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Case Title:  Chronic over-masturbation for almost 20 years has alternated this 34  years old nervous gene expression for erectile dysfunction and retarded ejaculation for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/16/2004>
Hi Dr. Lin

I am 34 and have been an over-masturbator for almost 20 years. I am experiencing moderate erectile and orgasmic difficulties. When I get an erection it usually takes a lot of heavy stimulation (pulling foreskin down e.t.c.) to maintain it, therefore most of the time I would lose it during an intercourse. It also suspected that I have problems with sensations since BulbaCavernosus Reflex Test gave a week result. Also a Nocturnal Tumescence test revealed only two very soft erections over night at best. I hardly ever get awakening erections, however I still can stimulate myself to a very good one in the morning. My other problem is getting orgasms during an intercourse, since even when I manage to stay hard it seems almost impossible to come. I have however no problems coming when my girlfriend gives me a hand job. My blood and hormonal serum count is good except that I have only slightly elevated estrogen level (weird because I am not over-weight). My testosteron count is exce!
llent (800 something). On a positive note, my ejaculation volume is still large and thick unlike other people suffering from over masturbation and exhaustion. I have read wonderful reviews of your products I would like to know which ones you'd recommend in my case. Also any suggestions about changing my sex life would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Lin: 9/17/2004> Your problem is due to the urethral-prostate sensory/sympathetic nervous disorder as a result of a low acetylcholine and dopamine nervous action on your nervous receptors. You need a very heavy stimulation on your urethral nerve to trigger your prostate to emit and ejaculate your semen. The prostate and bulbourethral glands usually fails to produce the emission fluid that contains prostaglandin E-2 to help your prostate to fire up.
ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) can gradually boost your brain/nervous function and elevate your acetylcholine and dopamine level for orgasm.
A lack of acetylcholine cuts off the nervous sensitivity and transmission and prostate fluid production, but elevate the liver enzyme aromatase to convert more testosterone into estrogen; a lack of dopamine, due to an excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion for sympathetic nervous fight or flight (your brain/nervous function is in Flight), causes an excessive release of prolactin from the pituitary glands for low libido, erectile dysfunction and semen production disorder. Under this condition, even if you can ejaculate or emit by a heavy urethral or prostate stimulation, your ejaculation becomes either very watery (like female urethral ejaculation) or jelly-like.
Chronic over-masturbation usually alternate the nervous gene expression for shutting down the sex function by two extremes - premature ejaculation (or constant leakage of precom or semen) or retarded ejaculation (or orgasmic dysfunction due to semen production disorder), in addition to the common erectile dysfunction.
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