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Your Question:

Can you explain the stimulation zone in the penis-vagina system during a session of resonant love coupling for various positions?

(updated 3/13/2000: The trick is to pop her G-spot and Clitoris out and, then, to stimulate her urethral never between the G-spot and the Epicenter along with the continuous stimulation of the Clitoris. Image that you are stimulating the Entire Penile Shaft and the Prostate at the same time! ) Strictly speaking, there are only two love positions- the face-to-face and the face-to-back ones except the Position of 3-Point Excitation (P3PE), if the penis-vagina configuration is concerned. Almost all the love positions can be categorized into those two. Hence, I focus on those two configurations and analyze the P3PE in a special section

For the face-to-face configuration, the male's penis action zone is on the female's trigger zone and the penis trigger zone on the vagina idle zone as shown in the following figure.

With this configuration, the male adjusts his penis attack angle for high-pressure strokes on the female's trigger zone without worrying the over-stimulation of his penis until the penis is exhausted. The following picture shows that the male uses a high attack angle to approach the female trigger zone.

This action generates a sequence of high-pressure pulses (elastic waves) on the female trigger zone. It may make the female to reach an orgasm if she is very horny. This configuration is usually used in the hard-drive stage of the love session to prepare her sexual volcano for eruption. He can also use this configuration to screw her with a mild pressure and at the same time obtain a mild stimulation for his penis.

The following picture shows that the couple adopt a zero attack angle to mutually massage the penis and vagina.

They can screw each other with deep or shallow penetrations for fun or health everyday. This is one of the most important positions for curing the male and female sexual problems according to the Chinese sexual bible, SU-NUI Ching. This configuration is used in the soft-drive stage in the love session when the vagina is not completely ready for high-pressure/high-impact strokes.

On the other hand, the face-to-back position, where both male and female's trigger zones are against each other, will produce a lot of stimulation for the male to carry. The pressure exerting on the male's trigger zone is very high no matter which attack angle the penis approaches the vagina. The following picture in which the female hip is higher than her upper body in a back- entry posture, shows that the penis is subjected to the pressure exerted by the entrance of the vagina while the female's trigger zone is under no pressure.

If the female hip is lower than her upper body in the same posture, both the male and female's trigger zones exert each other.

The Newton's third law- the law of action and reaction, tell us both trigger zones are subjected to the equal force. As I mentioned before, the female's trigger zone requires a stimulation with three pounds of force to reach an orgasm. How long can his trigger zone stand under that kind of force? Perhaps, in only 1 - 5 minutes he will ejaculate when she is still in the hard-drive stage. This explain how important the love portions the couple engage. However, the face-to-back position is still valuable when the male has to harden his penis before getting into the hard-drive stage. It is also very good position when the female wants the second or third orgasmic trigger after the first one. In this situation, it is not necessary to use high- pressure strokes for the female to triiger another sequence of orgasmic pulses.

Engineering Point of View:

All the vibration/oscillating phenomena in the field of engineering are similar to our human bodies. This is not a coincident, but universal! Just follow the rule of the nature, I call it the Tao, a loving couple will enjoy their sexual orgasms as one of the natural phenomena.
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