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Case Study -  Stress urinary incontinence, urethral female ejaculation, and sexual orgasm
hi.. this has been happening for a while now.. i have had a weak bladder even since i was a child.. laughing really hard made me wet my pants all the time.. i resorted to wearing pads everywhere i went.. just in case.. anyway now im older and that problem isnt so bad now.. it hasnt happened for ages.. but i find when i orgasm i urinate too. or sometimes i cant tell if it is all urine.. but there is a LOT of fluid.. i am scared to orgasm with my bf b/c of this .. so i stop the intercourse if i feel like i am about to come.. simply b/c i am scared i will piss a litre all over the bed. please help.. thankyou..

Dr. Lin: 12/16/2001>
Well, Child bed wetting, urethral female ejaculation during sexual stimulation, and stress urinary incontinence comes from the same source - a weak parasympathtic nervous function of S1 & S2's Pudendal Nervous GVA-GSE circuits in the urethral-bladder's sphincter muscle and S2/S3/S4's GVA-GVE Pelvic Splanchnic Nerves in the bladder smooth muscles, and a strong sympathetic nervous function (a violent reflexion response to the sensory input or a direct brain's disturbance) of GVE motor nerves from L2 to the bladder.
The weak parasympathetic nervous function ( a low bioelectric resting postential) can not keep the smooth muscles in control for balancing out or regulating the action of the stronger sympathetic functions due to the disturbances in the Autonomous Nervous System, sympathetic flight or fight (panic, frightening, laughing, coughing, stress, exercises, orgasm, emotional excitement..), or the sensory nervous inputs from the pelvic, vaginal and clitoral areas. 
Conventional wisdom for solving the child bed wetting is to feed the kids with sea foods, seeds, nuts and soy products so that the brain and nervous systems can be replenished by neurochemicals. This is also a part of solutions for the male premature ejaculation. 
Nowaday, we have MoodMax and ViaGrowth-IV for the men and women who need the neurochemicals to regulate or correct the brain's and nervous functions - enhancing the parasympathetic nervous functions and sedating the sympathetic nervous functions.
Since you are very young, MoodMax (1-005) is sufficient for helping you out.
ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) also contains DHEA and androstenedione which help further strenghten the Sphincter and vaginal muscles for women after 30, in conjunction with the vaginal muscular exercises.  Thus, ViaPla-hGH-E (3-011) has been an extremely effective formula in this problem for middle aged and senior women. This is a vaginal body builders' formula.
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