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Case Study -  He said ' I do feel better when taking VG3 and MoodMax. MOre stamina for my running and exercise.' On Body Heat.
Reader: 2/22/2002>
Dr Lin

I have been taking your Viagrowth3, Moodmax, and
sometimes Dopafibra & 5 htp.

I do feel better when taking VG3 and Moodmax. MOre
stamina for my running and exercise.

1) may i know if 5-Htp is like Kava Kava?

2)Does VG3 and Dopafibra give me internal heat?
Because i noticed my mind racing (very active) (on
heat) after taking it.

3)What can i do if i want to take VG3, yet I dont want
to ejaculate the semen? I am trying to do some jing
cultivation to improve my physical stamina and
physical built. Does the moodmax & kava cool off some
heat from VG3?

4) IN order to send the energy up the spine while
having sex, is it absolutely necessary to have a
totally big & hard erection (what the ancients call

5)what product of yours is good to achieve a full 4
attainment? PeniSOS?

Thank u so much Dr Lin, keep up the good work!


Dr. Lin: 2/23/2002>
1. There are two pathways to reduce the sympathetic nervous activities - one is through the brain's serotonin nervous system and the other is through the adrenal medulla to reduce the dopamine=>norepinephrine=>epinephrine (adrenalin) conversion. 5-HTP serves as the serotonin precursor to boost the serotonin nervous nervous function in modulating the dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine and sympathetic nervous functions and in increasing the serotonin-melatonin conversion in the pineal glands for deep sleeping. Kava Kava acts on the adrenal medulla for reduction of the neurohormone epinephrine in the bloodstream, which, in turn, partially blocks the Kidney's renin-release mechanism in achieving both the sympathetic nervous and the cardiovascular output controls.
2. The Body Heat is produced by many ways.  Testosterone burning in the hormone receptors in the muscles will produce heat - Hot blood! ViaGrowth-III increases your testosterone level for heating up your blood! Increasing the blood flow rate will produce heat too - due to flow resistance and increasing testosterone burning.  Increasing cardiovascular output will produce heat in the heart muscles - more muscular work in the heart.  DopaFibra contains the sympathetic alpha-2 blocker 250 mg Yohimbe (at 2% Yohimbine) per tablet. Partially blocking the alpha-2 receptors in the arterial walls will dilate the arteries to increase the blood flow rate. DopaFibra also includes 25 mg 5-HTP to modulate the sympathetic nervous functions. If you have a good cardiovascular system or a good kidney's renin-release control, you won't feel the heat. You can take ViaGrowth-IV to boost your cardiovascular system or Kava Plus to control your Kidney's renin0release mechamism. Kava Plus contains Ginkgo to thin the blood for reduction of the blood-flow resistance. The Flood-flow resistance is proportional to the blood viscosity and the flow velocity squared according to the fluid mechanics theory. Erection or engorgement of sex organs demands a high blood flow rate. If the blood flow rate is doubled, the blood-flow resistance becomes 4 folds. The blood-flow resistance does virtual work which becomes heat. On the other hand, the heart has to pump harder to increase the flow rate for your erection. The extra heart muscular pumping burns a lot of extra energy into heat as well. That is, you need ViaGrowth-IV to feed your heart with DHEA, androstenedione (the testosterone and estrogen precursor) and neurochemicals. You will have a powerful cardiovascular functions with ViaGrowth-IV to support your sexual activities.

Note: We can not ship Kava Plus to Australia unless we alternate the label. As we know, your custom ban importation of products containing Kava Kava, Yohimbe, Tribulus, DHEA, Androstenedione, Bee Pollen and 5-HTP (?). We have to send 5-HTP as Griffornia Seed extract and to mark out the banned ingredients.

3. Reducing Viagrowth-III dosage to one tablet a day and stop taking DopaFibra if you don't want to ejaculate, since DopaFibra contains 60 mg L-dopa per tablet. L-dopa, a dopamine precursor, will power your dopamine nervous function and elevate your testicular function for a lot of SEX. You can not resist ejaculation when you take DopaFibra. Kava Plus can cool off the body heat.

4. Yes! A hard erection means a powerful parasympathetic nervous function and a high blood flow volume with a lot of neurochemicals and hormones being burned in the pelvic cavity where the sexual energy are produced and stored. 

5. It depends on age. We have LastLonger for young men, Endura for men around 30's (25-35) and ViaPal-hGH packages for men with the "sexual" age older than 35, where the sexual age is a measure of sexual health, not a calendar age.
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