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FROM READER: 1/1/1998>

 Problems: In order to achieve orgasm as you say in your writings what is the best postions for your 3 point excitation? Can this be achieved on a bed by sitting up or do you need to sit on the floor with your back against the wall? Should the woman rock back and forth instead moving up and down?

Dr. Lin's Answers:1/2/1998>

In fact, 3-point excitation can be performed in 3 alternate positions. However, to make a woman in the highest sexual gear to break the orgasmic barrier , it requires 100-300 continuous, non-stop thrusts. Most of men can very easily stimulate their ladies to the highest sexual gear in any positions, but breaking the orgasmic barrier is another story. My methods emphasize on how to power the penis up with peaking the lady's sexual energy at the same time, by the hard-drive stimulation with the double-body motion technique. Then the final execution position must be able to lock the woman's trigger point (a very, very itchy point in her clitoris or vagina) where only she know about at that instant. The standard 3-point excitation position is shown in the website at


This standard position can be performed on the bed, but your bed will not last too long because the impact force will be more than 1000 pounds, even both of you weigh 300 pounds, totally. In particular, in the routine intercourse, a couple after 30 may have to use the trans-harmonic excitation speed (0.4 seconds per cycle) to break her orgasmic barrier. At that moment, she will become so wild and anxious that her motion is not only back-and-forth swinging, but also twisting sideway. Your bed will make a lot of noises and you will scatter your mind by worrying about the corruption of your springing bed. You should make sure your bed is stronger enough to stand the dynamic force. Wood beds usually are a good support for this position. Otherwise, the carpet floor is the best place ground for this position.

This position requires the man to curve his low body with a support for his back, so that his hands can interlock with her hands to provide a pivot for her swing motion. This is a very unique lovemaking style/position which can not be found in the sexual educational books or videos, or the existed porn movies. We discovered this style in December, 1977 at the University of Florida. We have gradually adjusted the position with childbearing and aging, but the fundamental principle - the 3-point excitation- always remains the same. During 1977, our original intention was to prolong the intercourse and put me in the defense position so that I could focus on my ChiKong breathing. In fact, this position can allow the man to lock his ejaculation gate easily.

Other alternate 3-point positions, under which the woman lays on the spring bed in a wall-squat posture and the man squats (with the HorseRider posture) or knees down in front of her with using the double-body motion technique. With this hybrid technique, the man thrusts horizontally against her vagina and at the same time pushes her low body downward 30-45 degrees; then let the bedspring to bounce her low body back. This will allow the man's pubic bone to periodically press her clitoris, while the penis works on her G-spot and Epicenter (the end of the Vagina). Usually, the bed can stand the impact force generated by the alternate 3-point positions, even both are on the bed. The only thing you have to worry is that you may have to replace the bed every year.

Sexual orgasm has its price. If you don't want to pay for it, you should not jump onto the the bed to perform this heavy task! ?

(Let your bed catch fire of desire!!)

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