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Welcome to the Sale/Order Department of the Lin Institute

Dear international customer:
Product Re-labeling and Custom Taxation

 Although 0ur natural products are classified as dietary (food) supplements in the USA according to the US 1994 DSHEA (Dietary Supplements and Health Education Act) Law, some amino acids or herbs may be classified as prescription drugs in your country. To resolve this conflict of prescription drug definition,  our long-term international customers have joined together and made a lot of effort in developing universally custom-friendly labels to help you and them continuously and successfully import and enjoy our products. Based upon their importation experiences, requests and recommendation, we generally re-label the following products when shipping to you and, then,  send you the original product labels with shipping information and instruction  in a separate mail.  We will put a sticker on the bottom of each bottle to tell the original name of the product. If you don't like the re-labeling, please let us know.  In addition, if you also want us to re-label other products such as  PeniSOS, ArgiNOx, PinealTonin, ViaDopa and 5-HTP, please let us know too.  However. most of the customs around the world  accept the PeniSOS, ArgiNOx, PinealTonin, 5-HTP and tea labels.  PeniSOS will be relabeled for Australian customers because of the implication of the name - "Penis SOS" which is considered offensive.  On the other hand, it is not necessary to relabel the products if you personally carry them through any airports or seaports around the world.  We only recomend relabeling some products for international mailing.

1. ViaGrowth-III as VitaLife-3,

2. ViaGrowth-IV as VitaLife-4,

3. DopaFibra as VitaLife-5,

4. MoodMax or ViaGrowth-I as VitaLife-1,

5. ViaGrowth-II as VitaLife-2.

Here are some examples:
ViaGrowth-IV ==> VitaLife-4


MoodMax ==> VitaLife-1


DopaFibra ==> VitaLife-5

The Australia Custom inspector don't like the name of PeniSOS. We have to relabel it too for Australian.

Finally about the Custom Duty Tax and Importation Fees: You may have to pay the custom duty tax and importation processing fees to your government. Please note we don't collect any taxes or fees for any governments except the State of Florida and Palm Beach County if you shipping address is in Florida. Each country has its own tax rate. The custom duty tax and processing fees will be directly collected from you upon delivery by your postal or shipping carrier..