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Case Study - A 5000-year sexual wisdom on the brain damaged by over-masturbation, over-ejaculation and excessive sexual orgasm.
Reader: 01/28/2002> 
Hi Doctor. 

I seemed to have come by your web page by complete fluke or a stroke of luck.
I am a 20 year old male. I have been suffering from constant dizzy feelings for about a year and a half. Overall i would say I felt as though I was just out of it. Feeling completely out of focus, with everyday headaches and dizzy spells. My concentration level dropped and my life seems to be ruined as of now. I also have sensitivity to light and often suffer from such strong headaches and dizziness that I have dropped out of school. I experienced hair loss at an early age as i remember as early as 15 at the front of my hairline.
I have seen numerous doctors locally and have gotten alot of attention from my overseas father who is a doctor. I have tried numerous anitdepressents which have not done much and seen all kinds of doctors and tests( MRI's Catscans)
I often feel like my body is stiff from my shoulders and up. Neck tension begins and spreads to my head. Overall I have now been diagnosed as a non-depressed individual with no final conclusion but further testing continued.
Please help your web sight offers a different view which I feel open minded to try as well. I suffer greatly and try to enjoy life as much as I can with the discomfort. Please help me with information and help.

Dr. Lin: 01/29/2002> 
About 5000 years ago, the first Chinese Sexual Bible "The Plain Girl" - Suu Nei Ching, already defined the problems and phenomena associated with sexual exhaustion and over-masturbation. But, no so-called sex expert, psychologist  or psychiatrist pays attention to the consequence of excessive sex in destruction of the brain's and nervous functions. Fortunately,  I can  use my neuronutrient formulas (for production of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin)  to proof and to orchestra the 5000-year wisdom. Well,  the current "sexual education" materials used in high schools and universities help me make money ;=)  Thank for the destructively sexual education program.
The explanation of the neurotransitter variation in response to orgasm or ejaculation is given in
The natural short life of the neurotransmitters due to the neurotransmitter re-uptake in the neuro-synapses makes a proper brain's and  nervous functions require a continuous supply of their precursors to prevent the breakdown (burndown) of the brain's/nervous systems after the orgasmic/ejaculating burst of the neurotransmitters in the brain. That is, around the instant of reaching orgasm, the brain and nervous systems consume a very large amount of neurochemicals for a burst of neurotransmitters, which gives you an extreme pleasures, then followed by an exhaustion and tiredness when the supply of the neurotransmitters' precursors run short.  
Repetitive over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm don't give the brain's neurons a chance to fuel themselves with neurotransmitters' precursors. It is like a weak or dead battery resulting from repetitive overdischarge before it gets a proper recharge.  As a result, the over-discharged battery won't store electrical energy without a major overhaul. 
We have collected these problems and phenomena associated with over-masturbation, over-ejaculation and excessive orgasm in
I outlined the typical symptoms produced by over-masturbation and over-ejaculation in
and the explanation of the brain's/nervous damage produced by over-masturbation, over-ejaculation and excessive orgasm (women) in
You are not exceptional.
Since you are very young, LastLonger (3-005) can help you out,
If you want a faster result for lovemaking, you should add ViaGrowth-III (1-004) to help you reduce the overloading of your weak endocrine functions. 
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