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Your Question:

How long can a man hold his ejaculation back a session of the resonant love coupling and how can he achieve his longest holding?

For a normal man, he can hold his ejaculation for 15 - 120 minutes, depending on his sexual mind state (or called orgasm or ejaculation threshold) and physical condition. General speaking, the fellowing factors affect the sexual mind state or ejaculation threshold:

1. Five senses ( vision, hearing, smelling, touching, and sexual imagination) on sex for a period of time will put him or her in the exciting state that lows down the orgasm threshold. This is good for women, not for man. For examples, watching pornographic movies makes both parites very horney and will make both parties very urgently reach orgasm. If a man would like to hold down his orgasm he should free from or minimize the excitation of five senses.

2. Practicing sexual ChiKong will alternate his mind state by changing his sex imagination and his vision reaction on her sexual organs, calming down his response to her moaning and smelling, eventually and interrupt the sensing of his penis by applying the internal force on the bladder. At the same time, slightly contracting the tail bone muscle with each love stroke to channel the sexual energy from the prostate back to the brain via the tail bone and spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the acupunture network. This will prevent ejaculation, that is, the ejacualtion threshold is infinite high. However, he must have a natural erection in the first place without oral or hand job. Each love stroke interacted with the vagina will help power the penis up to an extreme, about 120-140% of the natural erection size. The penis must grow gradually and continuously to an extreme size and becomes very hard, like a solid rod, so that the blood pressure inside the penile cylinders can exert a force on the penile nerves to block the nervous transmission between the glans and the prostate. In this way, the penis become fully or partially numbed! This is how I hold ejaculation back for 120 minutes. But, I am very exhausted after that!

3. Poor physical conditions, such as illness, too much sex and exhaustion(no enough sleep or long trip), will make him become incapable of performing sex. Under this conditions, he has not produced enough , or has used up sexual hormone to harden his penis. The ejaculation threshold will lower down.

4. Extremely high sexual drive, ejaculation urgency, highly sexual tension, or watching pornographic movies will make him ejaculate very easily, that is, his ejaculation threshold is very low. This usually happens in the following situations: never having sex for a long time, having sex with a new parterner, and too much stimulation of five senses by his or other woman (or women) or dirty movies.

Under a normal condition, a man should be able to continuously perform his sexual strokes for 30 to 60 minutes. With practicing ChiKong and alternating sex positions to avoid overstimulation of his trigger zone he should be able to last for up to 120 minutes, but at this long sex session, his penis will be completely numbed and he will feel exhasted. This is not fond for him. Do you want to try that?

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