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Case Study - Orgasmic dysfunction - No stimulation feeling in the vagina and clitoris - no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 02/05/2002> 
I am 33 years old woman and never had feeling (orgasm),have been married for5 years and never had it, having sexual relation for 10 years and I had three partners so far and the last one is my husband...
I don't feel anything! no exciment nothing ! don't feel anything in my vagina either...
I only had orgasm by masturbation but my way is different I never hear this kind of masturbation system from any other women...I don't play with my clitoris or using vibrator or fingering my self...
I dream making love couple or wathc a erotic movie and I get excited and I just push and little pressure on my vagina (like giving a birth,pushing the baby) and I get orgasm (is it weard ? is there anywoman getting orgasm in this way ? )I feel very upset about it cause I wantt to have the same feeling ..in my real sex life ! I never get excited and I don'feel like making love, I think am friditge...I tried to play with my clitoris or fingering my vagina but still don'feel anything...somethings wrong with me..
when I was little at the age of 6 I had a girlfriend, we imitated to like making love couples she or I was on her top just giving a touch vagina to vagina it used to give us clitoral orgasm( this is one of the story)
and before I had my real sex experience me and my first boy fiend used to the similar things (cause I wasn't ready for real sex) he rubbed my vagina with his his it used to gave me a clitoral orgams when t turned to a real sex everthing dissepared ! felt nothing...
still ! even though my husband do the same thing (rubing my vagina or clitoris with his penis before entering in) feel nothing !
please help me 
I just don't want have orgasm only in my imaginations or fantasys
thank you very much
looking forward to hear from you very soon

Dr. Lin: 02/06/2002>Sexual orgasm is a brain response to the dream, visual, auditory or direct sex-organ/body physical stimulation, or the combination of them.
The direct sex-organ/body stimulation can promote the excessive conversion of dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine which, in turn, triggers sympathetic Flight or Fight response (Flight = erection/engorgement withdrawal due to excessive norepinephrine acting on the alpha receptors for constriction of the arteries in sex organs; Fight = Orgasm or Ejaculation). The "Flight" will interrupt lovemaking and turn lovemaking into boring. 
If the nervous endings in your clitoris or/and G-spot are not active due to a lack of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine or the hormone testosterone or they are damaged or abraded by over-masturbation, you will feel nothing from the clitoral or vaginal stimulation and you can not erect your clitoris and urethral spongy tissues (G-spot) and tent up your vagina and uterus by the direct clitoral or/and vaginal stimulation.
You need ViaPal-hGH-D (3-012), -P (3-010) or ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) to fix your problems.
The vaginal and uterine tenting will squeeze or help stimulate your Epicenter (the orgasm pacemaker, as shown in http://www.ctionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg  ) and relay a signal to your brain's pituitary gland which floods the orgasm hormone oxytocin into your body, particularly the vagina and uterus for orgasmic contraction, and to your brain's dopamine/norephinephrine/epinephrine/sympathetic nervous functions which trigger your orgasm pacemaker for your contraction. The orgasmic contraction with a tenting-up uterus is the same as the childbirth labor. A woman can experience orgasm during the childbirth labor if the labor pain is not overriding the stimulation (squeezing) pleasure of the Epicenter.

On the other hand, you may feel nothing inside you when his erection is weak,
I assume your husband may be older than you (age 33), so he is about to entering midlife. His erection may be not hard enough for you to feel stimulation inside you.
In this regard, the ViaPal-hGH packages mentioned above can help him out too.
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