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Your Question:

Why did you use the theory of wave mechanics to interpret women's sexual orgasms?

Ok! Let us clarify this problem. First, we have to realize that the rhythmical pressure waves exerting on the clitoris by the man's pubic borne or other means, and/or on the female's trigger zone by the penis or other means, are essential for the excitation of sexual orgasm. These pressure waves carry the strain energy into the Epicenter near the cervix. The woman's sexual energy will increase if the energy input rate is faster than the energy dissipating rate. This is possible when the pressure waves tune in to the natural frequency of the uterus contraction, provided the woman's sex organs are swollen. That is, the swollen sex organs have less energy dissipating rate (or resistance). The more the blood in the woman's sex organs is the less the energy dissipating rate there is. I have also explained the resonant excitation of sexual orgasms in the other article called resonant.htm. You should read that article.
The following graphs show you how the penis generates a strain wave(deformation) on the wall between the urethra and vagina. This wall behaves like a curved plate on the vagina tube or hollow cylinder.

When the penis runs through the vagina wall periodically, it generates a standing, elastic wave against the wall between the uterus and bladder, near the Epicenter. This wall, behaving as a slopping beach in my coastal edge-wave experiment in the Hydaulic Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, 1978-1981, provides a trapping mechanism for the pressure wave energy. Once the energy gets into this wall, it becomes the woman's sexual energy. The energy trapping mechanism was explained in the article called resonant.htm. The following graphs show the similarity between the woman's sexual organs and my edge-wave experimental equipments. It surpprised me that the wave excitation processes of both systems, including the time for women to achieve orgasm and for the edge wave to reach a maximum amplitude, are the same. I have learned this trick from my edge wave experiment since then, so that I have had a 100% sucessful rate of making my lady archieve multiple orgasms. If you know how to resonate her sexual orgasms you don't have to ejaculate everytime you have sex. If you learn this trick you can make more than ten young women achieve orgasm in one night. This is because young women require no much foreplay and can achieve orgasm in 1-5 minutes.

On the other hand, you should realize that pressure waves applied to the clitoris are another interesting wave phenomenon. The pressure waves pass through the female's trigger zone and constructively superimpose on to the local pressure waves generated by the moving penis. The constructive superimposition of these waves will intensify the sexual energy level very quickly if the pressure waves tune in to the natural frequency of the uterus contraction. The periodic pressures on the clitoris will also open the Earth Gate(deep behind the clitoris) there to allow the sexual energy pulses, generated by the periodic contraction of the uterus, to surge out to the woman's head through the central chest. Noticeably, the Earth Gate can only be openned with the pressure through the clitoris! That is why if women want to achieve orgasm easily and quickly, their clitoris must be subjected to a pressure of approximate 6 PSI , as I did in my experiments with a Finger Plier. In fact, you have to turn on her Earth Gate if she want to experience multiple orgasms. Without turning on the Earth Gate her sexual energy can not be pulsed out by the uterus. In this situation, she may feel her sexual energy being diffused from the uterus to whole body. Although she can release her sexual tension by this way she won't feel sexual pleasure. Only the sexual energy pulses generated by the uterus contraction can give her full pleasure.

In addition, the sexual energy pulses are the waves too. These waves are very similar to the circular water waves generted by a periodic, vertical moving object near the water surface. More preciously, the sexual energy pulses can be considered as the shock waves generated by the earthqake (the uterus contraction ) at the Epicenter near the cervix. The resonantly sexual orgasms, in fact, have some geophysical similarities.

All the physical phenomena from sexual excitation to eruptive orgasms are associated with the theory of wave mechanics. Now, you can understand why I use the wave theory to explain the woman's sexual orgasms. By the way, I have to stress that It is the pressure waves, NOT THE FRICTION FORCE, generate the woman's sexual orgasms. Friction between the vagina and penis will cause pain, rather than pleasure! The penis and man's pubic borne, forming a plier, must be able to provide the pressure waves of magnitude 6 PSI ( or 3 pound force) for women to achieve orgasm (multiple orgasms). No pressure no orgasm(No Pleasure)! Understand this trick. She will get more than what she expects.

NOTE: What do the voice responses (moan & cry) to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms sound like? There are three (3) samples of the voice responses to multiple, sexual orgasms inlcuded in the CD-ROM Version of this book. Have you or your girls experienced multiple, sexual orgasms before? Verify them! You will also hear the trans-harmonic breathing, that tells men how to use the Sexual ChiKong breathing for prolonging intercourse, and women how to use the sexual ChiKong breathing to synchronously contract her vagina muscle for the excitation of multiple orgasms.

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