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News updated:

Case Study -  He said ' you're having a great business with lots of biochemical/bioelectric answers to many of the "unknown" problems the medical society can't understand' for rejuvenation, better health and sexual orgasm - with Dr. Lin integrated health solutions from Vacuum-cupping massage to dietary supplements.!
Reader: 02/19/2002> 
Hello, Dr Lin.

Just wanted to share my individual experience with your products, oh, and 
ask a few specific questions! Please don't be scared of the lenght of this, 
I have nice things to tell about!

According to my strange feeling in prostate area (not being able to relax 
the prostate muscles after doing the so-called kegel exercises) you 
suggested vacuum cupping treatment. I've been doing the massage in thighs, hips, tailbone area and ultimately the perinium on and off for 8 weeks.
The cupping revealed severe congestion especially on the thighs. Things in 
prostate wouldn't change though. After excessive sitting or bicycling it 
would feel like I had this giant tennisball up my anus, not a pleasant 
However I picked up the massage once again and started extensevely massaging the perinium area, I mean, really deep-massaging the area.
Prior to this, I'd just let the cup suck for 10-15 mins without moving it 
around. This time I forcefully would let it slide on the skin, pressing down 
hard,man, that was hurtful! Thank God for teething rings!
This time the deep massaging revealed tiny spots of lump-alike congestions 
and I could finally feel a progress and a great   relief.
Summary: It takes DEEP massaging, I needed to MASSAGE the congestion away, 
not just letting it suck by itself. I used 4-5 pumps and pressed hard 
against my perinium while guarding my balls! Yes, you did nail the solution 
down after my first email to you.

I've since purchased some of your products (herbs) to enhance my sexual 
life. Actually I thought (hoped) the MoodMax would take away my prostate pain, but the vacuum cupping was the ultimate solution, I know now. Like you mention on your web, you can have all the miracle herbs in the world to boost a new life, if you have poor blood circulation, they won't do a thing for you!
Now, I'm only 23. Thank you for this vacuum cupping set, I'd like to think 
it's nice for prevention in battling all the aging faults (artrhisis, 
lumbago, fibromyalgi etc) when living modern life (so much sitting down, 
eating habits etc)...

Ok, your herbs: Never having thought it as a problem I can now "analyze" my body as the bioelectic engine :) with deficit of certain stuff; the neurochemicals which give me the answers to some leaks in my life (exhaustion after masturbation, moodswing, premature ejaculation, 
fatigue, light depression etc.) I notice after taking your herbs that I will 
feel rejuvenated! I mean, not like I'm a NEW person on some sort of a drug, but I would feel like ME, myself, feeling like I'm 17-18 again (Yes, it's not that many years ago, can still remember!)
You can work so hard with realizing yourself and work socially and 
emotionally on your self-confidence but with the lack of the specific 
neurochemicals, you're given a hard time!
I now have my 12-1 o'clock spontaneous erection, and I'm not leaking any 
semen until I decide to, my work in my education is more sharp and related, 
Yes, the sex is one thing but this "tune-up" reflects everything I do in 
daily life. Who needs excessive amount of alchohol, certain food addiction, 
to deal with life when all you need is to MAINTAIN your god-given body!
Now I'm quite interested in the long-term benefits and what to look 
after...so here we go:

1. The blood-congestion in the perenium is almost completely gone. Now that is a stupid place to have a congestion, blocking your prostate environment! 
Will I ride on a bike again? (it hurts when bicycling at the moment because 
of the congestion being sucked up to the skin) I'm quite depending on 
sitting down a lot at the moment finishing my education as well.
I wonder, can I additionally do something to prevent a congestion there in 
future? I may have a poor blood circulation in my body? (often have cold 
hands!) I mean, Why did I experience this when other people who sit much 
more in daytime than me don't know about this? Would KAVA
plus be nice in a prevention?

2. I'm taking 1 MoodMax in the morning every day, 1 Via-Growth 4 in the 
afternoon every other day, and 1 5-HTP in the evening every day. 
Additionally 1 Kava plus before something extra is needed to boost my 
parasympathetic levels!
I've dealt with the lack of sleep when I started taking your products (my 
mind was too awake) but now it seems my body's well adjusted and I now have my DEEP long 8 hours of nice sleep. I guess now I have my erections back so I need to reduce dosage?
I'm 23, is ViaGrowth 4 too much of a good thing? Can I still use it every 
other day though? I guess, I can take the MoodMax for as long as I want 
(it's been great, the practical benefits: I can hold my urine for 4-6 hours, 
as well as a bunch of brain-enhanced benefits which I don't even know about in detail!).
I'm a bit more suspicious about the 5-HTP. I probably shouldn't use it on a 
long-term basis with your MoodMax/ViaGrowth-4? (too much of a good thing? I don't want the serotonin levels in bloodstream too high, the "serotonin 
syndrome"! Some also talk about not mixing St Johns Wort with too much 
5-htp??) I feel the powerful relaxing effects taking it though, promoting my 
parasympathetic levels. I need that! (Coffee for example pumps me with adrenaline, feels great but way too sympathetic, 1 or 2 cups and I can't sit still! Oh, it makes my prostate hypersensitive! Requires a lot of anal-breathing relaxation!)
I've been taken Moodmax for a month and the 5-htp supplement for only a few days..
Yes, what I need is the BALANCED use of the herbal supplements on a 
long-term basis to ensure a relaxed sexlife. Any suggestions? (Note, I'm 
taking no other supplement, coffee and alchohol is a rarity. Moderate 
exercises and ejaculation perhaps 1-2 a week)

3. Now, if you could somewhat comment on the following about mixing 5-htp and vitamin B6 together. This quotation is from a discussion in a newsgroup:
"Alas, one company I know packages their 5-HTP in 50 mg
capsules with 10 mg of B6. They do this ostensibly so that 5-HTP
can be converted to serotonin in the brain. Duh. This insures
that any 5-HTP will get converted to serotonin in the liver
instead, and thus never make it to the brain. Vitamin B6 is the
*LAST* thing you want in an 5-HTP product.>
At the very best, people who take B-vitamins with 5-HTP, or
who take 5-HTP products with B6, waste their money. All this
would be merely humorous (caveat emptor) were it not for some
other facts. At worst, ignorant people fooling with 5-HTP
actually risk their health, since serotonin in the peripheral
blood is not benign. Serotonin causes not only harmless flushing
and diarrhea, but people with serotonin secreting tumors (hindgut
carcinoids) also have problems with fibrosis of the endocardium
and valves in their right hearts, which can cause heart failure.
This fibrosis is caused by the serotonin. This effect can also
be seen with dietary intake of only modest amounts of serotonin,
and there has actually been described in the medical literature a
tribe of South Sea islanders with right heart fibrosis as a
result of eating green banana mash (matuki), which poisons them
with its serotonin content. No, I'm not making this up. The
hydroxylation of tryptophan is a rate-limiting step in the
peripheral production of serotonin, and one bypasses it at one's
And another comment:
"The thing is that while 5-HTP's nonselective mechanisms are somewhat
mysterious, its basic metabolism is not. It is converted into serotonin
by intestinal, hepatic, platelet, and CNS decarboxylation, dependent on
many different factors, most immediately vitamin B6 and vitamin C. But
researchers have unequivocally established that taking it with any more
than about 10 (ten) mg of B6 will cause all of the 5-HTP to be converted
into serotonin before the 5-HTP gets a chance to enter the brain."
And another comment:
"Taking B6 with 5-HTP is precisely the WRONG thing to do. B6 is a
necessary cofactor for the activity of aromatic amino acid
decarboxylase, and supplemental B6 tends to increase its activity.
That is, you've made your liver even more efficient at ensuring that
even MORE serotonin will get into your blood and less 5-HTP will reach
the brain.
This was a problem when l-DOPA, the amino acid precursor of dopamine,
was first used to treat patients with Parkinson's Disease. Patients
taking a multivitamin containing B6 (even just the RDA of B6) weren't
getting the benefits of the drug, and were experiencing more side
effects such as nausea and blood pressure changes. This is because B6
caused more l-DOPA to be converted to dopamine before it reached the
brain, causing more side effects and leaving less l-DOPA to cross into
the brain and exert its beneficial effects on the disease. Ultimately,
l-DOPA was combined with an inhibitor of the enzyme aromatic amino
decarboxylase, carbidopa, which doesn't cross the blood brain barrier.
This prevents l-DOPA from being destroyed by the liver, and allows a
much lower dose of the amino acid. The combination drug has the
tradename "Sinemet" ("sin"--without, "emet"--vomiting), alluding to the
purported lower incidence of nausea and vomiting with the combination.
As far as I know, carbidopa is no longer sold as a single drug entity,
only in combination with l-DOPA."
I don't know if the vitamin B6 is truly an advantage in this matter, or 
whether it'll reduce the benefits of the serotonin precursor?? Is it totally 
nonsense? There is B-6 in MoodMax as well?
I'm sorry for the length of this letter, I realise your mail is not some 
correspondence column (your current form is great providing the REAL 
biochemical answers plus the "tao of love"), I just feel myself being very 
happy confronting my problem, understanding the cause totally and telling 
you about the way out in detail. Somehow it seems relevant telling it to 
you, you showed the way! I'm just the reflection!

Thank you for you wisdom, you're having a great business with lots of 
biochemical/bioelectric! answers to many of the "unknown" problems the 
medical society can't understand (which they mostly tend to change into 
psychological flaws anyway).

And you provide the solutions (products) as well!!! Oh, as I've mentioned 
before, you're actually linking these two things together!

OK, need to give my perenium a break, I need to see the morning sunrise. I 
need to jog. So bye for now.

Dr. Lin: 02/20/2002>
Boy, your letter is too long for the old folks, but it offers a full solution and experience for the others.
Your offers are highly appreciated. I have to write many webpages to cover the similar problems like what you have experienced, and you did it in one shot!
Yes, without a good blood circulation, there will be no healing due to a lack of hormones and neurochemicals for generation of healing power generation and relaxant prostaglandin E-1 in the nervous systems and local tissues.  But, how do you want to achieve it internally and externally? There are  soil mechanics and hydrological (diffusion process)  theories for the problems with vacuum-cupping massage applications as discussed in http://www.actionlove.com/love/massage.htm and another theory with the bioelectricity,  where I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Becker's Book "The Body Electric - Electromagnetism and The Foundation of Life."  My Vacuum Cupping Massage also covers the piezoelectric theory of bone for bioelectric generation of healing power in addition to the application of soil mechanics and diffusion processes to the blood-tissues, where loosening the tissues will promote liquid and blood diffusion through the well-packed tissues.  The dietary supplements have been formulated based up the bioelectric battery recharging and power transmission concepts. The sexual ChiKong practices are the applications of nervous bioelectric interferences to SEX and Lovemaking.  So, I offer you the unique engineering solutions for your health and sexual problems.
Ok, here are my answers for your questions:
1. You can ride a bike again, but please change your bike seat to a wider one which can distribute your body pressure to your butts. In the office, selecting a chair or seat pad can distribute your body pressure evenly and widely to prevent a concentrated pressure in a small area. If you feel numbed in certain spots, massage them by your fist or vacuum cup.
Kava can thin the blood, but can not prevent the blood congestion due to the mechanical pressure or interception of the blood flow and nervous transmission.

2. After you rejuvenate your body function, you should reduce the dosage and finally get rid of your supplements unless you want to have a lot of sex. Our products can help people to have a lot sex and ejaculation/orgasm without experiencing sexual exhaustion or brain disorder, as I formulate them for.

ViaGrowth-IV is formulated for people with a "sexual" age older than 30, where the sexual age is not the calendar age. A 19-year young man can have a 50-year old body due to over-masturbation or over-ejaculation.
You are Ok to take it once every other day to power your body. If you do a lot of exercises, you take it one tablet a day to build up your muscle. 

5-HTP won't produce the so-called serotonin syndrome which is produced the SSRIs drugs in blocking the serotonin re-uptake. The conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin requires a lot of liver enzymes. Your liver won't produce that much to cause the serotonin syndrome. This is the main difference between a drug (SSRIs antidepressants) and a nutrient (5-HTP, an extract from Griffonia Seeds). The Griffornia Seeds produce an opposite effect on the brain/nervous systems as the Java Beans do. Believe it or not, Griffornia Seeds and Kava roots help destress the body and reduce the interference of adrenaline (stress hormone) on the parasympathetic nervous system for healing power and restoration. That is why LastLonger is so effective in dealing with the prostate/urethra/bladder/uterine disorders.
If you won't experience stress, anxiety or premature ejaculation, don't need extra dose of 5-HTP.

3. What the internet websites say are nonsense. They have never considered the role of the liver functions in the chemical conversion. The reason that our products work so well is because there are about 30-40% of the ingredients for liver detoxification and enhancement and cardiovascular enhancement. B-6 and B-12 are the nervous and liver vitamins. B-6 is to enhance the nervous function if the liver provides sufficient enzymes for the syntheses of acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. The B-6 role in the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin are very critical, but without the liver enzymes for the neurochemical conversion, B-6 does nothing. However, without B-6, the other ingredients won't benefit the body that much. This is called the synergetic effects. We have to deal with the entire body function, not a single chemical or component. You should understand why MoodMax and ViaGrowth products contain so many ingredients which take care of all the components in your body. 
Remember, without a good blood circulation, the good stuffs won't work either. See, why I have to integrate Vacuum-Cupping Massage, Ginkgo (degreaser), 5-HTP (stress buster), Kava Kava (anxiety buster), and even the alpha blocker herb Yohimbe (another arterial dilator other than Acetylcholine-Nitric Oxide) into my full body rejuvenation formula.
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