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Case Study -  Child Abuse, Anal Sex and Over-Masturbation result in urinary / bowel incontinency and sexual exhaustion for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/3/2002>
dear sir,
mine is acomplex one but ihpoe you will be able to help me out.in order for you to better help me i wish to give you an indepth description of every detail of my problem including abit of my medical history and other related cases during my ealy upbringing.
i quiete remember very well even thoogh very young at about the age of between
1-4 yrs when an elder brother of mine forcibly had sex through my anus to the point of bleeding but has remained a secret to date due to embarrasement upon complaint soon after which ideveloped dificculty in controlling stool after quiet some time to date.
besides i had another anal sex encounter during my ealy youth with a friend at about age 10 all against my will .at 9 to my late teens ihad several severe cases of malaria and feverish conditions with other acompanied symptoms of which ihad sevveral medical checkups but no serious findings were made including my sicklre cellstatus and xrays.noticeable accompanied symptoms included heavy shivering and severe vommitig in most cases mucus and dark blood and sometimes diarrhoea (plain water).in most cases i recovered without treatment only to recur later.at a point iwas injected chloroquine on the wrong vein of which i nearly had one foot aparalysed but irecovered fully without any problem.all these have somewhat dissapeared without any furter mediation. 
however during those periods i used experience pains in my upper chest ,my lower neck and spine when i attempt to bend my head downtowards my chest and stomach.just about the same age(10) isuffered asevere fall onmy lower spine (bone at seat of my buttcks when itried some goalkeeping exercises with my peerswhich resulted in my difficulty inwalking for sometime but irecovered without any medication.allthese were preludes event that occured to me and ihave regreted a lot.i started maturbation to the point ejacultion at the age of about 12 of which idid it everyday in mostcases on my feet at least twice aweek tillabout age 13 when irealised during my sleep that some sthrengh in me have been taken of me.igot up inthe morning to urinate only yo realse that ihad to force my urine and the stream was very very weak as it used to and besides it dribbled .my penis could no longer get erect as all attempt to maturbate proevd futile,besides my testicles had lost its smooth firm coveri!
ng but rather hang as an old man's. itsqueezed them and could no longer feel any pain norsensation and not even in my vas deferens and epydermithis when is it down iend up sitting on my testes as they hang out as an old mans.igot scared as ifeelihad become impotent and besides i feared iwas getting hernia as my right teses hang out longer than the other and was the one i readily sat on it when isit down.idid feel my as if the were newsensation veins in my testes ae the epidermis and vas deferens had swollen and multiplied without any pain norsensation.i was advised to take some antibiotics and multivitamins .iregained some amount of erection but each time i get erections it gradually got back.after that i started feeling severe paines in my left testes and burnring sensation in my penis upon urinating .when iregained some amuont of erection i stsarted diong it again and my findings were that i lost the excitement upon ejaculation and the semen dribbled the base of my penis a!
nd it has persisted to date .during the period of my masturbation i use to have sevre colds(cataarh) and as a result iresorted to the the abuse of ephidrine tablet though not addicted to it and it did somewhat worked for me except that ihad frequency of urination.when i detected ilost my erection and urinary problems ifelt like the whole world had ended for me .fact is ioverindulged in masturbation ,apractice of which iderived all satisfaction in life than my academic work and other whole activities like sports.iused to be a brilliant chap in my early days but i lost interest in maitaining that standards because ifeel the world had ended for me though iseem to fare well in my tertiary programme i feel somewhat lost of that zest to carry on in life and to achieve greater laurels in life . iwas envisaged to have read science but ihad to abondon it after my new found interest and now offring bussiness in atertiary institution.

. besides ,i somswhat overindulged in alchohol at the same time the drty act
atfer 6th form alevel.upon noticing the earlier symptoms of the the overindulgencein masturbation i also realised severe pains on my neck ,back(especially lower back includind waist ),arms,calf ,my inside thighs when i attempt to bend my head to touch my chest and also i have dificuulty jerky movements on my upper body when i attempt to lift my upper body from the ground when getting up .ihave trid to put astop to the practice but to no avail as icould not help myself and besides i never came across such asterling works of yours about the consequences of this whole issue .ihave been to several medical doctors with my problem but none of them could solve my problem from the way isee it form your works.ihave been made had several urine test without any findings of infection with the eception of too many urine crystals and also my semen analyses resulsts from doctors indicate that i'ii have to do a lot to become a father and they further disabused my mind on my problem being!
acause of overindulgence in maturbation.
i have had three sexual encounters after the problem and my first slut and the very subsequent ones ended in very premature ejaculation ,long rececion periods and no pleasantry in ejaculation.currently am totally disturbed and confused
about my future.i was not able to put a stop to it untill iclosely read agraet deal of your works which has totally discouraged me from the act and has convinced me of my prblem and the reality of it .below are the current predicament i find myself since the problem.

1.inability to readily gain and sustian erection
2.premature ejaculation during sex ,weak urine stream and force upon ejaculation during sex and masturbation 
3.burning sensation during urinating
4.loss of control over urine when ready and sometimes feaces for sometime .
5.loss of normal sensation during sex and masturbation ,sometimes pain in testes and groin during and after.
6.loss of normal sensation upon squeezing the testicles and sometimes nopain at all
.7testes(scrotum) lost normal firmness and smoothness and mostly hang as an olg man's with the right testes hanging lower the the other such that it always create an unusual inconvenience when i sit or lie down as if its getting into my anus(tesicular sizes same though).
8.painful neck radiating through lower back ,waist,neck,arms,back ,inner tighs,calf and shoulder when attempting to exercise them espececially bennding head to touch chest or mild stetch exercises .
painful and locked jawsespecially when yawning.
(another blow after overindulgence at 21 but now quiet ok)and
ringing in ears and quiet heavy ear drums upon turninf neck but now a little bit ok .
9.excessive sensitivity of neck to touch when fondled as if someone wants to fondle neck hence trying to protect the neck from touch
10."""""""" sensitve tighs(especially inner and uppertighs),groin,and lower stomach to touch.
11.shortness of breath and chronic cold(cataarh).
12.inner chest and back pain when sitting for quiete sometime.
13.numbness of hands and feet sometimes during sleep and sitting or lieing in aposition for sometime as well as jerky movement of hands ,feet,during minor strtch exercises.
14.inability to take in moderatetely hot foods and liquids especially tea.
15.loss of muscle strengh and turgidityespecially in the shin(muscle waisting away and easly hurt upon hitting objects) ,calf ,tighs,arms,shoulders and ability to respond t to voluntary movement.
16.easily fatiqued during normal exercises like running, playing football and 
other sports activities.
17.lack of concentration on activities epecially during studies and ability to absorb like i used to do though am not doing quiet bad.
18.anxiety about my health especially my go all these anxienties but ideeply feel inadequate.
19.a bit emotional and lack quite easiy irritated.
even though am ocuppying quiete a responsible positition in a tertiary institution as a student ,istill feel deeply insecured.
i sometimes feel like giving up but in all.
i know mine looks quite complicated and am quite confused.can i be cured?
will it be advisable to take almost all your herbs?are there any sideeffects?

how long will it take to get traeted on your medication.?
kindly let me know the prices of any prescription abd how ican place an order from ghana as wll as the quickest means of getting my order.
can i order through my barclays bank ATM card or account?
kindly suggest other fast modes of order in my country.
hope to get your quickest response.
Please send all correspondences only through my e-mail address.

Thank You .K.G .A

Dr. Lin: 3/4/2002>Your problems are a result of over-masturbation and child sexual abuse (rape).
I have outlined the symptoms induced by over-masturbation and over-ejaculation in the this link,
There are more collection listed in
Over-masturbation kills the parasympathetic nervous functions in the bladder urethra and prostate, and abrade the urethral and prostate duct and nerves, resulting in urinary incontinency, spreading or weak urinary flow, swollen prostate, premature ejaculation, night-sleeping seminal leakage or emission, seminal emission into the urinary flow that produces a lot of oily bulbs in the toilet, out-of-control bladder and so on.
It also produce body pains or cramps - in the chest, neck, back, low back and abdomen, hands, legs and feet.
Child sexual abuse with anal sex has damaged your parasympathetic nervous functions in the rectum and anus, resulting bowel incontinence.
Alcohol abuse in the young age is extremely destructive to the liver. The liver plays the key role in the syntheses of hormones and neurotransmitters.
Ephidrine promotes sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight functions that over-ride the parasympathetic nervous restoration and healing power.
You need ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) and 5-HTP (2-001) to help you out,
http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm  For payment, please use the Western Union Money Transfer service.
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Dr. Newman K. Lin 
22648 SW 54th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL. 33433,USA. 
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