosterone into power, and other enzymes to stop the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion in the liver.  In fact, the other ingredients in the Endura package or new products ViaGrowth and its associated packages ViaPal-hGH are to increase the threshold of the brain's testosterone Negative Feedback Controller, so that the body can have a high level of free testosterone in the bloodstream without alerting the brain. 
High dose (above 500 mg a day) of  Tribulus  will overkill the body and overstimulate the prostate, resulting in premature ejaculation. I have tested this ingredient myself. 
We have tested our existing  products to optimize the testosterone and  5-alpha reductase level, in producing a cooled and shrunk prostate for better ejaculation control. As a result, I have added a lot of plant hormones (including plant estrogen) to free testosterone and DHT from the hormonal receptors of the prostate. In this way, the prostate won't be overheated or enlarged.  This is how we produce new products - ViaGrowth. I have also splited the ViaGrowth dosage into 2 or 3 serves per dose so that it won't overload the liver. 
Loading too much a good thing into the body is not good for the liver, because an excessive chemical will overkills the liver function  and turns on the brain's hormone Negative Feedback Controller.
Remember that I use the engineering concept to optimize (fine-tune) the system performance. I treat the body as a whole system.
You can relax to use my products, because I am the first pig to test it.
Our body, like plants, requires "seasonal change" to let the organs take a break! Thus, I suggest the variation of the supplement dosage to simulate the natural cycling of the body chemistry for produce the best result.
I have observed the watering cycle of hydroponic plants and the seasonal change associated with the fruit trees' productivity, very carefully. All live things have the similar cycling. That is why women menstruates. Men also have a sexual performance cycle too.

2. Drink 1 or 2 droppers of Ginseng + 1 dropper of Fibra once a day in the evening. If they don't offend your stomach, you can have them 2 or 3 times a day for sex. Generally, you can have one serve before dinner or prior to bedtime. You will notice that this combination has ability to power up the body in 30-60 minute if you body is at rest. To have the best result,  drink it slowly and hold every sip in your mouth for 2 - 3 minutes. The chemical can get into your system in your mouth without going through the digestive system. 

You can take PeniSOS anytime you want.

Note: We will have a most powerful new product ViaGrowth-IV for you soon.

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