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Your Question:

Where did the "Tao of Love Coupling" orignate?

The "TAO OF LOVE COUPLING" originated from the Chinese legend leader, the Yellow Emperor, around 2600 BC. The Yellow Emperor had three female sex advisors, the Plan Girl(SU-NUI), the Mystery Girl(SHUEN-NUI) and Harvest Girl (TSAI-NUI), and one male sex doctor, PongTsu who had lived 800 years. Their conversations (Questions & Answers) had been compiled as a book, entitled SU-NUI Ching, named after SU-NUI. This book has become the sexual bible and medical guideline on sexually related problems for the oriental people, from generation to generation. The main purpose of this book was to teach people how to regulate and benefit from the sexual life. The concepts of "Tao of Love Coupling" have been revised by some Chinese medical doctors in China and Japan, as well. This book has been abused and misinterpreted by some Chinese emperors in the historical dynasties, who died very young, some at their 20's and 30's. Power and sex have been mixed since the beginning of human beings. In Chinese history, emperors could have as many wives and mistresses (up to hundred or thousand) as they wanted For examples, the Yellow Emperor had 1200 wives and mistresses. The late emperors attempted to copy the Yellow Emperor sexual life without female sex advisors, ended with shortening their lives. This means sex can kill too! With his sex advisors and doctors, the Yellow Emperor was able to live up to 150 years. The book "SU-NUI Ching" emphasizes how a man can get benefits from sex by making his female partner to reach orgasm. Taoists believe that the female is the mother earth of sex containing unlimited negative forces (Yin energy or Chi) which can re-nourish the male once she releases energy through the sexual orgasm. On the other hand, a man should retain the semen (no ejaculation) as possible as he can. Taoists also believe that semen (the haven force, Yang energy or chi ) will re-nourish the female body, as well. The old Taoists emphasized that the female and male's Chi's or energies will be coupled through intercourse. The Chi (bioelectric) coupling should benefit both parties. This concept is very abstract for the ordinary people. As an engineering scientist and sexual experimentalist, I have realized that the couple can exchange their energy very easily when both of them reach orgasm at the same, or when the female reaches orgasm first (also see "How can a man benefit from the female orgasm?" More in /extra/benefit.htm). After intercourse, the couple should feel energized, instead of tired, and the male should not fall into sleep immediately. If the male feels tired or exhausted, he should learn how to retain his semen and not to ejaculate during the love coupling, until the next time. A man with weak sexual energy can make his penis harden by intercourse without ejaculation and should does it more often. This is very important for the man going downhill (after 40 ?) to regain his sexual potential.

According to the Chinese history, the empires and noblemen, who believed the Taoism theory that men could extract the sexual energy from young women to make their ownbodyies stronger and last longer, had as many as thousand wives and mistresses. The key of extracting the sexual energy from the young women is to make them reach eruptive orgasms as possible as they can while the men hold the ejaculation. In one night, a nobleman had to have sexual intercourses with more than ten young women, make them reach eruptive orgasm, extract the sexual energy through the penis-vagina coupling or drink the women's ejacualtion. The intereted points are how the nobleman made the women reach eruptive orgasms in a short time and controlled himself without non-ejaculation. If he failed to do those, he would die young, resulting from sexually exhaustion.
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