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Case Study -  Side effects of SSRIs antidepressants for no erection and sexual orgasm.
You wanna know why i'm asking you all these questions? It's because there's 
something extrememly wrong with me, some sort of disorder, whatever the 
cause be genetic or whatever, that causes a myriad of symptoms, one of which 
being associated with ejaculation. I feel like hell after ejaculation, and 
I remain that way for a very long time, up to a week it seems. I haven't 
had one for over three months though, because that's how long I've been 
taking Paxil, an SSRI. It put an end to the frequent wet dreams I use to 
have. I use to have at least one a week. I have symptoms of a depressed 
person, and ejaculation only seems to worsen the symptoms 10 fold, and it 
stays that way for up to a week. And I'm trying to figure out what the 
hell's going on. I originally had several questions about histamine, for I 
thought I was a histadelic, but there's no way. Then I thought it had to do 
with serotonin, and now I'm not sure. If I'm depressed I have low serotonin 
levels in my brain. So here's a simple question, can ejaculation worsen the 
affects of depression? And I'm talking instant, instant depression hell, 
right after an ejaculation. That's why I wanted to know when the dopamine 
was converted to andrenaline. But first I need to know if serotonin is used 
up by preventing the conversion of dopamine to andrenaline. It seems to be 
too much adrenaline is beating the hell outta my brain, or there's a sudden 
acute reduction or depletion of serotonin. Thanks for helping me.

Dr. Lin: 01/04/2002> 
SSRIs antidepressants block the serotonin re-uptaking, but don't not increase the serotonin production.
The detail discussion is given in

The SSRIs also cause liver damage (please read "the FDA sounds warning on antidepressants" December 20, 2001 South-Florida Sun-Sentinel, Page 8B"), resulting in deficiency of the liver enzymes for the syntheses of the hormones such as DHEA, androstenedione and testosterone, and the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin itself. 
With a deficiency of the hormones and acetylcholine and dopamine, your seminal production will be cut down zero, lose your orgasm ability, and become more depression after sex. 
The SSRIs also block the histamine receptors that produce prostaglandins. Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) is responsible for relaxation of the penile spongy tissues for erection while PGE-2 for ripening the prostate ejaculation duct and valve for ejaculation and orgasmic contraction. 
Increasing the Serotonin level in the brain's interneurons will down-modulate the conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine and then epinephrine (andrenalin), while excessive serotonin in the brain's and nervous interneurons will kill the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions and the sensitivity and response of the sensory nerves to excitation or stimulation. With a low level of dopamine due to the destruction of liver functions by SSRIs, you won't have much dopamine to be converted and also there is a lack of the essential enzymes for dopamine-adrenalin conversion. No dopamine, no orgasm hormone oxytocin to help intiate the prostate contraction for orgasm. With a low level of dopamine and acetylcholine functions, your body (60% from prostate) produce less and less semen, and your testicular function will become too weak to produce sufficient sperm and testosterone. 
No dopamine-adrenalin conversion during a highly sexual arousal, no enough sympathetic nervous functions of T10-L2 to fire for your orgasm. 

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