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Case Study -  He said ' It made me last alot longer." with Dr Lin's horse-rider lovemaking position for Sexual Orgasm - How to deal with condom blockage of the vagina-penis energy transfer in penile ballooning during lovemaking.
Reader: 02/15/2002> 
Hows it going? I got your CD and tried your horse stance. It made me last alot longer. I also used the circle for warm up as you said. The only problem is that I am using a condom. Is it possible to achieve a 1 o'clock erection with a condom? Also should my erection decrease in the horse stance position?

Dr. Lin: 02/17/2002>
Yes! This is my and our readers' two-hour lovemaking secret. In the CD-ROM, I show how to use the vagina-penis sexual energy transfer during lovemaking to help the penis raise from a 2-3 o'clock position to a 1-12 o'clock position as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/power-up.jpg  . 
You should alternate the love positions designated for powering the penis though the vagina-penis bioelectric energy transfer. The horse-stand (horse-rider) love position is one of the most power one since it allows the glans penis to tap her sexual energy from the energy center Epicenter between the cervix and bladder as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/attack.jpg  . The bioelectric energy coupling circuit is shown in the CD_ROM too. From my personal experiences, there will be an explosive pressure built up in the pelvic cavity from the pubis and groins to the tail bone if the penis is successfully powered up. The explosive pressure is due to the erection of the hidden penile section inside the body which is not erecting in a natural erection.
A powered-up erection is the key to relax the prostate and prolong lovemaking without ejaculation.
Condom reduces the vagina-penis interaction and blocks the sexual energy transfer between the vagina and the penis. If you have a very hard erection which demonstrates your have enough hormones and neurochemicals to burn in supporting your penil ballooning during sex without her energy transfer, condom can prolong your sex and won't affect your penile ballooning effects. If your erection is not stronger enough to retain without her sexual energy transfer, condom blockage will force you to contract your PC muscles in assisting your erection. The PC contraction stimulates the Cowper's glands for flooding excessive precum (pre-ejaculation fluid) that over-stimulates your urethral and prostate ducts to cause seminal emission - premature ejaculation. If you won't produce sufficient precum, condom blockage will dim your erection back to a flaccid state - a very frustration situation for lovemaking couples. This is a situtaion of the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" where Fight = ejaculation/orgasm and Flight = erection whithdrawal.

To solve the condom blockage problems, my suggestions are:
Use a water-based spermicidal contraceptive mean (such as jelly or spongy cervical cap) for pregnancy protection when you want to use her vagina to power up your penis; Screw each other for 10-15 minutes to make erection harder before you thrust in and out - http://www.actionlove.com/love/screw.htm . A Hard erection will let you stay up much longer for the real in-and-out love thrusting. Once your penis is raised to the 1 o'clock position by your internal and her sexual/vaginal energy, then put on your condom. If you are not sure you can control your ejaculation properly, Don't practice this during her conceptive period that is 3 days before and after her ovulation day; and you should put on condom and spermicidal contraception. To balloon your penis under this situation without relying on her sexual energy and vaginal bioelectric power., you should take our Endura or ViaPal-hGh products to boost your internal sexual energy (neurotransmitters and hormones).

If your erection goes soft when you use the horse-stand or 3-point lovemmaking position, you don't have sufficient internal sexual energy to balloon your penis. Endura or ViaPal-hGH-E can help you out. Endura is suitable for men with a "sexual" age from 25-35; ViaPal-hGH-E is for men with a "sexual" age from 30 to 50..
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