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Your Question:
Can every woman have sexual potential to erupt like a volcano?

Yes, I believe that every health woman with active sexual hormonal production organs (mainly testosterone secreted by the adrenal cortex and partially by the ovaries!) should have the ability to achieve orgasm during intercourse every time. Testosterone is responsible for the sensitivity of the sexual nerves in the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter and for the supercharge of Epicenter's Orgasmic Pacemaker and the contractile fibers in the vagina and uterus . But, excessive estrogen due to medication drugs, birth control pill/inplant/injectioon, or weak liver function, will thicken the vaginal lining that coats the G-spot and Epicenter nerves, resulting in orgasmic dysfunction. Excessive estrogen has less impact on the clitoral orgasm which results from the transition response to the openning of the sexual energy gate (Earth Gate) of the the Orgasmic Resonator (the uterus and its surrounding contractile fibers). The young and teenage women with a high estrogen level in the bloodstream tends to have clitoral orgasm rather than vaginal orgasm for this reason.

Most of the times it is the man's fault to give her such a pleasure. The male problems are:
1. Weak erection due to over-masturbation or over-ejaculation (ejaculating many times in one love session or one day)
2. Premature Ejaculation, due to weak erection or excessive testosterone and/or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) trapped in the prostate's hormonal receptors.
3. Sexual Skills, where he doesn't know how to power up her clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter and his penis to an extreme at the same time during intercoure.

During a session of love coupling, he should take the following steps:
1. Increasing her sexual energy by massaging her low abdomen and around her clitoris and vulva - triggering the burst of her testosterone production.
2. Applying his hot/hard penis against her clitoris to heat up sexual drive until her vagina is ready for the insertion of his penis. If his penis is not fully ejected, he should take ViaPal-hGH-D or X or Endura.
3. Making sure that her vagina is well lubricated before insertion; massaging her clitoris and G-spot at the same time, if necessary.
4. After insertion, screwing her for 5-10 minutes. See "What are the screwing technique to massage her vagina?".
5. Adopting 3-5 suitable positions for love in action, some of which should have her in driving seats, that is, she is in an attack position while he is taking a rest.
6. Always retaining pressure and friction on the wall between the urethra and vagina.
7. Frequently pumping air into his low abdomen , holding air down there against his bladder and contracting the tail bone muscle to channel his sexual energy from his prostate back to his brain via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the accupunture network..
8. Asking her to draw air by compressing her low abdomen frequently.
9. Alternating the side of his penis for stimulation by changing positions when he feel some portion of penis is over-stimulated.
10. Ceasing love action and deeply breathing when he feels almost out of control.
11. In the final action, letting her sit on his open legs face-to-face and move back and forth to use the 3-point method to resonate here sexual energy, and making her volcano to erupt.
12. On her eruption, making himself ejaculate by contracting his low abdomen and prostate gland.
13. On his ejaculation, pumping air into his low abdomen and holding it there for a couple minute.
14. Keeping his penis inside her vagina for another 5 minutes, and letting his penis to abort the love mixture(his and her ejaculations) in the vagina.
On the other hand, it is possible to lower down her threshold (the critic level) of the sexual orgasm. For exmaple, when a loving couple separate a week or so, they will feel very sexually hungry on each other. Under this situation, her orgasm threshold becomes very low, and she will be very easy to sexually erupt in a very short time and with a very small effort. Accordingly, men must know how to lower down their woman's orgasm threshold. Here is my suggestiongs for men to culture their love and seed the wild oat on her:
1. Starting your days with petting, kissing, and screwing each other in the morning.
2. Talking to her with soft language.
3. Massaging her sex organs everyday.
4. Never hitting her (women are born to be loved.)
5. Always giving her sexual pleasure.
6. Never doing drugs, alcohols, and smoking.
7. Making sure that you have a hard penis every time when she is ready.

Engineering Point of View:

In the mother nature, the earth collects energy from the sun (or heaven) day by day and stores it under the certain weak crests, called the mountains, as the crest potential energy. When the accumulated energy under a mountain reaches a threshold (critic level) of the crest strain, the mountain cracks become a volcano. That is it. The Chinese sex bible, SU-NUI Ching said that women belong to the mother earth and men to the heaven. Believe me or not that women are the volcanoes while men are the energy supplier of the volcanoes.
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