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Case Study - > Using my 3-point excitation principle for Prolonged Intercourse and Sexual Orgasm (unedited)

Reader 1 (male, 1/28/98):
I have ordered the CD rom and think that the information that you have is specific and useful ( I am an engineer, so I like the approach). I am hoping to give my wife orgasm with your help. Is there a best position for this?

Reader 2 (male, 1/28/98):
My wife and I have been married for three years now, I have never been unable to make her orgasm, do you you have any suggestions for us?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Reader 3 (female, 1/28/98):

Reader 4 (young male, 1/28/98):
Hi, i contacted you a little bit ago about the problem with my girl friend not yet having an orgasm you said you could help but needed my age first i am 19 and she is 18 you have yet to get back to me can you still help??????????????

Reader 5: (young wife, 1/30/98):
I've been married for 11 months and have been having sex with my mate for a 1 1/2 years. I have never had an orgasm and even though I have tried to talk to him about it, I am either to shy to go into detail or the information is lost somewhere between here and Germany. (We live in Indiana!) He only seems interested in his orgasms, how can I teach him to help me without sounding to demanding?

Reply From Dr. Lin:

To Reader 5 - It is not easy for a young wife to tell her husband what her body needs. It is so uncomfortable for her to be stimulated into the state of encountering the orgasmic barrier, the moment that she is about to come but he loses his penis strength (by misfiring). She will be hung in the air all night /day long. The generated sexual energy by intercourse is trapped in her whole body, like steam being compressed into a pressure vessel. It is also unfair for her to suffer this internal sexual pressure (sexual ache and tension) while he simply releases himself.

The solution: Tell him that You are suffering from the sexual ache and tension in your head and low body because he has never given you a sexual relief. This will make you to lose your interesting in intercourse if you don't get a sexual relief. If he say he don't know how to do it, then ask him to get into this website. I can help both of you out. Young men need a love lesson.

Special Answers to Reader 1: (The best position should allow you to perform 100-500 thrusts with a constant period/frequency without taking a break! The lady usually achieves orgasm in 100-300 thrusts(cycles).

For the best love poistions/actions (according to the stimulation speed/period, pressure and spots, and the degree-of- freedom of body motion) in the CD-ROM's 100+ pictures/graphs are: (All are picture files, plus 5 motion pictures)
NO.1 - Appendix B.6 The Method Of Resonant Excitation - Standard 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse); Also, Appendix B.7 Sexercise with the Method Of Resonant Excitation (No Sound, Slow Motion for Demonstration.), More in /chap2/Rock-pos.jpg;
NO.2 - Appendix B.5 Double-body Motion Technique - An Alternate of the 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse); Also /chap4/2motiond.jpg ;
NO.3 - Appendix B.4 Double-body Motion Technique - Horizonal Thrusts for 2-point (G-spot and Epicenter) Excitation (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse).
NO.4 - Appendix D.6 High Impact II (Double-Body Motion, 30-degree thrusting direction), Also, /chap4/2motionh.jpg;
NO.5 - Appendix D.4 HoreRider Stance II; (Double-Body Motion, horizontal thrusting diretion), More in /chap4/2motion1.jpg
NO.6 - Appendix D.7 High Imapct III (A Big Bird Soars Over a Dark Ocean: TAO-26), for powering the penis up;
NO.7 - Appendix D.13 A Phoenix Frolis at Cinnabar Hole (TAO-25), for powering up the penis up and her second sequence of multiple orgasm;;
NO.8 - Appendix D.15. Double-Body Motion II (The White Tiger Springing: TAO-21) - for powering the penis up and her second sequence of multiple orgasms.
NO.9 - Appendix D.14. The Horse's Shaking Hooves (TAO-20) - for powering the penis up;
NO.10 - /chap4/2motionb.ipg - Double-body motion (45 degree thrusting) on the bed.

Multiple Orgasms with Oral or Finger Plier Stimulations on the Clitoris and G-spot:
NO.1 - /chap3/Fgpliera.jpg; /chap3/msgv.jpg;
NO.2 - Appendix D.2 Lick the clitoris and massage the vagina II - for multple sexual orgasm!

Interacting Forces between the penis and vagina for multiple sexual orgasms:
/chap3/Swinghi.jpg and /chap3/Swinglo.jpg.

Contraction of your wife's vgaina during intercourse - Very, very important:
NO.1 - Appendix B.7 Sexercise with the Method Of Resonant Excitation (No Sound, Slow Motion for Demonstration.), Also, More in /chap6/Sequence.jpg
NO.2 - Appendix B.3 Demonstration of Contracting the Vagina Muscle During Intercourse (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse), More in /chap4/Sexercis.jpg.

The worst poistions that will make men to lose control, with a hard penis:
NO.1 - /chap3/Bad-pos.jpg.
NO.2 - /chap3/Badfors.jpg

Answers to all the other:

I suggest you give her a taste of orgasm by my Finger Pliers Method first since she has never had orgasm before. Please Read:
The main purpose of this method is to activate her system, and also to teach her how to control her trigger spot in her sex organ. After her clitoris and vagina are well-lubricated (naturally or artificially), then use your Finger Pliers to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot at the same time, from a low speed of 0.8 seconds/cycle for about 50 cycles, to the maximum speed of 0.4 seconds/cycle with a maximum pressure your finger pliers can apply to. She will come in 2 minutes.
This will tell you that in order to "assist" her to achieve orgasm, you have to put a lot of pressure on her clitoris and G-spot, for a continuous, simultaneous stimulation of 100 - 300 cycles, with a hard penis and your pubic bone, in a real intercourse. Her uterus will collect enough sexual energy to break through her orgasmic barrier in the 100-300 cycle stimulation. If you come in a little short, you have to use the Finger Pliers  Method to trigger her orgasm and re-plug your penis back to her vagina for the orgasmic driving of 3-10 cycles. This will drive her to erupt.
Now, Examine the possible causes:
1. Are her clitoris and the vagina opening well-lubricated when you enter her? 2. Can you provide a hard, erection penis for her?
If yes, then answer the following questions:
2a. Do you stimulate her to moan naturally with your penis? (you need a double-body motion technique!)
2b. Does her body become very hot or would she like to take control to drive you? (She is in sexual urgency and Her body wants orgasm?)
2c. Can she feel there is an itchy spot in her clitoris or vagina? (The continuous stimulation on this point will make her come!)
2d. Can both you perform more than 100 cycles in one shot with a constant speed without intermission? (You need a good love position for make the love thrusting without intermission!)
If not, then
2e. Do you know how to make your penis very hard? (required! She won't feel stimulation without a hard one!)
If you cannot, you have to learn power your penis up.
If you cannot make it by the power-up method, you have to reduce your intercourse frequency, to practice emission control (intercourse without ejaculation in the MORNING for 5-10 minutes everyday), or to take herbal supplements to restore your sexual potential.
In summary, the conditions to make her come are:
1. She needs a hard penis,
2. An itchy spot must be developed "in" her clitoris or vagina, which will become her orgasmic trigger point,
3. Both of you must make a continuous, simultaneous stimulation of 100-300 on her clitoris and G-spot, with a heavy pressure, after locking into the trigger point. This is not easy without my 3-point Excitation Position, to lock the Clitoris and G-spot at the same time with a heavy pressure.
4. You must be able to stand the heavy pressure acting on your penis base and/or pubic bone, with the belly breathing approach under the love action of Standard and alternate 3-point Excitation Methods or Double-body Motion Techniques.

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