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How can I prevent the premature ejaculation and prolong my sexual performace? (7/1/1997)

The premature ejaculation is the most confused term for men. If a man can perform the sexual strokes with his penis for about 5 minutes, he should be considered sexually healthy. The problem he may have is that he does not know how to make her reach an orgasm.

There are several reasons causing the temporally premature ejaculation which is cureable:
1. he is the first time to have sex!
2. he is having sex with a stranger (female).
3. he is just recovered from illness.
4. he is (was) watching pornograpgic materials and get too excited!
5. he has never had sex for a long time!
6. he is on medication.
7. his testosterone level is too high.
8. he is drunk or having too much alcohol!
9. he is too exhausted , tired, or sleepy.
10. There is too much bending stress against the penis base or root during intercourse.
11. he has a poor blood circulation or blood clog around the prostate gland/anus area.

The following actions may cause the permanently premature ejaculation:
1. having too much alcohol, drug, cigarrette, pain killer and heart disease medicines.
2. having prostate problems - enlargement or cancer.

Suppose you don't have the problems mentioned above. I can offer you my following recipes to prolong your sexual performance from 5 minutes to 20 - 90 minutes:
1. Make sure that there is not internal pressure or bending stress acting against your prostate. If any, you have to dissipate the pressure by pressure massage or vacuum cupping massage.
2. Stay calm when you are engaging in sex. Your penis can be very hot but your mind and brain must be very cool, as you would like to conquer your enemy.
3. When your penis penetrate into the vagina, start to practice the Sexual Chikong and then gradually remove sex from your mind as you are fighting with your enemy.
4. Avoid stimulateing your trigger zone when your penis becomes very hot and hard, and adopt some love positions which do not compress your trigger zone but do squeeze her trigger zone.
5. Use the screw technique and the finger plier to warm her up and make her hot if necessary.
6. Start from the shallow, slow-speed strokes to the deep, high-speed ones.
7. Change love positions to let you and your penis take a break, and let her drive you.
8. If you feel you are about to come, stop action, don't withdraw your penis out of the vagina immediately( the extra friction may force you to ejaculate!), have a deep breath and expand your lower abdomen to maximum, take one- or -two munite break; then withdraw your penis slowly out of the vagina, use your hand to put your scrotum down, massage the root of your penis (when you are about to come your scrotum moves up and the roots of the penis is very tensive.)
9. Repeat (7) until she is tired.
10. Both of you are alternatively driving each other.
11. When she is about to erupt, she will take over the driver sit and drive herself up to the sky!

Noticeably, Item 8 of this recipe will increase the male orgasm threshold that prevents the male from ejaculation. Repeating Item 8 with practicing the Sexual ChiKong will reduce the sensitivity of the penis and eventually numb the penis.

Item 8 is the key to rise the threshold of ejaculation. The following graph shows the conceptual orgasm thresholds each time done with Item 8 and how to do it.

If you are not ready to ejaculate, stop your sexual action before your sexual energy passes through your orgasm threshold level. Once you practice Item 8 your orgasm threshold will be one step higher than before.

When the orgasm threshold reach an absolute maximum which may be far above your sexually exciting energy, your penis becomes numb and no ejaculation will occur. This can occurs when you practice Item 8 four or five times in one love session. Is this what you want?

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