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Case Study -  PC muscular exercises, precum and dead G-spot for no sexual orgasm
Dr. Lin, first of all - thank you for Actionlove.com, an excellent source for understanding, helping and improving sexual pleasure.

After reading through your informative documents, Iíve come up with a number of questions that Iím sure you will be able to clarify.

My social situation is this:
Iím not in a stable relationship with a woman since 4 years back; 
I have sex about 4-6 times a month with a woman as part of a sexual relationship Ė at present both her and me enjoy it that way.
I masturbate about 3-4 times a week sometimes using pornographic material to arouse me.
Iím a smoker since 6 years back and I have started to cut down and will have stopped completely within 6 months.
My physical condition is low but not terrible and is also under serious improvement.

1. I produce a lot(!) of pre-cum when being stimulated. You told me in an earlier letter that this could easily stimulate pre-mature ejaculation (I can hold about 2-3 minutes during vaginal intercourse). When I have penile stimulation, I tend to use one muscle a lot (donít know the name for it); itís the muscle that I would use to stop the urine flow if I was urinating. I tense it up and relax it all the time during stimulation since this gives me an elevated feeling. If I donít do that, Iím able to hold back just a little longer. 

Is this habit a probable cause to producing a lot of precum or could this habit be in any way related to my early ejaculation- or my erection problems? What is this muscle? and how can I use it for better sexual performance and pleasure?

2. I seem to have difficulties finding her g-spot and epicenter with my fingers and she doesnít seem to respond in any way that could help me finding it. What does this spot feel like to my fingers and how can I pinpoint it for certain?
In one article you wrote that the g-spot and/or epicenter needs to be Ďerectedí down from her upper vaginal wall before stimulation is effectual, how can I know/feel that it is Ďerectedí?

3. I would like to strengthen my erection and penile size with your ballooning massage method. I have serious erection problems, I cannot get an erection without hands-on stimulation and if the simulation stops, my erection drops to zero within 60 seconds.
However the ballooning method, you wrote, seems insufficient if my sexual system does not support other aspects to a certain degree, such as nervous system response, serotonin- and testosterone levels etc. How can I tell or know if I need to improve other aspects, before applying the ballooning massage for effect? Do I need to get to the hospital and do tests or how?

4. I would like to extend my performance time during vaginal sex. I have no trouble taking her to orgasm with oral/manual stimulation but I can only hold back 2 minutes when having vaginal intercourse. I read in your documents about men who have learned to hold back 60-120 minutes so I would be damned if I could not improve too *laugh*.
Can you describe how this is possible and how I can learn to do it, any exercises needed and please be specific.

5. Is there any books, instructional videos, courses or more in-depth information that you could recommend for better understanding the information concerning the above questions or/and sex in general? Iíve been having sexual problems for quite a while and Iíve decided to do something serious about it from now on. I know it will take time, patience, understanding, practice and changing the way I live today to improve things. I would like to understand and learn as much as I can to enjoy sex much more - so please donít hold back on any kind of information you may give.

6. In a previous response to me, you recommended the use of ViaPlaa-hGH-E to help me out with my precum problem. I would very much like to buy this, but I cannot purchase it through any kind of credit- or dept card, and since I live outside of the US Iím not allowed to purchase through Cash On Delivery from Health clubs order-form.
I was wondering if there is any way we could possibly solve this? 
Can I ask a local store near me to order this product from you?
Can I transfer the cost to a designated account to you directly and when you see the amount you send me the product?
Please, advice, I would really like to try your suggestion out.

Thank you very much in advance

Dr. Lin: 12/14/2001>
1. Yes! This group of muscles is called the PC muscles. The PC muscular exercises stimulate your bulbourethral and prostate glands to produce more precum. Precum contains prostaglandins (PG), with more PGE-2 than PGE-1, where PGE-1 helps erection, but PG-2 helps you achieve orgasm or ejaculation more quickly. Precum does not have enough PGE-1 to help you create and sustain a hard erection, but its excessive PGE-2 causes premature ejaculation upon vaginal penetration. PGE-2 can stimulate the urethral-prostate nerves to ripen the prostate ejaculation ducts for seminal emission (leakage) without orgasmic contraction. This is the main side effect of the PC muscular exercises. The more you practice the exercises, the more precum you produce and the quicker you come! Men who exercise the PC muscules or requires a lot of hand or oral jobs to assist penile erection during sex usually produce a lot of precum and come too quickly!
2. Her G-spot may be dead! 
Men who can not erect their penis are impotent; women who can not their urethral spongy tissues (including the G-spot) are impotent (frigid) too.
To locate and feel the G-spot, please read
http://www.actionlove.com/love/g-spot.htm By the way, you can give her ViaPal-hGH products or Heat Tea to revive her G-spot.
3. The ballooning method is to emulate your puberty conditions for the penile growth and erectil enhancement.
If you can not hold your erection for longer than 30 minutes, your penile spongy tissues don't have a chance to bath in the DHT-enriched blood longer enough for stimulation of penile enhancement and cellular fusion.
You need one of ViaPal-hGH packages to help you out.
Please read 
for detail.
Advice: We don't want to send our herbal products to Sweden unless there is a store to receive our package for you.
4. This article will give you the answers,
5. It is in my CD-ROM book (item 0-001) in
6. You can send a money order or bank draft (check) for the product cost (US$80 for VIapal-hGH-E) + $20 air shipping/handling to
Dtr. Newman K. Lin
22648 SW 54th Avenue 
Boca Raton, FL 33433,  USA
Please tell me the name and address of the store which wants to receive the package for you.
Wire transfer for $100.00 is not acceptable since the bank will charge me US$10.00 service fee!
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