Case Title:  Problems of anal sex - the role of the immune-suppressor prostaglandin E-2 in semen - for no sexual orgasm
Reader:  11/17/2004>
Could you please tell me your opinion of anal sex? Do you recommend it? Why or why not? Any info from you would be greatly appriciated. Thank You.
Dr. Lin: 11/17/2004>

Prostaglandin E-2 in semen will suppress immunity and induce COX-2 over-expression for more prostaglandin E-2 synthesis in the rectum and anus tissue, leading to infection and disease; while in the vagina, prostaglandin E-2 suppresses natural vaginal antibiotic for sperms to survive and to swim into the uterus, but rarely induces COX-2 expression unless there is an excessive vaginal abrasion or the woman is under the influence of birth control, medication or street drugs. The vaginal tissue is less sensitive to prostaglandin E-2 than the anal/rectal tissue in igniting a chain reaction of the COX-2 expression.
In light cases, anal sex can cause bowel movement incontinence due to the nervous disorder and abrasion where prostaglandin E-2 plays its role, while in severe causes, it will result in infection (HIV is an typical example).

She enjoyed double-penetration sexual orgasm by her husband's and dog's penis. Please be aware of  anal-sex induced Problems.

Causes and Solution for Interstitial Cystitis, Levator Ani Syndrome or pelvic and rectal pains or spasms.
He said ' I have been using your products for 10 years now and still benefit greatly. Lately I take moodmax, dopafibra, and 5htp. This combo is really ideal, the 5htp seems to be the key. My wife and I have a great sex life. ' On anal sex and stimulation
Anal Sex caused her bleeding for no sexual orgasm - beware of infection and diseases. ==>   
Drunk (raped) anal sex caused her rectum pains and bleeding for no more sexual orgasm
again, Anal Sex causes her bowel control incontinence for no sexual orgasm
Anal Sex causes her bowel control incontinence for no sexual orgasm
Anal sex can induce bowel incontinence and cause tissue abrasion - requires a lot of lubrication and protection.
Child Abuse, Anal Sex and Over-Masturbation result in urinary / bowel incontinency and sexual exhaustion for no sexual orgasm. 

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