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Case Study - Side effects of birth control pill, excessive estrogen and progesterone on erection and sexual orgasm.
Thank you for you answer,

Yes, my girlfriend took a pills for about an year. Now, for the first 
month, she decided to make a break in taking pills. Do you think 
it can influence her sexual arousal? You write that it seems that 
she doesn't have enough testosterone and dopamine, could be something 
done about that?
Could she take something to increase their level?

I will be very appreciate for your answer,

Dr. Lin: 01/12/2002> 
The pill overloads the liver detoxification system with excessive estrogen or/and progesterone, and overload the brain's hormone receptors that trigger the Estrogen or Progesterone Negative Feedback controller to deactivate the ovarian functions to achieve birth control. 
As a result, the liver produces excessive SHGB protein to freeze up testosterone and less and less enzymes for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter dopamine and testosterone. This can cause depression and hypothyroidism for a lot of women., even diabetes which can happen to pregnant women due to excessive placenta-secreting estrogen/progesterone and a weak liver. 
Excessive progesterone in the uterus and vagina dampens orgasm contraction and causes intercourse or penetration pain, in addition to turn off libido, dry up the vaginal lubrication, and shrink the clitoris and G-spot (the urethral spongy tissues) by reducing the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis. This is how the Mother Nature protects pregnancy.
Excessive estrogen in the uterus and vagina causes water (fluid) retaining in the vagina lining that hidden the G-spot and clitoris nerves. You may see how watery the pregnant women's clitoris, labia and vagina are.
Excessive estrogen makes the vaginal very wet, but women with an excessive estrogen level can still experience intercourse pain when there is an excessive progesterone level in the bloodstream.
Testosterone is Fire for sex. When it burns in the neuro-muscular endings, it sensitizes the nerves and stimulate the expansion of the local tissues and the prostaglandins productions for tissues expansion and flexibility. 
Estrogen is Water for sex. It cools down the nervous activities. Although the nerves and tissues requires estrogen to prevent overheating due to the testosterone metabolism and to support the cellular renewal, excessive estrogen will dampen the nervous sensitivity due to excessive water retaining in the tissues.

Although she stops taking pills, the side effects of the pills on the testosterone and dopamine levels can remains for months or even years, depending on her liver function.  Some women can immediately overcome the side effects of the pills and resume their sexual and orgasmic functions once they withdraw, some couldn't, resulting in hypothyroidism.   MoodMax and VIP Cream can increase her testosterone and dopamine levels. Heat Tea is the most suitable package for young women in dealing with the side effects of the pills. If she can not take the extracts of animal glands, the alternative is ViaGrowth-IV, which is a very fast action product for Young Women to increase the testosterone and dopamine levels. 
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