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Case Study - Quitting Masturbation, Diet, Anal Breathing Method, Pre-ejaculation fluid, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Effects of the vaginal power on Ejaculation Control and Sexual Orgasm
Reader: 02/13/2002> 
Dear Dr.Lin,
I would be grateful if you could give me solutions for
these questions.
Iam 25 years old.
Q1.When I masturbate I have continuace tremor for
several days,why? Do 
you have a product to reduce this bothersome problem ?

Q2.I decide to stop masturbation,does The Anal
Breathing Method 
convenient for this purpose?and by the way the 2nd
step( in this method)is 
inhaling or exhaling(i have a misunderstanding because
in the graph the 
descending mind focus associate with exhaling
cycle...)?How many times I 
must practice this method per week?

Q3.Do you have a product which can help me to stop
masturbation without 
loss my sexual ability?

Q4.When making love ;is there a difference between
wife and 
girlfriend(or harlot)?

I look forward to hearing from you and I appreciate
your answer at my 
e-mail old7wolf@yahoo.com .

Thank you for your time


Dr. Lin: 02/15/2002>
1. The brain's responses to orgasm and ejaculation are discussed in
For young men, MoodMax or ViaGrowth-III can help. ViaGrowth-III is to stimulate the neuro-endocrine functions for more sex; MoodMax is to help shrink the prostate back for lasting longer.

2. Yes! The Anal Breaking Method plus diet change and exercises can help alternate masturbation habits.
My suggested balance diet for this purpose is to have 20-30% meat, 50-70% fresh vegetables and fruits, and 10-20% hydrocabonate foods. If you like meat very much, avoid red meat and have more fish. Diary products can increase sexual urgency too. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices can help cool down the prostate and increase sexual self-control, and are also good for your brain, liver, kidneys, bladder, and cardiovascular systems.
Exercises are to burn excessive testosterone and sweat the stress hormone adrenaline (epinephrine) out.
The Anal breathing method can train your tailbone, in place of the PC/prostate muscles, to respond to your sexual urgency. The principle and method are discussed in 
The main purpose of the Anal Breathing Exercises is to develop the testosterone and DHT receptors in the tailbone muscles, so that the tailbone muscles can trap more testosterone and DHT in order to reduce the sexual stimulation of testosterone and DHT on the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands and prostate as shown in
Let more testosterone be burned into DHT in the tailbone to heat up the spinal cord and the first acupuncture point GV-1 in the Governing Vessel as shown in the http://www.actionlove.com/image/wavepath.jpg , where the bioelectric energy due to the testosterone-DHT conversion recharges the brain via the spinal nervous system. 
This is called "returning Jing to the brain" 
Reducing the stimulation of testosterone and DHT on the Cowper's glands and prostate can reduce the production of precum (pre-ejaculation fluid) and the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) which is raised up for 24 hours from an extremely sexual arousal to the post-ejaculation. PSA is a measure of prostate enlargement or cancer risk. Precum and/or a high PSA index can stimulate the prostate duct for ejaculation urgency. Our LastLonger can reduce the PSA level.

The 2nd step of the Anal Breathing is to inhale, sink your Chi to the pelvic cavity around the bladder/prostate with expanding the low abdomen, and thus move the mind focus down your bottom around the prostate/Cowper's glands, the acupuncture point CV-1 between your scrotum and anus.
If you practice this step successfully and correctly, you should feel an energy flow moving across the anus to the tailbone and into your spinal cord.
Do the anal breathing anytime when your body and mind are at rest.

3. 5-HTP and Kava Plus can help you out in this regard.
4. If you consider your wife is your girl friend, there is no difference. If you have a wife and we make love to your girl friend ( the another woman), you may have some unfaithful guilt. Physically, the different vaginal tightness, bioelectric level, and lubricant chemical contents can affect the penile erection power and ejaculation control for men. 
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