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Your Question: (click here more penile damage and repair ) How can I restore my damaged penis footing or base? Any suggestions for intercourse if I use your Method of Resonant Orgasms?

I have to answer your question in several cases because I do not know your actual situation.

Case 1: Partially Restoring Your Penis Base or Footing By Deep Massage - Repacking your penis footing
The suspension muscles of the penis around the pubic borne and anus have been damaged by surgery or accident. You need a physical therapy on these muscles. Deep, pressure massage can partially restore the muscle strength. Massage these muscles every day for about 10 minutes with your fist. Don't use your finger tips too often because your eyes will be degraded by using your finger tips. It will take a while to feel the muscle strength in this area, but you should not expect to fully restore it. After sexual intercourse every time, you have to do it too. Massage can avoid blood congestion in this area that cause impotence.

Vaccum Cupping Massage is more powerful than pressure massage. If you want to try the vacuum Cupping Massage, you should do it carefully in the genital area. Make sure that the testicles stay outside the cup. Don't underpressrize the cup too much. Do it gradually and carefully over the genital area. In the pubic borne area, you have to remove the hair for this job.

Vaccum or pressure massage should extend to the low abdomen, groins, and thighs. This will restore your sexual potential ( or cure impotence) as well - OOP! I hope FDA and AMA won't give trouble for this statement..

You have to eat sea foods, bean products, and green vegetable very often. These foods contain hormone-building substances. Forget the so-called nutrients that make you gain weight, instead of booting your energy. Look for the foods containing natural hormones or hormone-building substances. If you need an instantanouse sexual power to erect your penis, I have a very powerful "food supplement and herbs" formular that can boot the penis erection in 30 minutes. This formular contains extraction of ox and pig's testicles with herbs. I tested it some years ago. This "food supplement" was formulated for the male prostitutes who have to face more than 2 female customers every night. I have never released this formular in this internet edition.
If you take the DHEA supplement you need a heavy green vegetable diet to suppress the possible development of cancer cells. Green leaf vegetables can every effectively convert the UV (cancer stimulating) light into energy. They must be good in suppressing the cancer cell formatiom in your body.

Case 2: Using the method of 2-point excitation - the clitoris and G-spot for intercourse -
You have to use the upper 2/3 section of your penis for vagina penetration. Test the strength of your penis shaft. To excite the woman's sexual orgasm, it requires about 6 pounds per square-inch pressure, that is about 3 pounds of force against your penis. If your penis shaft can carry 3 pounds bending force, you don't have any problems to make her achieve orgasm with the 2-point excitation method. To reduce the impact on your public borne, your partner can not swing at 0.4 second per cylce; instead, she has to swing at low speed, 0.8 seconds per cycle, which produces one-fourth the force by swinging at 0.4 seconds per cycle. It will take a little longer time to achieve orgasm. Both of you should adjust the attack angle so that the reaction force will concentrate on Your Glans. In this case, the force acting on your glans can be reduced to 1 pound, that will make your penis more comfortable. The following graph show you that you can excite the G-spot and clitoris at the same time by your upper 2/3 penis shaft. The female trigger zone is very shallow. The penis do not have to penentrate too deep!


Case 3: Combination of the 2-point excitation with a Finger Plier -

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