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Case Study -  The sexual education trap - promotion of over-masturbation for no sexual orgasm .
Reader: 2/25/2002>
Dear Dr. Lin,

First of all I would like to thank you for your truly great site it has been such a help. I've had problems with masturbation off and on since age 14. For a while I did it once or twice a day. After a while I started to notice the typical problems the habit brings on and after a bad experience with my girlfriend I knew I had to quit. I've always liked to work out, so I know that helped my quit the first time. I knew what was to blame for my problems and knew exercise could help me over come it. So I quit for a number of months, and just worked out on a regular basis, then had one minor problem with it for a couple of months. However I met a girl who was a virgin that I really liked a lot, however she wanted to wait a while before having sex. Which was fine for me, and I really cared a lot for her. Of course we messed around during that period of time, and I was also very pumped up sexually, and all the making out and forplay, just got me even more pumped up, however I knew she wanted to wait and never pressed her for sex, knowing she would tell me when she was ready. However I made the terible mistake of turning to masturbation to relieve my sexual tension, and became so horiblly addicted to the habit I was doing it on average 3 times a day every single day for about five months. Then we started having sex and after a while I slowed down to once a week, however never totally quit it though, while I was with her. Then when we broke up I started in again on a daily basis for about a year. So all told I've been masturbating four years without taking any substantional amount of time off from it. Over the past year and a half though, I have slowed down considerably to where now I only do it like once every two weeks or so. I started working out and exercising again shortly after we broke up, I do a moderate exercise routine almost every day consisting of sit ups, push ups, curls, and occasionaly skipping rope, about fifteen to twenty minutes in duration. I know it's helped me to slow down on masturbation, which in turn has helped me recover from the horible damage I've done to myself. It was so horrible Dr. Lin all the typical symptons, ringing ears, ocd, not good erections, poor vision, etc. By far the worst addiction of my life. Of course all these years I've known how bad this habit is from experience, it's just been so difficult for me to kick it for good. Of course I've always known I can't just go to see any doctor for my problems, because they all promote it, and the educational system and society as a whole does. Which is frustrating as surely they must know the truth about it, but there is nothing I can do about that. So I've felt so alone in life trying to combat the horrible beast of a habit. Last year though I picked up a book on taoism at the bookstore, and I became very interested in it, then bought another book on it, which covered such topics as sexuality and exercise. The author stated not to masturbate at all, which I totally agreed with, saying that wet dreams are the only natural way besides sex to relieve ones self, he also stated that exercise makes people more sexual, which makes sense because you get the heart pumping more and blood circulating and the build up of testerone necessary to work out. He said to be disciplined while exercising and try not to get caried away sexually. Anyways Taoism made sense to me, and I fortunately stumbled onto your fabulous site while doing a search. Your site has been such a help for me. I've always known how bad masturbation is from experience and had a fair idea of the way it worked. When I found your site though, I learned so much more about it, and how the body functions and it all corresponded to my personal experiences, so I knew it was the truth. I have recovered to a large extent dear Dr. from exercise and reduction of masturbation frequency, however I still knew I was a ways off from full recovery, so I ordered last longer, I just started taking it today and have already noticed wonderful effects. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and with every fiber of my being for your site and products. You truly are a needle in haystack, a true ray of light, in a world where it seems almost impossible to find help for this problem. The main question I have is how can I truly crush this sick habit for good in my life. I know I'll have to stick with my working out routine, take your supplements, fight it mentally, and just try my best to avoid falling into the trap. Do you have any other suggestions though? They would be most appreciated. Well I guess I've written enough, I guess once I start writing I have a hard time stopping. Thanks again for the great site and products, I'm sure I will be buying many of your products, and getting all of my info. from your site.

Dr. Lin: 2/26/2002>
Please read this article first
My suggestions on fighting masturbation are:
1. Cool down your prostate with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable or fruit juices.
You need a lot of phytoestrogen (plant estrogen or Isoflavones) to protect your prostate hormone (DHT and testosterone) receptors in prevention of the overheating due to the testosterone-DHT conversion.
This will keep your PSA (the prostate enlargement index) extremely low.
2. Eat more non-oiled seeds/nuts/beans to increase the plant estrogen intake and have more plant protein instead of red meat and dairy products which contain artificially, sexual-stimulating or prostate-stimulating Growth Hormones that trigger the development of cancer and tumor cells. 
3. Regulate your ejaculation frequency and let your prostate and ejaculation duct take a break. At your age of 23, you can masturbate to ejaculate twice a week in order to release your sexual urgency and flush your prostate and seminal vesicles for refreshing the seminal production.
Your PSA will expect to elevate after ejaculating. 
4. You need daily exercise to re-direct your nervous attention from your prostate to your muscles in your legs and hands.
5. Increase your serotonin level by eating bread and rice. The serotonin nervous function can help you control yourself to prevent your brain from going wild.
6. Practice Sexual ChiKong Breathing or Anal Breathing to recycle your sexual energy back to your brain when you experience unwanted sexual urgency - the classic Taoism approach.
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