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News updated:

How can I solve the problem of premature ejaculation, ejaculation before or during penetration?

(also see other Premature Ejaculation Aticle)
also see "How can I fool my sexual nerves for solving premature ejaculation and prolonging intercourse?" This article was created on 8/29/1997. Click "Premature Ejaculation" on the left-hand sided column for the updated information.)

Your problem is very common for the inexperienced young men. I remember that my first time with my first and second girlfriends on a mountainy seashore and river bed, respectively, at the age of 22, experienced the same problems as yours. If you do not have a constant intercourse with a lady, your brain will be over-excited every time when you engage in sex, because the womem's sex organs are very stimulating. If you have a steady sex partner, this problem can be solved easily. Take a bath together or see her sexual organ every day. Let your brain get used to the stimulated scene. Your problem can be resolved in two experiements:

EXPERIEMENT ONE: Using Porn Movies To Train Your Mind and Cold Water To Train Your Penis -

1. Roll an XXX Movies in your VCR/TV.
2. When Your penis rises up and becomes hard, do not touch it; use your lower abdomen to inhale air through nose stepwise and stare at the TV screen without moving your eyeballs; during each inhalling with 10-second intermission, expand your lower abdomen and apply force to your bladder until you can inhall any more; Hold YOUR BREATH FOR 30-60 seconds.
3. At this point, slowly exhale through your mouth with your tongue against the palate (the top of your mouth); completely empty your lung and contract your lower abdomen to minimum.
4. Repeat STEPS 2 and 3 for 5 - 10 times; In fact this is the SEXUAL CHIKONG PRACTICE.
5. Shut down your TV and VCR.
6. Massage the penis root or base with a maximum pressure that your hands can apply to, for 3-5 minute; Don't Touch The Trigger ZONE of the Penis - the lower side of the penis near the glan. (see the Attached Picture Trigger.jpg)

7. Then cool it down in a cold water bath (using shallow container with ice) at about 5-10 degrees C or 40-55 degrees F; rub the Trigger Zone for 5 -10 minutes in the cool water; stop rubbing when you feel about to ejaculate; have a deep breath again and then massage the penis root and base.
8. Repeat the entire procedures every day for 2 weeks.

EXPERIEMENT TWO: Training in the sexual battle field-

1. Empty your baldder 30 - 60 minutes before intercourse; do not have sex right after urinating and your urethra is too sensitive for intercourse.
2. When you are looking at your naked woman, Your mind must be set to be a conqueror, that is, consider this nake woman as your enemy.
3. No Foreplay IF POSSIBLE!
4. Massage the root or base of your penis before plugging your penis into the vagina.
5. Practice STEPs 2 and 3 of EXPERIEMENT ONE when you try to plug your penis into the vagina.
6. Hold the expansion of your lower abdomen and Apply a maximum internal pressure against the baldder(and anus) all the time; this action will knock your excitement in your brain and interrupt the the sensing of your penis.
7. After you plug your penis into the vagina, do not thrust, let your mind settle down first; and then try small motions with STEP 6, (IMPORTANCE: Select a position which do not stimulate your TRIGGER ZONE!!!!!!!!. Let her lay on the edge of the bed and you stand on the floor WITH THE HORSE STAND!!!) see The Following Picture.

8. When you feel too exciting, stop thrusting but do not pull the penis out, have another deep breath, let the ecitement die down
9. Gradually, you will get used to the sexual intercourse.
10. If you want to drive her to oragsm, let her drive you as described in the article method.htm for the resonant orgasms. You have to constantly have intercourse. The more you experience the better you are.

When you are able to control your ejaculation timing, you have to start a new program called orgasms without ejaculation! Good luck. Any questions or new progresses ? Please give an E-Mail.

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