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Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms -
Tao Of Love Coupling

by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE(click here about the author)


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Appendix (CD-ROM Version Only)
A. Sexercises - Sex-Exercise (AVI files, No Sounds)
1. Training The Vagina Muscle
2. The Low Abdomen Exercise For Sexual Muscle Power - For Both Men & Women.
B. Sexual ChiKong Demonstration Series (AVI files - Motion Picture and Sound Files, Except Seris 1,2 & 7))
( Note: Series 4, 5 and 6 are the demonstrations of Trans-Harmonic excitation and multiple sexual orgasms)
1. Demonstration Of The Vagina Muscle Power I - Moving An Egg ( No Sound)
2. Demonstration Of The Vagina Muscel Power II - Cutting A Banana (No Sound)
3. Demonstraction of Contracting the Vagina Muscle During Intercourse (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse).
4. Double-body Motion Technique - Horizonal Thrusts for 2-point Excitation (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms ).
5. Double-body Motion Technique - An Alternate of the 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms).
6. The Method Of Resonant Excitation - Standard 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms)
7. Sexercise with the Method Of Resonant Excitation (No Sound, Slow Motion for Demonstration of Sexual ChiKong Intercourse.)
C. Voice Responses To Multiple, Sexual Orgasms, Including Sexual ChiKong Breathing (WAV Files - Sound)
1. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual, Orgasms (up to 20 Cycles)
2. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms.
3. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms, With The Finger Plier Method
4. Sound Waves of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms - Synchronous Excitation (Record 1, U. of Florida, Gainesville, 1977).
5. Sound Waves of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms - Synchronous Excitation (Record 2, U. of Florida, Gainesville, 1977).
(D). More Useful Love Positions - 17 Picture Files (Photo Frames) of Special Sexual Technique/Positions.