Estroven for young men's premature ejaculation and middled-aged women's menopause for better sexual orgasm
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Product Name: Estroven
Product Number: 2-002
Extract from soybeans, Vitamins E, B-6, and B-12, Thiamin, Niacin, Folic acid, Calcium, Selenium, Boron, Riboflavin, Kava Kava, Black cohosh.

NOTE: Soybean Extract is a well-known cancer and fibroids fighter, keeping the sex organs of both sexes healthier, good for men and women of any ages, in particular, for teenagers and young men's premature ejaculation and masturbation problems, and women's menopaus problems.

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Other herbs to enhance its effects:
==> For Young men and teenagers: American Ginseng.
Action: Seducing the prostate nerves for better control of sexual urgency, Pacifying the sympathetic nerve for controlling ejaculation and mitigating masturbation urgency, and Re-direct the sexual energy to strengthen the bone and to enhance the penis erection.
==> For Pre-menopaus and menopaus Women: Chinese, Siberian, or Korean Ginsengs.
Action: Balancing the hormone production to mitigating or eliminating the menopause problems, Enhancing the secretion system for estrogen and testosterone production, Strengthening the bone and muscle, Enriching the vagina lubrication, and Reducing intercourse pain.
Special Action with PeniSOS: Power-up sex life, more intercourse and orgams.
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