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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.==> [ORDERING THE BOOK]<
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This book is about sexual orgasm and rejuvenation.

Sexual orgasm, the heart-like contraction of the sex organs at a rate of 75 cycles per minute, is modeled as a sequence of the elastic body waves. For women, the orgasmic waves are mainly driven by the contraction of the uterus, solely traveling along the Conception Vessel of the acupuncture networks to the head; for men, they are generated by the prostate gland and its supporting muscle, coupling into the Governing Vessel and the coccygeal nerve at the tail bone and, then, propagating along the spinal cord to the head. The generation mechanism of sexual orgasm allows a loving couple to accelerate the female orgasmic response and hold the male ejaculation back by channeling their sexual energy into the corresponding vessels during intercourse. This can be achieved by my Sexual ChiKong breathing methods - Tai-Chi Yin-Kong for men and Tai-Chi Yang-Kong for women.

The Tai-Chi Yin-Kong will help a woman to focus her sexual energy into her vagina/uterus area to generate the orgasmic waves, while the Tai-Chi Yang-Kong will help a man to channel his sexual energy back to his Governing Vessel and spinal cord, through his tail bone and across his anus from his perineum and prostate area, to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong intercourse. To prevent premature ejaculation, I have invented a special technique called the Power-up or Ballooning Method that inflates a penis to an extreme size to produce a ballooning effect. Here, the ballooning effect is generated by a buildup of the high blood pressure inside the penile cylinders against the nervous fibers. This will result in intercepting the sexual stimulation on the glans penis and the trigger zone. By incorporating the Tai-Chi Yin-Kong into intercourse, the Ballooning Method will numb the penis.

Based upon my 27-year experiments and experiences, I have successfully bridged the theory of wave mechanics to the Taoism sexuality and invented Sexual ChiKong Intercourse and 2- and 3-point Excitation Methods for the ultimate solutions of multiple, sexual orgasms for loving couples. Here, the female sex organ is considered a nonlinear, harmonic (quantum) oscillator with a fundamental frequency of 1.25 Hz (cycles/second.) The system can be very easily excited by its harmonic frequencies, e.g., 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5.00, . . . Hz, which are also the most effective stimulation "speeds" to generate sexual orgasms in the female body. Of course, a proper stimulation pressure should be applied to the sex organ too.

The wave theory of sexual orgasm, in conjunction with the theory of the Chinese acupuncture networks, not only offers an interpretation of the involuntarily orgasmic cries or moans, but also provides women (or some men) with solutions of the sexual problems induced by sexual orgasm, such as pain, cramp, blackout, numbness and etc. . These problems are results of the reflection, refraction, and/or trapping of the orgasmic waves against the local neurons, in conjunction with a lack of hormones in the local tissue, due to the blockage or blood congestion along the major and minor wave energy pathways. Removing the blockages by Pressure or Vacuum-cupping Massage methods and/or promoting the hormone production will solve the post-orgasm problems.

According to the wave theory of sexual excitation, a loving couple can also synchronize their breathing with their love strokes to produce destructive and constructive wave interferences for holding the male ejaculation back and, at the same time, accelerating the female orgasm, respectively. This practice is called the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse. Based upon this technique, the woman should periodically contract her vagina muscle with her Tai-Chi Yang-Kong breathing and the man should periodically or constantly constrict his coccygeal (tail-bone) muscle between his tail bone and anus with his Tai-Chi Yin-Kong breathing. The constriction of his tail-bone muscle and the contraction of her vagina should be synchronized with each love stroke. Or, she can simply hold a contracted vaginal muscle for him in some love positions.

A woman can achieve orgasm in a short time when her clitoris, G-spot or/and Epicenter are simultaneously and effectively stimulated, based upon the harmonic excitation theory of orgasmic waves - the principle of the 2-point or 3-point Excitation Methods. The most useful approach under the harmonic excitation theory is called Finger Plier Method, where the Finger Plier is formed by two fingers with one finger acting on the clitoris and its base and the other on the G-spot. This method is highly recommended for initiating women's first orgasm and activating the sexual nerves for life-term orgasms. This method can help women to achieve orgasm after their men misfiring. It is very useful for those who want to satisfy their partners without having the capacity of holding a hard erection. In an attempt to apply the principle of the Finger Plier Method to intercourse, I also discovered a most unique love position called 3-point Excitation Position for the 3-point Excitation Method, which allows the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter to be fully stimulated by the penis and the male pubic bone.

My interest is not only in the sexual skills of generating orgasm, but also in the Tao of health - the method of rejuvenation and longevity. Following the Taoism, I have considered that sexual capacity reflects health or body age. From the scientific point of view, sexual capacity is associated with the ability of the body in retaining a high level of testosterone and balancing the good Testosterone-to-Estrogen (TE) ratio. To achieve this, it requires a harmonic cooperation of the blood-circulation, endocrine and nervous/bioelectric systems. This is what health is all about. I have also successfully tested varieties of herbs, in conjunction of applying the Vacuum-cupping Massage method to health maintenance, for enhancing the harmonic functions of these three systems.

Undoubtedly, aging will degrade our sexual capacity. To rejuvenate an old engine with an exhausted battery, I propose my new three treasures "Testosterone, Bioelectricity, Response" in replacing the old Taoism's wisdom "Jing (soma), Chi, Shen (psyche)," as a full solution for sexual dysfunctions. My rejuvenation theory is as simple as the tuneup theory of a dead engine. First, remove the external blockage that compresses the fuel line (the blood circulation system) and the electric circuit (the acupuncture networks and nervous system) with Pressure or Vacuum-cupping Massages; increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to reduce the clogging of the blood vessels and thin the blood; refill the old battery with sexual electrolytes (tonic, herbs plus the testosterone stabilizer - soy extract, zinc and selenium), that is, revitalize the endocrine system and recharge the nervous system; then, give the old engine a jump start with DHEA or a natural testosterone supplement. The old engine will run and the old battery will get fully recharged again. To keep their old engines running smoothly, a loving couple should frequently replenish their bodies by drinking tonically herbal teas instead of soda and coffee.

The materials and methods described in this book have been attested and challenged by many readers in the Internet. I hope this book can offer you a full spectrum of solutions for multiple orgasms, sexual problems and health. Of course, there are some exceptions out there, which are not included here yet as this day of completing the final manuscript.

Wish all loving couples living, loving and lasting longer!

Newman Kunti Lin, Ph.D., PE.

In the 1997's hot summer of South Florida, U.S.A.

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