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Case Title:   One more over-masturbation victim's experiences for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/29/2002>
Hello Dr. Lin:

I like your web-site very much. I find it very useful to correlate my situation
with many of the other readers. I have been having several problems. I am only 
30 yrs old but look like a 40 yr old man. I have been masturbating from age 15 to age 20 very severely I got turbercolosis. I got treated and completely recovered from TB.
Still, since I got addicted to masturbation between age 25 to now I masturbate occationally but each time I masturbate I do it for a very long time 4-5 hours even. After reading your web site I understood the difference between love making and masturbation and why masturbation is bad. So I am being very careful from now on. 
There were several problems that I did not recover from even after trying several things like yoga, exercise, lots of nutritioius food. 

1. Excessive hair loss. Hair loss is patchy and excessive. Not receding hair line but patchy hair loss which is kind of ugly.
2. Severe halitosis or stench from mouth. I tried every product there is but
it is not going away.
3. Severe lack of concentration. I cannot concentrate to who I am talking to 
for more than a few seconds if we talk face to face.
4. Severe loss of memory. 
5. Lot of weakness. Sometimes I feel like I am a dying old man.
6. Lots of depression. I often wonder how I am going to live into my old age
with so much pain inside of me. I feel like I am under the burden of a 
huge boulder or rock throughout my life.
7. Droopy Eyes. Eyes look like I am some kind of alcoholic or drug addict
but I swear to god I do not use any drugs. I have alcohol ocationally to
forget all my problems and to sleep.
8. I have severe difficulty in sleeping. I excersise a lot to sleep but 
I find after a couple of days that I am getting exhausted due to exercise
but my sleep is not improving. Only the first couple of days that I start
excersing the sleep is better but after a few days again sleeping problems
come back.
9. Either pre-mature ejaculation less than 30 seconds or no ejaculation for
more than an hour.
10. Slurry speech.
11. A lot of times I feel that my mind goes completely blank. There will be 
nothing in the mind. Empty headed. 

I did not tell anybody ... NOT even a single SOUL on earth about these problems
except to you. Because I think you are my ONLY HOPE.

PLEASE HELP. Please suggest me what can be done or if there is any hope to me
at all in this life or did i reach a stage where nothing can be done at all.

Dr. Lin: 10/29/2002> Your problems are directly or indirectly generated by over-ejaculation, as described in
Excessive hair loss is caused by excessive binding of DHT into the hair rooting cells or by excessive stress neurohormone in the bloodstream due to the excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion. Severe halitosis or stench is caused by the deficiency of Yin (acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous function), Kidnny Yin (DHEA hormone), and/or the liver fire (an exhausted liver function due to deficiency of B2, B6 and B12), but excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion (sympathetic nervous fire) due to a low level of serotonin/melatonin in the brain which also causes sleeping diorder.
Viapal-hGH-M (3-014) can help you out,
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