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Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms -
Tao Of Love Coupling

Researches on the excitation of subharmonic and synchronous edge waves, used for the interpretation of women's sexual orgasms in this book, were financially supported by the National Science Foundation (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Division) under contract Eng-4627 with the University of California at Berkeley, and under contract CEE 8306068 with Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, respectively. Gratitude is due to my Ph.D. thesis committee members at University of California, Berkeley, my former master-degree students at Florida Atlantic University, and both universities for providing the necessary research equipments for the author to observe the wonder of wave interactions. The author is also indebted to those who participated in the experiment of resonant, sexual orgasms. They include some of my former students in the "Ocean Wave Mechanics" class, my friends, and Internet surfers.


This book is a comprehensive report of my study on multiple, sexual orgasms over last 20+ years, in which I present a simple explanation (theory) of multiple, sexual orgasms, based upon the natural wave and vibration phenomena, the actual measurements of sexual stimulation rates (cycles) and pressures, and the signal analyses of the voice (moan and cry) responses to the resonantly orgasmic waves driven by the man's pubic bone and penis. What the readers want to know, perhaps, is how to make it happen, rather than the theory. In fact, this is the main purpose of this book. This book includes:
1. the methods of "tuning" women's multiple orgasms or how to make women achieve multiple orgasms in a very short time (1 or 2 minutes) - the synchronous and subharmonic (Trans-Harmonic) excitations of multiple, sexual orgasms;
2. how to break the orgasmic barrier for women's first-time orgasm - groundbreaking of multiple sexual orgasms;
3. the effect of the penis hardness on the chance (probability) of women's orgasms;
4. the secret of powering up (hardening) the penis during intercourse, with the female sexual energy from the vagina;
5. the secret of prolonging intercourse for men - fooling the sexual nerves and brains with sexual ChiKong breathing, and preventing fatigue of the muscle surrounding the penis base and prostate gland;
6. the secret of incorporating women's sexual exercise into intercourse for the resonant excitation of multiple sexual orgasms, and for retaining the urination continency.
7. how to obtain health benefits from the sexual intercourse with multiple, sexual orgasms, for men and women..
8. how to restore or maintain men and women's sexual potentials by the vacuum-cupping and pressure massage methods, and food/herbal supplements.

Sexual orgasm is one of the natural wave and vibration phenomena, occuring in women's body when the sensory nerves in the sex organs are resonantly stimulated by external rhythmical pressures. In order to make general readers understand this concept, I have added more graphic and pictorial presentations than what I originally considered. In fact, it is not necessary for you to understand the physical phenomenon of multiple, sexual orgasms. Perhaps, what you need (or want) is to follow graphic and pictorial illustrations that show you how to make it happen.

To excite women's multiple, sexual orgasms, it requires strong rhythmical pressure (elastic) waves or fluctuations acting on certain spots of women's sex organs. When the elastic waves on the wall (trigger zone) between the vagina and urethra, as the results of the penis exerting on the trigger zone and the man's pubic borne on the clitoris, harmonically tune in to the contraction frequency or period of the uterus, they will trigger the uterus to start contracting in a very short time (less than 1 minute), such that a sequence of the sexual energy pulses surges out up to the woman's head and radiate out there. The sexual energy pulses naturally create a sequence of eruptive orgasms for the woman. The generation of the sexual pleasure, resulting from the sexual energy pulsing, is called the resonant excitation of sexual orgasms. This book would like to explain how to make it happen and how to prolong the sexual intercourse for a loving couple to let the woman experience multiple orgasms.

I have tried to do my best to measure everything surrounding me. Sex is one of the topics associated with my life. Naturally, I have done measurements on it, and of course, I have analyzed my measurements, as well. Accordingly, I have continued to improve and correct my sexual skill. The readers should realize that aging of our body will force us to gradually update our sexual skill.

I have started my experiments on my Sexual Chi-Kong (ChiKong, Chikung, Qi-Kung, or Qikung) or Sexual Kong-Fu (Kongfu or Kungfu) technique, how to make my lady achieve orgasm in a short time, and restoration of my sexual potential with the acupressure, vacuum cupping massage and traditional Chinese medicines, since I got involved in sex. As a teenage, I learned how to use the abdomen breathing to control my pain. The abdomen breathing technique became the foundation of my Sexual ChiKong practice. I have practiced the Sexual ChiKong technique since I watched a Sexual ChiKong demonstration presented by a ChiKong's lady in the summer of 1972. Later, I have sucessfully used this technique to control my ejaculation and my sexual response every time I engaged in sexual intercourse.

When I was a middle-school student, I got bruised from my fallen bike. I was taught to use the pressure massage with my fingers and fist to dissipate the blood congestion in the hurting spots. I was very successful to treat the bruised in the muscle area. For the blood congestion in the joints of my legs and arms, a bare-foot doctor used the vacuum cupping to draw my blood out of my joints. The vacuum cupping eventually sucked my pain out of the joints and thus, I experienced the magic of the vacuum cupping.

When I entered the middle age, I suffered from the low- and high-back pains for 3 years, numbing of my hands and feet for one year, and losing my sexual potential for one month. I used the acupressure and vacuum-cupping massages to dissipating the blood congestions in my body (including my groins), and thus, restored my health and sexual potential myself. I have found that the acupressure and vacuum-cupping massages are useful for the body tune-up, re-activating the energy and blood circulation systems. Therefore, I have realized that our body like an engine requires the right nutrient (fuel), good air (oxygen) and hormones (bioelectricity), with a good delivery system for each component, to produce power. Once the delivery or circulation systems are dysfunctional or clogged, we will feel losing our potential to work, and start suffering from body pains and depression. The dysfunctional symptoms can not be cured by the modern medicines, but can be solved by the body tune-up methods described above.

Nobody was born as a superior sex machine, but we can train ourself as a super lover. I learned and studied myself from the 4600-year Chinese sexual bible, Su-Nui Ching, along with the theories of modern wave mechanics and vibration systems. It is my engineering background to enable me to interpret the dynamics of sexual orgasms. Since I started my sexual life, I has been able to make my lady to achieve eruptive orgasms by simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and the wall (trigger zone) between the urethra and vagina with certain pressures and moving speeds. I was lucky enough to "discover" that there are two ways to make her reach eruptive orgasms in a short time (1 minute) with a stimulation period of either 0.4 or 0.8 seconds per cycle, or a stimulation frequency (rate) of either 2.5 or 1.25 Hz. I use the word "discover" here because nobody told me before. Those two ways are:
(1) Method of 3-point Excitation: uses the man's pubic bone to exert on the clitoris and the penis to compress the trigger zone which includes two sensitive spots - the G-spot named after German gynecologist, Dr. Grafenderg, and Epicenter as I term it for a spot very close to the cervix, and
(2) Method of Finger Pliers: uses a Finger Plier formed by two fingers, to compress the woman's trigger zone and clitoris, with one finger inside the vagina and the other on the clitoris, by a pressure of approximate 6 pounds-per-squared-inch (PSI).
These two methods produce similar contractions of the uterus, but a very different taste of orgasms. I term the Method of 3-point Excitation, with a stimulation period of either 0.4 or 0.8 seconds per cycle, as the Method of Resonant Orgasms. In fact, the Method of Finger Pliers is an alternative approach for a loving couple to enjoy the resonantly sexual orgasms. These two methods allow a loving couple to alternate the taste of resonantly sexual orgasms in their routine intercourse, so that their sexual life becomes very rich.

The Method of Resonant Orgasms usually puts the woman in the dominant, driving position during intercourse although it can be done with the man in the dominant position. The main reason is that only the woman knows -
(1) which spots in her sex organs should be heavily pressurized,
(2) what stroke and speed should be applied to her trigger zone and clitoris, and
(3) what the attack angle between the penis and vagina can give her clitoris and trigger zone a maximum pressure or stimulation.

In 1975, experiments were mainly performed with the man in the dominant position. It is found that the man could not effectively execute such a heavy task that bring the woman to an eruptive orgasm, even the man can hold the erection of his penis longer than 30 minutes. However, it was found that the Finger Pliers could do a better job than the penis. Sometimes, the man has to rely heavily on his second or third ejaculation to make the woman achieve orgasm. It was concluded that too many ejaculations in a session of sexual intercourse would damage the man's health. No experiments were performed in 1976 because I came to the U.S.A.. In 1977, experiments were resumed. It was found that if the woman is the main driver with the Method of Resonant Orgasms, she can achieve orgasm in one minute. This result promoted me to further explore the effects of love positions on the delay of the woman's orgasm and the man's capacity for prolonged intercourse. Finally, I concluded that the most effective method to excite the woman's sexual response is the Method of Resonant Orgasms.

During my investigation of the woman's sexual response with the Method of Resonant Orgasms in 1977-1978, some sexual intercourse were recorded in audio tapes. It was found that the thrusting period (frequency) of the love action for the eruptive orgasms was either 0.4 or 0.8 seconds, depending on the lady's mode. After the camcorder was available in the middle of 1980's, the resonant excitation of sexual orgasms has recorded in video tapes with time/date stamped. The analyses of these video tapes have confirmed the earlier results as recorded in the audio tapes. I did not realize that the stimulating periods of 0.4 and 0.8 seconds per cycle have anything to do with the naturally contracting period of the uterus as a woman achieves orgasm, until I studied the resonant excitation of the coastal edge waves in the Hydraulic Laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley during 1978-1981. Basically, the resonant excitation of sexual orgasms is the same as that of the edge wave.

In the edge-wave study, I used a peddle (called the wave maker) in water tank to generate a wave train with a period of 0.83 seconds or a frequency of 1.2 Hz incident upon a confined, sloping beach of 18 degrees. The incident wave train excites a wave of 1.66 seconds (or 0.6 Hz in frequency) on the beach, oscillating along the shoreline. Since the excited wave is trapped on the edge of the water or the shoreline, it is called the edge wave. Under the wave maker forcing, the edge wave was excited within one minute and continuously repeated its growth and breaking processes. The coastal/ocean engineers and scientists call this phenomenon the subharmonic excitation since the excited wave frequency is one-half of the forcing one. Later I also studied the synchronous excitation of the edge wave, where the exciting and excited waves have the same frequency, with a financial support from the National Science Foundation, at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, during 1984-1986 . Both the wave excitation phenomena follows the principle of the resonant interaction mechanisms for a non-linear dynamic system. Thus, I call the phenomena the resonant excitation.

In comparing the excitation of sexual orgasms with that of the edge wave, when using the Method of Resonant Orgasms, the man's pubic borne and penis are like the wave maker, the wall (the trigger zone) between the woman's urethra and vagina and the clitoris are the elastic-wave medium like the water in the wave tank, and the uterus behaves as the confined, slopping beach that traps the energy for the edge wave oscillations. If one can periodically generate the elastic waves on her trigger zone or/and clitoris with the forcing period of 0.4 or 0.8 seconds, then the natural contraction of the uterus, which has a period of 0.8 seconds, will be very easily resonated and excited. As the uterus starts contracting, the woman is approaching a sequence of sexual orgasms until the sexual action is stopped. The entire excitation and evolution processes of the sexual orgasms are the same as those of the edge wave; thus I call it the resonant excitation of sexual orgasms.

If the Method of Finger Pliers is employed, the finger plier is like the wave maker and the rest of sexual mechanisms is the same as that in the Method of 3-point Excitation. The Method of Finger Pliers allowed me to measure the pressure compressing the woman's trigger zone and clitoris for the resonantly sexual orgasms. The optimal compressing pressure is approximate 6 PSI, equivalent to 3 pounds of force. The penetration of the finger into the vagina is from 1 to 3 inches. This also proves that it is not necessary to require a huge (long and thick) penis to make women achieve orgasm, and that a 4-inch, hard penis can do the job as well.

The experiments also show that the trigger point of the resonant orgasms changes its location from time to time. The trigger point is the most sensitive point where the pressure energy exerted by the man's pubic borne or penis is every effectively converted to the sexual energy. This point can be the clitoris, G-spot or Epicenter. Theoretically, the G-spot is not a fixed point at all and should considered as a short, sensitive portion of the trigger zone near the opening of the vagina, about 1 - 3 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. It should not be surprised that sometimes, the trigger point is very close to the opening of the vagina or to the end of vagina, the Epicenter. With the Position of 3-point Excitation, the clitoris, the opening of the vagina, and the entire wall between the vagina and urethra are under the rhythmic pressures exerted by the man's pubic borne and penis. No matter where the trigger point moves, it is still covered by the rhythmic pressures. Thus, I consider that the Position of 3-point Excitation is the best position for the love action and that only the woman knows where the trigger point is during sexual intercourse.

The Method of Resonant Orgasms has been tested by more than hundred people since 1982, including my friends, some of my students in the Ocean Wave Mechanics classes during 1982- 1989, and recent internet surfers who responded to my post on the method of achieving orgasm. All the participants have been very pleased with this method since then.

If a man can use the Method of Resonant Orgasms to excite a sequence of sexual orgasms in the women body in a short time, as short as 1 minute in my experiments, he can give a lot of women eruptive orgasms in one night. The ancient Chinese Taoists emphasized that if a man wants to live longer and stronger, he should have sexual intercourse with more than ten "young ladies" without ejaculation every night. Here the word "young ladies" means the women at the age of around 21, who are at the peak of their life in term of the sexual energy. The Taoists stressed that if you know the Tao of Love Coupling (the way of sexual intercourse) you can make it. Yes, it is possible for every one to make it with the Method of Resonant Orgasms and the Sexual ChiKong, both of which I have used. Thus, I also call this book which deals with the Method of Resonant Orgasms and the Sexual ChiKong, the Tao of Love Coupling.

For thousand years, the Taoists used the Yellow Emperor (Huang-Di), the legend Chinese leader ruled China during 2586 - 2696 BC., as a typical example of how a man can practice the Tao of Love Coupling to have sex with more than ten young ladies a night. Even, one of the most famous and respected Chinese classic books, called the Historical Records, by the Han Dynasty's historian Su-Ma-Chan in 100 BC. , said that the Yellow Emperor had 1200 wives and mistresses and had sex with more than ten ladies every night, as he followed his health and sexual advice from his three female sexual advisors and a male doctor. When I read this section of Historical Records, I thought it is a joke. After I discovered the Method of Resonant Orgasms, which can give young ladies a sequence of sexual orgasms within 1 minute after 2 - 4 minute warm-up period and 2 - 4 minute hard-drive stimulations, I have realized that a young woman can experience a sequence of sexual orgasms in 5 - 9 minutes. With the Sexual ChiKong practice during intercourse, a man could hold his erection up to 90 minutes (my maximum record). Then he can make more than 10 young ladies have eruptive orgasms in one night. Thus, I have become a believer of the Yellow Emperor's sexual legend. It was also said that he lived to 150 years because he cultivated the Tao of Love Coupling. This leads the Taoists to believe that a man can benefit from the sexual intercourse if he can control and regulate his ejaculation himself, by making his sexual partner to achieve orgasm every times. Personally, I feel that practicing the Tao of Loving Coupling energizes my body every times, although I am over 45 as of 1997.

The sexual legend of the Yellow Emperor has been spread generation by generation. A lot of kings and emperors in the latter dynasties attempted to copy his sexual legend but ended with shortening their life by the sexual exhaustion at the age of 20 - 30. This is because every one wanted to have sex with a lot of women in one night but did not understand the Tao of Love Coupling. I believe that the Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms is the only way that allows the man to perform sex like the Yellow Emperor. However, it is not my intention to make every man become the another Yellow Emperor. I hope this method can enrich the sexual life of loving couples, so that all the women can enjoy the resonant orgasms as the result of my publication. The man abusing this method should be punished by his God. (Revised 8/11/1997)

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