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Your Question:

I got a book on love positions and a video for good sex. Why cann't they help me to give my lady sexual oragsm?

You may be very disappointed with what you got. I have collected these kinds of book and video myself. They show you beautiful, soft motions of intercourse, but they have never demonstrated that the soft, slow motion can "generate" sexual orgasms and how sexual orgasms (3 types) are "looked and sounded" like. In fact, the love action in these "instructional" videos is too slow and soft. The lady may feel nothing inside her vagina!

Without correct love actions, beautiful love poistions and motions are meanless. If you don't know how to act correctly - stimulating the most important three points of the female sexual organ with high pressure and speed, no matter how good the love position you adopt and how beautiful the love motion is, you still waste your energy for hourly moaning.

The keys to generate multiple orgasms are:
1. Stimulating the right spot ( a very itchy spot in the woman's trigger zone) with a position which doesn't stimulate the penis trigger zone (allowing the man to control ejacualtion) - Adjusting the penis' attack angle for the best stimulation on the G-spot,
2. Adopting a love poistion that allows a high-speed (Trans-Harmonic, 2.5 cycles per second in frequency or 0.4 seconds per cycle in period) and high-pressure stimulation for performing 100-500 continuous love thrusts without taking a break, under which she usually achieve multiple orgasms in 100-300 thrusts,
3. Allowing the penis and pubic bone (if feasible) to put pressure of 6 PSI on the woman's trigger zone (the G-spot & Epicenter) and Clitoris, as possible as you can.

Multiple orgasms can be triggered at the Clitoris, G-spot or Epicenter. The orgasmic trigger point may be different from time to time.

You should know there are two orgasmic stimulation speeds, 2.5 and 1.25 cycles per second. According to our 1977 tape records , it is shown that the slow stimulation speed at a rate of 1.25 cycles per second can generate multiple sexual orgasms very easily for a young woman before childbearing. In our 1980's and 1990's video tapes, it is shown that the high stimulation speed at a rate of 2.5 cycles per second is prefered for routine intercourse unless the lady is in the high sexual gear.

Aging and childbearing will change the muscle strength of supporting women's bladder, uterus and vagina. As a result of the physical change, it will change the relative location of the uterus/vagina and the stimulation points (for example, G-spot). The slight re-allocation of the woman's internal sexual organs will force you to adjust your love positions and action accordingly. That is why I promote my Sexual ChiKong Intercourse Method that turns intercourse into sexual exercise for the loving couple. It is not only for sexual pleasure and orgasms that matter, but also for the restoration and anti-aging of the sexual muscle. Learning how to act at a high stimulation rate is the key for achieving sexual orgasms and effective sexual exercise. If you use this concept for intercouse from now on, you will continue to enjoy your dynamic sexual life all the way to heaven, and increase your urination controllability after middle age. At least, we can still enjoy 3 or 4 times of multiple sexual orgasms a week as we are approaching to our 50. Please Note that if you, after middle age, want to achieve this number, you should make your lady reach multiple orgasms twice in one night and should not force yourself to ejaculate too frequently. Also, you should consider that giving your lady multiple orgasms is yours, the real man's, sexual pleasure.

The choice is yours. Practice the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse Now before it's too late!

Our experiments show the Method of Resonant Orgasms and Double-body Motion Techniques are the most feasible love positions and actions for men to effectively control ejaculation and for women to achieve multiple sexual orgasms in a very short time, as shown in our CD-ROM AVI Motion Pictures. These love actions are Sexual-ChiKong oriented. A Combination of Woman's Yoga Posture (Wall Squating), Male Tae-Kwon-Do/Tai-Chi's Horserider Stance/Squating Posture, Sexual ChiKong Breathing and Harmonic Love Action(synchronous motion) produces a high-impact stimulation for the woman to achieve multiple orgasms in a very short time, and allow the man to completely lock the ejaculation gate (the Squating Posture loads your weight on the Sacral and Coccygeal nerves of your thighs, that can interfer with (interrupt) your sexual sensory nerves in the penis and around the prostate for prolonging intercourse.) Three AVI Motion Pictures show you this love action from Trans-Harmonic Excitation to Multiple Sexual Orgasms. What are you waiting for? Do it NOW!

God Lets the Engineer solve the Sexual Problems for you! Dr. Lin bridges the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.

Run out of Sexual Battery? Add Sexual Electrolytes to Your System! General Nutrients won't help!!

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