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Case Study -  Severe PMS and Menstrual Pains or cramps for no sexual orgasm - solution
Reader: 2/23/2002>
Problems: My daughter is 26 and gets severe PMS before her periods sometimes starting around ovulation time and then also gets severe cramps even to the point of passing out with the pain. These cramps will last 2-4 days. Her cycle is regular.She has had painful periods since she was about 16 years old.Last year she got married and she tried the 2 different birth control pills for one month each and on one she was suicidal and the other extreme depression. She hasn,t tried it since and it has been a year.She has tried to have a baby and has now had two miscarriages all around the 2-3 month and is now waiting for 6 months to try again. After reading your site I feel you could really help her problem. She also injured her back a year ago falling from a ladder 6 feet onto cement floor She went numb from her waist down for a short while but is recouperating but still gets pain in her tail bone area. Her skin also breaks out close to her period. She also suffers from!
hypoglocemia. We would like to help her and buy about $150 plus in American however we are from Canada and we were wondering if you have any discount to help us out with the Canadian dollar being so low? Thank you for your help. We are greatful for this site which can help so many couples be happy in their marriages.

Dr. Lin: 2/26/2002>
Sorry for being late in answering your questions.
The PMS and menstrual pains/cramps are from excessive progesterone and less testosterone/DHEA in the hormone receptors in the pelvic tissues, muscles and ligaments ( as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/fig6-24.jpg  ) during in the luteal phase. As a result, there is a deficiency of the relaxation hormone Prostaglandin E-1 produced by the local tissues. Therefore, the uterine ligaments, joints, and the pelvic muscles lose their flexibility and elasticity ( a lack of Prostaglandin E-1 produced in the local tissues and Nitric Oxide released by the parasympathetic nervous endings in the local arteries ) during the High-temperature period (the Luteal Phase), 2 or 3 days after ovulating, as shown in 
The dynamic Uterine contraction or movement, no matter how light or heavy (like sexual orgasm), will load an extra stress on the ligaments, joints, and muscles in the pelvic cavity. The local nerves in the inelastic and
inflexible tissues will respond to the extra stress with pelvic cramps and pains which alert the Central Nervous System to drive her nut. Menstrual pain or cramp occurs when the uterus contracts to squeeze out the menstrual blood into the vagina with a lack of relaxatant hormone Prostaglandin E-1 in the uterus and its ligaments and adjacent tissues such as the rectum/anus (uterosacral ligament) and abdomen (ovarian or round ligament). When the strength or elasticity of the uterine-support ligaments becomes weak or uneven, the uterus will be tilted (rotated forward or backward) or prolapsed. When the uterus rotates or prolapses too far away, the ligament nerves respond to the chance with pains or cramps. That is, the titled or prolapsed uterus will cause PMS or menstrual pains or cramps too.
To release her pain, she should start to take 1 tablet MoodMax (1-014) and ViaGrowth-III (1-004) 1-2 days prior to ovulation and stop taking them after menstruation starts. As we know, ViaGrowth-IV + 5-HTP work very effectively on the same problems for the peri-menopause, midlife and senior women. I think 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and 1 tablet 5-HTP (2-001) will be more effective in taking care of her severe problem since 1 tablet ViaGrowth-IV is about the same strength of 1 MoodMax + 2 ViaGrowth-III. Just take both of them during her Luteal Phase. Note that 5-HTP is for de-stress. Excessive stress hormone will block the parasympathetic nervous functions associated with the liver and adrenal functions for DHEA and androstenedione production and the local syntheses of prostaglandin E-1 in the local tissues and the Nitric Oxide/cGM release in the neuro-arterial junctions (the arterial smooth muscles).  
She can use 1 bottle of ViaGrowth-IV and 5-HTP  for 4 months. Cheap!
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