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Case Study -  Problems associated with injection of Prostaglandin E-1, penile deformation, mechanism of penile enlargement, and sexual orgasm
Dr. Newman:

Thanks for send me a reply. I see that my penis is bigger in both states, 
flacid and erected.

I forgot to tell you that I had fuor hours priapims whit the doppler exam 
(CAV?JET injection), and was very painful. I went inmediatly to the 
emergency and the erection get down by itself (after about 3 or 4 hours). 
They told me that because of the time there was no risk of damage. Since 
that I began to see my penis more to the left (about 30š) and bigger in the 
right side and Im worried for that too. I must say I had that deviation but 
not so big (maybe it used to be 15š). I told the doctor about that and I 
think he didnt get importance to that, altouhg I didnt show him any picture.

Im have to say Im getting a little better the last days. I ocassionally have 
morning and noctural erections, but not as they used to be before the 
sondage (catheterization). They could be very HARD (sometimes with a little 
stimulation) but not so easily and frequently.

I donīt have the same feelings. I used to get exited with little things and 
I had to masturbate myself. Now I can get exited not so easly and I donīt 
feel the necesity to masturbate myself. My sexual desire has decreased.

The psiquiatrist said it could be that during the 21 days catheterization I 
couldnt masturbate and my body and mind got used to that.

What do you think could be the answer (or alternative answers) to my 
problem? and what should I do?.


Iīve read about natural excersises to correct the deviation and get better 
(increse sexual feelings and desires) in the web. What do you think about 
those programs? Should I try them?

Please answer me:


Now Im taking Vitamina E (400 Ul) and C (500 mg), because I read some 
articles about that.

Dr. Lin: 12/17/2001> 
So, you got injection of Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) into your penile shaft and experienced only 3 or 4-hour erection. You are lucky enough! We have two ViaPal-hGH-E's customers who experienced persistent erection for 8 hours and 3 days after a PGE-1 injection. PGE-1 over-inflated their penile arteries and continuously, completely sealed off the penile veins even after ejaculating. They had to go to hospital to drain out the blood externally, resulting in damage of the nervous endings. The persistent erection will result in fatigue of the penile nervous endings. This is why your penis looks bigger in the flaccid and erectile state, but you won't get much spontaneous erection any more! Direct injection of PGE-1 generally causes this problem. First,  the needle injection will damage the penile spongy tissues and creates scar tissues around the needle wounds in the first place. Secondly, when there are scar tissues in your penile shaft, you have to soften your scar tissues first before you can inflate your penis to an extreme; otherwise, scar tissues will enhance the deformation of your over-inflated penis. Thirdly, the concentration of PGE-1 after injecting is inhomogeneous over the penis; around the injection point, there is too much PGE-1, resulting in over-inflation of  the adjacent tissues. These problems are what you got!   The nervous endings have been damaged.
The penis is like a blood tidal basin. You have to let it erect for fresh, new blood to replace the old blood. If the new blood contains more testosterone and 5-alpha reductase for conversion of testosterone to DHT in the erectile spongy tissues, you will get a natural growth of your penis again. This is what my Penile Ballooning Method emulates - the penile growth conditions in the puberty: frequently spontaneous erection (by the effect of PGE-1 and alpha receptor blockade on the penile arteries) and the stimulation of DHT on the penile cells. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm, http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9499.htm and http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9663.htm .
Since I have realized the power of PGE-1, I have developed our products to help the penile and vaginal tissues produce more PGE-1. PGE-1, in turn, causes a long-term relaxation of the penile and vaginal tissues and produce a persistent erection to allow the erectile spongy tissues to be soaked in a hormone (DHT)-enriched blood for cellular multiplication and growth - resulting in re-growth of the penis, clitoris, G-spot, and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues that narrow down the vaginal size. DHT is responsible for penile growth during puberty, while PGE-1 up-modulates the local parasympathetic nervous endings for a continuous release of the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide for the synthesis of the penile arterial dilator cGMP for a long erection.   
Here is our experimental results. If I take a maximum dose of one of our ViaPal-hGH package, I will experience persistent erection during sleeping and retain a 30-minute residual erection after ejaculating, due to overproduction of PGE-1 in my penile tissues locally. My penis won't back down to the flaccid state. PGE-1 also does for women to narrow down and lubricate the vagina. If my wife takes a low dose of one of ViaPal-hGH for 2 or 3 days, her vagina becomes much tighter (extreme tightness with an extremely enjoyable fit and sensitivity!) and well-lubricated anytime. She can feel that her labia, clitoris and g-spot become frequently erecting and puffy. Overdosing of Viapal-hGH products will cause over-production of PGE-1, resulting in a frequently spontaneous erection for men and women. After realizing this trick, I have formulated VIP cream to work a low dose of ViaPla-hGH products. VIP Cream will soften the penile, clitoral, labia, and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues. It stimulates the local nerves and PGE-1 production in the local tissue immediately. Women can feel heating and vaginal narrowing once the ingredients gets into the local nervous endings. Intercourse with VIP cream can benefit both vaginal and penile tissues with a faster action of PGE-1 in a short time. VIP cream can help soften/dissolve scar tissues in the penis, clitoris, G-spot and vagina  (due to childbirth and vibrator damage) and correct the penile curvature in a long run.
Excessive testosterone (not DHT) in the penile tissues without the liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase for conversion of testosterone to DHT in the penile tissues will cause over-excitation of the penile sympathetic nerves, resulting in contrition of the penile arteries that is penile shrinkage and erectile dysfunction. Excessive testosterone acting on the prostate and overheating the prostate will result in premature ejaculation. Excessive testosterone in the brain will cause short temper and anxiety.  Thus, excessive testosterone in the body tends to over-excite the sympathetic nervous system, while a low testosterone level causes male menopause symptoms.
Overdosing of Testosterone Injection or Replacement Therapy, or abuse of testosterone precursors shrinks the penis!

If there is sufficient 5-alpha reductase in the bloodstream, women can grow their clitoral shaft into a small penis with testosterone injection for more DHT production in growing the erectile issues.

For men, excessive DHT will cause prostate enlargement and hair loss. To enjoy the power of DHT and avoid its side effects, you need the herbal ingredients in ViaGrowth, MoodMax and PeniSOS to prevent DHT from binding into its receptors in the prostate and hair rooting cells.
The testosterone-DHT conversion (testosterone burning!) will make you become a "hot-blood" person.
You need LastLonger (3-005) to rejuvenate your parasympathetic nervous functions and block the alpha receptors for frequently spontaneous erection and Massage your penis with VIP (1-015) Cream to correct your penis curvature.
If you need more hormones to lighten up your sexual power, add ViaGrowth-III (1-004) in to your recipes.
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VIP Cream
5-HTP (Serotonin)
Kava Plus

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