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Case Study -  Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation causes prostatitis and  brain's / nervous dysfunctions - for No sexual orgasm. The engineering solutions!
Reader: 01/20/2002> 
Hi Dr Lin,

I'm 20 years old and I have had pain in the prostate area that comes and 
goes for many years. I've been ignoring it until now. This year I got a 
girlfriend, so we went to the doctor to have my prostate examined. They 
did DRE and took urine samples before and after prostate massage. The 
diagnosis was non-bacterial chronic prostatitis and they want to treat me 
with some anti-biotics cocktail.

I also suffer from tiredness, low motivation to do anything, occasional 
slight chest pain, pain during urination and occasionally after 
ejaculation. I have tinnitus, but being a musician it's not surprising. 
My eyes are relatively sensitive to sun-light and sometimes I get tears 
in them for no reason.

I started masturbating at an early age. I don't know exactly when, but it 
was before I had any sperm production. Like in one of your cases, I had 
read and been told that masturbation was completely harmless. It has 
happened that I've tried for a 2nd ejaculation, but when I did, it felt 
very bad. I also remember a time in my youth when before falling asleep I 
would involontarily get something like a full body "orgasm" of that same 
bad feeling as when you try to have a second ejaculation. That was very 
frightening. I tensed all my muscles to make it stop...

My orgasms have become weaker and weaker since I first started 
masturbating. Now I don't masturbate more than twice a week or so. I 
sometimes have nightly ejaculation. I have noticed that my PC muscle is 
often tensed, and after reading about it on the net, I've been working on 
relaxing it whenever I discover it's tensed. I used to tense it to get 
the last drips of urine out too while urinating.

Do you know any treatment that can help me become restored? Preferrably 
permanently and without the use of any drugs. I am familiar with 
meditation and working with energy. I'm from Sweden but I live in Beijing 
now. I'm a vegetarian since one and a half year back.


Dr. Lin: 01/23/2002> 
These two documents can tell you the whole story,
1. The variation of the brain's neurotransmitters in response to ejaculation and sexual orgasm - on the Penile Ballooning Method for penile enlargement and the destruction by over-masturbation and over-ejaculation . 
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9875.htm  
2. Destruction produced by Male or Female Over-Masturbation for no sexual orgasm. 
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9848.htm  
There are more examples in

You expect a weak (or dead) battery to start an engine for recharging itself. You should think about how to jump start the engine so that the weak battery can get recharged. If the battery won't hold electricity, then cleanse the electrodes and replace the electrolytes - the engineering solutions!  In your body, the liver-endocrine--parasympathetic nervous systems form an electric charging and energy storage systems. The electrolytes are hormone precursors (the most primitive precursor is the bad cholesterol LDL produced by the liver and to be converted to hormones with essential liver enzymes!) and neurochemicals (to be converted to neurotransmitters with liver enzymes ).  When your acetylcholine/parasympathetic battery (Yin Chi)  is empty, you won't have much healing power to heal your prostatitis due to prostate abrasion. Antibiotics can only worsen your situation. 

These documents can help you out,
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