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Your Questions:

How can I increase her sexual drive and the chance of having more sexual orgasms?
How can I prepare soybeans for daily diets for better erection and orgasm? (12/20/1997)

(As of 6/20/1999, we have released ViaGrowth products which contain 25-mg Isoflavones (extract from Soybean) and other spectrum-hormone herbs and ingredients to help loving couples maintain their dynamic sex life. It can reverse aged bodies in 3 days for powerful erection, controlling ejaculation, and more sexual orgasm for loving couples. Our Heat Tea can power women's boby in 30-60 minutes, which also include a bottle of PeniSOS made from extracts of Soy beans, Animal Liver and Testes! We have more for loving couples to rejuvente their aging or aged body as listed in http://www.linplaza.com/cgibin/herbform.htm. Our formulas are to make the penis erect harder and longer (bigger) and last longer, and women come more quickly so that loving couples can enjoy more orgasms in one love session!

I received a lot of readers asking me the same question over and over again. I always suggest my readers to include soybeans in their diets. You may wonder why! This reminds me of a lot of good old-days' stories during 1951-1970.

I was raised in a poor, mountainy countryside in central Taiwan. In those good old days, the people living standard was very low. Meats and eggs were very luxurious foods. Soybeans, nuts, and seeds were the main sources of protein for these poor people, including me. Home-grown vegetables, fruits and "tomato" were my diets. Before I came to the USA in 1976, I had soybean milk for my breakfast and varieties of tofu (dried tofu, fried tofu, smelling tofu, and so on, you name them) for my lunch and dinner everyday. In fact, people did not have red meats to eat during that time. Sea foods and seaweeds were cheaper than meats. So, sea foods and seaweeds were also popular diets.

Recently, nutritionists said that our "poor" good-days' diets are very healthy. They pointed out:
1. Tomato is good for men's prostate,
2. Green vegetables are cancer fighters,
3. Soybean contains plant hormones, preventing breast and prostate cancers, bone fracture, and women's hot flashes.

Finally, my "poor" good-old days' living standard is honored by these so-called "nutritive" scientists. But, they forgot to point out that having soybean diets can give you a better erection, more fire power and better orgasm. What I know are:
1). my bone is very, very heavy (when I was young, 18-30, I was very skinny but I was still over-weighted about 20-30 lb. Doctors told me my bone was very heavy!), and
2). My penis erection is very hard, solid and vigor, as shown below.
I don't believe that meats can make the penis to achieve such an erection. And, I always wonder how lucky I am. I didn't have a chance to eat the red meats polluted by artificial growth hormones which make kids grow faster with hollow bones and get involved in sex very young (11 year old!)! We should boycott real meats for a better sexual life and orgasm.

Now, my readers should jump into the same bandwagon as I rode, and eat or drink soybean products which were my "poor" good old-days' diets. It is good for your sexual life and health. Let's consider our body is a sex engine. You can gain power from eating and drinking only if you have enough DHEA naturally secreted by the adrenal glands. The ability of the adrenal glands to naturally secrete DHEA depends on the intake of plant hormones. DHEA is associated with the generation of the bio-electricity (We call it the "Kidney" Chi, the electricity for starting your car engine) that burns the nutrients & oxygen (fuel & air in your car engine) into power, including sexual power. If your system cannot produce enough DHEA, the nutrients inside your body will become fat. You will gain weight accordingly! You may realize that you experience losing your sexual strength when you starts to gain weight. Based upon the concept of the Chinese medicine system, your "Kidney" Chi (associated with the secretion of the adrenal glands sitting on the top of your kidneys) is starting to run low. Here, the "Kidney" is the functional term, not a real physical object.

What soybeans can do for your body are:
1). Enhance the liver function, promote the "good" cholesterol, HDL, and reduce the "bad cholesterol, LDL.
2). Increasing the "Kidney" Chi production and the DHEA secretion for improving the sexual potential and drive for both men and women -balancing the Testosterone-to-Estrogen ratio in the bloodstream, with help of Zinc;
3). Preventing cancer and tumor developments in sex organs for men and women;
4). Giving you a better weight control.

Do you know soy can increase your testosterone? What! All you need is Zinc! We have tested soy extract with herbal products for you in


Let's throw red meats out of our dishes. Don't even mention 1/4-lb hamburgers. If you want to have hamburgers, you can make it from soybeans or mix meats with soybeans.

Now, it is the time to have a how-to-do-yourself lecture for soybeans diets - soybean milk and burger - my "POOR" good old-days' recipe:

1. Preparing soybeans-
Get dry soybeans from a grocery store.
Soak 3 cups of soybean into water in a big container for 8-12 hours, and change water two or three times during the soaking period.

2. Grinding soybeans-
After soaking, drain the water out.
Put 3 cups of soybeans and 4 cups of water into a blender (3:4 ratio is the best); if your blender is too small, adjust the quantity accordingly.
Grind soybeans with two speeds: blend for 3 minutes and liquefy for 3-5 minutes.
Use a juicer to separate soybean milk from powdery (wet) solid, and store the milk in a clean container.
(You can use a cloth bag as a strainer to separate the milk and solid - the good old days' method.)
Remove the bubbles from the milk, that will produce gas in your digestion system.

3. Cooking soybean milk-
Fill a cooking container halfway with the milk.
The best way to cook the milk is: use a rice cooker; cook it for 30 minutes.
If you use a surface oven to cook it, you must Use a mild fire to cook the soybean milk slowly to prevent formation of bubbles that could over-flow your cooking container.
Soybean milk contains a lot of natural plant hormone. It is very easy to produce bubbles when you heat it up!

4. Storing soybean milk-
You can sweeten the milk, or store it as it is after cooling down.
Store the milk in a clean container; you can use one-gallon water bottle to store it in your refrigerator.
Don't use the juice or soda bottles to store it because the milk will react with the juice or soda chemicals.
Sweetened milk can last up to 6 days but the plain milk must be re-boiled in 4 days.

5. How to serve soybean milk-
You can have it any times you want.
You can re-boil soybean milk and add a blended egg into it.
You can add vinegar and salt into the plain milk to make the tofu "flower" soup for your breakfast.

6. How to make soybean burgers-
Mix the powdery soybean solid with salt, onion, and pepper, (or meat).
Make soybean burger buns as you do for your hamburgers.
Fry the buns in an oil pan until they are completely cooked.

NOTE: After a complete extraction of soybean milk, the power solid turns white and tasteless. I usually dump it!

Enjoy Your Super Healthy FOOD, and Have A Better Erection For My Male Reader and Better, Multiple Orgasms For My Female Reader!

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