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Your Problems -
How can I solve my following problems-1.) Difficulty achieving ejaculation even though I can succeed in having an erection; 2.) Having little physical feeling?" (8/29/1997)

These two problems are correlated - resusting from blood congestion and DHEA/ testosterone deficiency. Because you, 36 year old, are approaching to 40, You have to tune up your body. I experienced some degrees of your problems 10 years ago. You are not alone. Most of the men appraoching to 40 will experience this problem, sooner or later. The cause of these problems is the poor circulation of blood and bio-energy (Chi) in the genital area and hips. The blood congestion is the stagnation of blood in the area where the blood circulation is partially cut-off by pressure or old damaged tissues. If your hips, low-back,or legs had been hit or hurted before, a lot of problems associated with the blood congestions will start to show up when you are approaching 40. The groin and anus areas are the most critic place where the blood flow is cut-off when we are sitting. So, sitting in one posture for too long every day will produce blood congestions in the genital and hip areas, that includes riding a bike with narrow sit for a long time every day. The blood congestion will become like a solid "rock" in the underlaying muscles or tissues and grow bigger and bigger. When it reaches the size larger enough to compress the adjacent nerves, you will feel numb or pain. In my case, when my blood congestion on the penis footing area starts to compress my nerve, I felt my penis less sensitive. However, when it started to compress my prostate glands, I lost my control of ejacualtion. At that point, I felt my penis footing under a strange pressure. So, I tried a unusual method -Vacuum Cupping Massage to remove these junks out of the area. Once the blood congestions surfaced to skin, I immediately felt the pressure release and the sensitivity of that area restored. After my successful treatment of the problem, I continued to solve my legs and hands' numbing and back pain. X-ray can not reveal the blood congestion! Your problems, like mine, can be solved by reactivating your low body circulation of Blood and Chi. Your nevers around the genital area have been numbed. There are two methods to treat your problems - Pressure Massage and Vaccum Cupping Massage. However, I believe Pressure Massage is ineffective to your problems. Pressure Massage is good for prevention. For your convenience I attached some pictures on the pricinple & tools of the Vaccum Cupping Massage, and my blood congestions on the leg, arm, anus, and hip areas. In the pictures, the Dark Red Spots are the blood congestions surfaced to skin. The skin color returned to normal in a week. ANy questions? Give me an e-mail .

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