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Case Study - Destructive practices of Penile Enlargement,  Over-ejaculation or Over-masturbation for damaging the penis and enlarging the prostate (hair loss too!)- no sexual orgasm; On the Natural Penile Enlargement - Ballooning Method.
Reader: 02/06/2002> 
Hello dr lin

I have emailed u a few times in the past and u have
been always helpful.

Are you familiar with a website.. www.j?jido.com?

Well I have tried the "jelq" before, then read on this
site that it is a scam.. Anyway I ordered the joj?do
contents and was reading your site tonight and realize
that this is also a scam. Any milking technique is
DANGEROUS for the penis. 

I was milking my penis quite hard tonight and after I
was done, I noticed these red spots on the head of my
penis. I am a bit worried about this, I obviously
pumped too much blood into the penis and it burst some
small Pin size dots that are red. Will these go away
if I stop the milking? 

I am going to stop the milking actually, After reading
all these horror stories on your site. I am apalled
at the lies on the internet when it comes to penis
enlargement. THis is a major money sucking industry
and more importantly its is causing all these young
men and old men problems and damage.. Hopefully I am
stopping early enough to end ANY damage i may have
done and reverse it. As i mentioned thus far, I just
have some red spots on the end of my penis .. the
head.. Hopefully they will just go away.

I of course am interested in enlarging my penis
naturally with your help. I would rather spend money
on products that work and give to a doctor that I
trust and that cares for the general public then these
scam artists..

Looking at my penis again, It is goign to get a lil
black and blue i think and then i hope it heals. I
think if I continue to milk it, It coudl damage my
veins and make them look all gross and deformed.. 

Very very dangerous this is. 

Please send me your advice and help with this spotting
and any product you would recommend for NATURAL penis
enlargment and also being able to last longer so I can
pleasure my lady.

I am a healthy 25 year old male, I ejaculate on
average 4-5 times per week when having sex with my

If i need to hold back on ejaculation, I dont mind
just having sex and holding my ejaculation every so
often. How many times should i be ejaculatiing per

Please help me.

I would be willing to send you the complete JOJID?
guide, so u can take a look at it and spread the word.
I think that would be a great service to all, so we
can end this harmful practice now.!@

please help,



Dr. Lin: 02/07/2002>Sorry to hear a sad penile enlargement story again.
We can not attack or evaluate others, since it is a conflict of interest. But, we have reported the penile damage for our readers' references, and then try to do our best in helping the individual whose penis is damaged.
I have addressed the penile enlargement issues in these links -
And more in the lists of

My Penile Ballooning Method is a 100% natural and safe penile enlargement method which depends on your parasympathetic nervous functions, the stress hormone action on the sympathetic alpha receptors, the serotonin modulation of the dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine/sympathetic nervous functions for ejaculation control, and the hormones (DHEA, testosterone, estrogen and DHT) that fuel the tissue expansion and prevent the overheating of the prostate. Lasting longer and holding a hard erection for longer than 30-40 minutes are the foundations of my Natural Enlargement Method. Its main purpose to expand the hidden 2-3 inch section of the penis between the groins. The natural erection won't expand or stretch the hidden section since it has been squeezed and constrained by the groins.  To pop this 2-3 hidden section out, it requires a lot of erectile power and blood pressure to produce an explosive force against the surround tissues and groins. When the penis stretches out 1-2 inches (some get extra 3 inches), you will experience an expansive (explosive) pressure in your pelvic cavity from your pubis and crotch to your tail bone due to penile expansion and elongation. The penile expansion pressure will block the nervous transmission in the penile shaft and acturally numb the penis (or reduce its sensitivity accordingly.)  Frequently practicing the penile ballooning will result in penile enlargement.

We can unconditionally guarantee that your penis will shrink with ageing, over-masturbation, over-ejaculation, mechanical penile damages (including destructive penile enlargement practices that destroy the inflatable balloon structure and nerves/veins/arteries in the penis and produce scar tissues for penile deformation and curvature), and the using of medication or street drugs.

For a healthy man who can erect his penis spontaneously without hand or oral job, ejaculating 4 or 5 times won't damage the prostate and erectile nervous function. Studies show the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level will jump up after ejaculating and the PSA rise can last for 24-48 hours. PSA is a measure for detection of prostate enlargement and cancer. It also indicate that a nature conversion of testosterone-DHT and an excessive binding of DHT into the prostate receptors are occurred. That is why over-ejaculation or over-masturbation can result in prostate enlargement and hair loss. Note that Our MoodMax and ViaGrowth-IV can remove DHT from the prostate and hair rooting tissues and prevent the DHT binding by detoxifying the receptors to keep the prostate and hair happy.

You can send the penile enlargement manual over, so that we can help you out.

Reader: 2/7/2002>
oh yea..
should I lightly massage my penis to help this bruising go away? or just leave it alone and not try and get erection at all.. hot baths? anything? puz

Dr. Lin: 2/7/2002>
You have to erect your penis and then massage it. Don't leave it alone. Even a broken penis is repairable.

Reader: 2/7/2002>
E-mail 1: I will massage daily..
i apprecaite ur swift help..
i bought some of yoru products.. its my way of saying thanks and also I believe in what u do..
my problems are nearly as bad as i see of many of htese guys.. just some bruising.. I think..
i will letu know how it goes..
ur great!

E-mail 2: hello dr lin
I want to go over this manual and tell u exactly what i did.. but im very tired tonight from work basically once u read over it.. the thing i was doing was the milking and forcing blood into my penis head and shaft.. after i was done i noticed black and blue spots on the head of my penis and a few on the shaft..
I think i forced TOO much blood in there and must have broken some tissue and now i can see this blood .. (black and blue areas) near the surface.. do u think these will go away? Please read over the manual when u have time... if u are interested..
I will take more time and ask you some questions regarding the massage techniques u speak of.. this manaul also recommended some massage but more forced.. to help expand the tissue... I obviously did this much too forceful and long and now im very sore and i pushed the veins too the limit im guessing.. The manual also recommended having a full erection and pushing down on it to strech the ligament.. anyway.. hope this helps you and all the other people being injured..
thanks.. i hope these spots go away.. i should get ur medicine soon and that should help more..

Dr. Lin: 2/8/2002>
1. You have to massage the bruise area with VIP Cream when your penis is erecting. It should go away gradually.
2. The penile massage should be gentle without pain.
3. Don't bend your penis down. It will damage the ligaments and the penile spongy tissues around the pubis and middle section.
If your penile tissues produce insufficient relaxant and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1, penile weight-lighting, stretching or milking may gradually damage the penile tissues and result in crocking the penis. Even, chronic masturbating with the right hand will results in a left-turn (curved-left) penis. That is , the right side of the penis massaged with a smooth palm gets stretching (wonderful penile enlargement stimulation!) while the left side of the penis rubbed by a row of rough fingers gets scar tissues for erection constraint. The result is the penile deformation.  

Reader: 2/8/2002>
thankyou once again
its is starting to go away.. im massaging it nightly gently and just started putting vitamin e on it..
i will receive ur products soon and am going to start studying ur website to learn natural enlargment techniques..
if i understand them correctly I still need to somewhat "milk" the penis through massage.. just not as forcefully..
i dont quite know yet.. I will have to heal from this injury first before i start to do anything..
this scared me a bit and Im still sore..
i appreciate ur help.. alot!

Dr. Lin: 2/10/2002>
I don't know what exactly "milk" means to me since my method is to retain the penile erection pointing to the 2-12 o'clock in the first place. The natural erecting-penis shape is a smooth curve stretching out of your body, as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg and http://www.actionlove.com/image/power-up.jpg  . The abrupt curvature of an erecting penis (as shown in the right picture of http://www.actionlove.com/image/penclass.jpg ) indicates that there is an erectile problem and an penile scar formation. Any actions or exercises in an attempt to destroy the natural erecting-penis shape should be avoided. Penile massage is to increase the production of prostaglandin E-1 for improvement of elasticity of the penile tissues for the whole penile shaft. The pubic and groin massages are to send the massage pressure to the hidden section of the penis inside the body. Generally, the hidden penile section doesn't get a proper stretching and expanding in a erection due to the fact that the hidden section is under a squeezing pressure between two groins. You have to create the erectile blood pressure to overcome the squeezing pressure, so that the hidden section can pop out. If you focus on milking the external penile shaft, you will end up with penile deformation - curving your penis. Our formulas are formulated to dilate the penile and pelvic arteries and to increase the prostaglandin E-1 production in these tissues. VIP cream is to work on the surface and skin-surface tissues which are far away from the major penile arteries.
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