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Case Study -  Reversal engineering of penile pumping and jelqing damage; emulation of the puberty conditions for penile enlargement to have more sexual orgasm 
I am 27 years old and masturbate quite frequently. I have a problem with premature ejaculation and cannot lat when having sex with my partner. I have tried enlarging my penis using pumps and jelqing techniques. The problem is that I now have a fairly pronounced curve to the right in my penis. I would like some advice on the most natural way to enlarge my penis, remove the curvature and to increase lasting time during sex. Please help me as I do not wish to damage my penis my over exercising. Kind Regards.

Dr. Lin: 12/19/2001> 
Screwing up the penis is much easier and quicker than correcting it.
You want to work on reversal engineering for your penis.
To improve your penile curvature, you have to erect your penis with LastLonger and ViaGrowth-III (or -IV) and massage the concave side of your penis with VIP Cream to soften your scar tissues. it will take a few months to soften the scar tissues.
You can make you penis bigger by my ballooning method if you can erect your penis spontaneously without hand or oral jobs and hold your ejaculation back 3-5 times (the basis of Lasting longer).
So, basically, you have to create the conditions for spontaneous erection - blocking your sympathetic alpha receptors, inhibiting the acetylcholine re-uptaking, increasing the acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions, and reducing your body stress or increasing your nervous capability to carry stress.
Secondly, optimize your DHEA and androstenedione/testosterone levels and your liver functions to allow testosterone-DHT conversion in your penile tissues that forces your penis to expand and produce cellular multiplication. Note that either an excessive or insufficient testosterone level can cause penile shrinkage.
Thirdly, prevent the superhormone DHT from binding its receptors in the prostate and hair rooting cells. You want DHT to grow your penile cells, but you don't want DHT to grow prostate cells! Huh! an insterested ideas!
Yes! DHT causes prostate enlargement, but what you want is to let DHT cause penile enlargement! So, use the plant sterol or phyto-hormones to coat the DHT receptors in the prostate and hair rooting cells.
To allow DHT to stimulate your penile tissues, you must hold erection longer than 30 minutes to allow your penile cells to be bathed in the DHT-enriched blood in the erecting penile shaft. For the best result, you should hold your erection for 1-2 hours.
If you hold back your ejaculation 3-5 times in 1-2 hour sexual stimulation, you will burn a lot of testosterone into DHT in the penile chamber. Your penile spongy tissues will get sufficient DHT to cellular multiplication, like the natural penile growth conditions in your puberty. Remember, you have frequent spontaneous erection day and night during your penile growth seasons. So, Frequent spontaneous erection is also one of the conditions that grow your penis.
Finally, Lasting Longer is another key condition for the adults to re-grow the penis.
Lasting Longer will allow the penile tissues to be bathed in the DHT-enriched blood!
But how? well, you should read
and the articles about Sexual ChiKong Breathing in

Note that LastLonger, Viagrowth-III or -IV, or ViaPal-hGH packages can power the brain's/nervous, endocrine, liver, cardiovascular, adrenal and kidney functions in supporting penile enhancement and enlargement.
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VIP Cream
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Kava Plus

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