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Case Study - Hard orgasm struggle under the side effects of birth control pills causes post-orgasmic pain and urinary incontinence.
Ever since March 2001 I started having pains in my Vagina and butt after orgasm especially if I had more than one orgasm. The pains would last for days. I was tested for all sexually transmitted diseases and infectiions. They were negative. When I would have a papsmear inside my Vagina was real tender. My clit seems real sensitive. It bothers me if my underwear touch my clit. I had ultrasounds they found nothing wrong except my uterus was tilted to the left. They said it must be my bladder so they sent me to a uroligist. I have no bladder infection. I think there is something wrong with the muscles that contract during an orgasm. They seem to stay tighten then I can not relax the muscles to pee then my bladder gets to full adding to the pain. I also have been masturbating to achieve orgasm since I was three. This problem has kept me from working no one knows what's wrong with me. I was getting better. Then the other day I masturbated, had an orgasm and ten minutes!
later I felt like I needed to come again. Even after the second orgasm I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I need to masturbate. I had four orgasms that day and one the next day. It's been three days and I can't get rid of the feeling. I feel this achy congested anoyed like I'm going crazy feeling in my lower body. The arousal of my clit is making me feel like I have to pee contantly. I feel like my clit and and g spot are permanently big like I have a constant hardon and it is blocking the urine from coming out of my urethra. I have been trying not to masturbate hoping the feeling will go away. I have to tap my foot or wiggle around. I need help this is driving me crazy. What can I do to stop feeling aroused and stop having orgasms? Sincerely too much sex drive. PS I take mircette birth control I have been for a year and a half. I have tried benadryl and that didn't work.

Dr. Lin: 01/12/2002> 
Your muscles or tissues around the pelvic cavity produce insufficient relaxation hormone prostaglandin E-1 for orgasmic contraction due to a lack of DHEA, androstenedione or neurochemicals in the local tissues.
Poor blood circulation or blood congestion down there can block the replenishment of the hormones and neurochemicals to the local tissues. A titlted uterus can cause the post-orgasm pain.
Birth control pills or shot can produce this side effect too.
Generally, after orgasm, the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive. This is normal.
If the clitoral sensory nervous endings have been damaged by over-masturbation with a lack of acetylcholine in the neuromuscular endings, the clitoris also becomes very sensitive and painful upon friction and touching. 
You have over-stimulated your clitoris and G-spot for orgasm without sufficient prostaglandin E-1 to help relax your urethral spongy tissues, due to the side effect of your birth control pills which will gradually disable your orgasmic capacity. You struggle too hard for your orgasm under the side effects of the pills on your orgasmic response. As a result, you have damaged your urethral sensory and parasympathetic nerves, resulting in the prostatitis-like urinary incontinence. You have to take a 2 week sexual break for healing. Don't kill your clitoris and G-spot.
A low dose of ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) can help you solve this problem,
http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9854.htm  ViaPal-hGH-E will also eliminate the side effects of birth control pills or shot for you to achieve orgasm much easier with a hard struggling. 
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