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Case Study - Post-pregnancy sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm - why and solution?
I have been married to my wife now for almost 2 years. When we were first dating and not sexually active she would actually climax when we were involved with some passionate kissing. She was on the pill at the time. She developed breast cysts and her doctor said she needed to get off the pill. A year later we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. My wifes sex drive left after she became pregnant and unfortunately hasn't returned. (Our daughter is now 8 months old)My wife does not feel much of anything and has not climaxed in some time. When she does it is very weak. She is 23 now and also seems to lack energy. Do not get me wrong she has a very good body and is not a lazy person. What can you recommend. We are trying to avoid our second pregnancy for at least 6 months. Awaiting your response. Thanks

Dr. Lin: 01/14/2002> 
She has a weak liver function which was overloaded by estrogen and progesterone during her last pregnancy.  Estrogen or/and progesterone may stimulate the liver to over-produce the SHBG protein that freeze up testosterone in the bloodstream, leading to the dampening of libido and nervous sensitivity and the increase of the pituitary's orgasm inhibitor Prolactin.  For some women , overloading the liver with estrogen or progesterone released by the placenta may cause the liver to produce excessive blood sugar, resulting in pregnant diabetes.
Estrogen reduces and cools the nervous sensitivity, dampens the brain's dopamine fire and thyroid functions (thus, slow down metabolism in burning fat),  and increase the fatty cells in the tissues, particularly, the breasts, hips and vagina lining, while progesterone dampens the orgasmic contraction and tends to dry up the vaginal natural lubrication to prevent sexual activities and pleasures.  Increasing the level of estrogen or progesterone in the female brain's hormone receptors will slow down the ovarian functions via the brain's hormone feedback controller in the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.  This also reduce the release of testosterone from the ovaries as well.
She needs MoodMax (1-014) and DeToxiA (1-017)to reboost her liver functions for more production of the essential enzymes that increases her DHEA, androstenedione (testosterone and estrogen precursor), testosterone, dopamine and acetylcholine for resuming sexual and orgasmic capacity.
If the situation is severe, she will need ViaPal-hGH-S (3-013) to repower her entire brain's/nervous and liver systems.
The nervous sensitivity in the clitoris and G-spot depends on the the acetylcholine levels in the neuro-muscular junctions (endings) of the sensory nerves. Testosterone, and DHEA can recharge the nervous circuits bioelectrically and help release acetylcholine in the neurons and then the 2nd neurotransmitter nitric oxide and the dilator cGMP in the arterial walls (the so-called smooth muscles - the involuntary muscles.) Parasympathetic nervous functions and the blockade of the sympathetic alpha receptors in the arterial walls powers the erection of the urethral spongy tissues (g-spot and clitoris) and the tenting effect of the uterus. Women losing the erection and tenting ability are frigid. Excessive sexual stimulation will abrade the tissues and nerves in the urethra, clitoris or/and vagina, resulting in the female "prostatitis" - the urethral burning and frequent urinary urgency, and delevopement of scar tissues to protect the damaged nervous endings. If her clitoris and vagina lose the nervous sensitivity, don't over-stimulate them since it won't help with a hard stimulation. Instead, it can damage the nerves. 
Testosterone and Dopamine will stimulate the pituitary to release the orgasm hormone oxytocin to facilitate the orgasmic contraction of the uterine and vaginal muscles. Dopamine will be converted to the sympathetic neurohormones norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain and adrenal medulla to electrify the sympathetic nerves (send a sequence of action voltage) in the Orgasmic Pacemaker (Epicenter) to initiate orgasmic contraction.
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