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Case Study -  Teenager boy's over-masturbation results in body pains and premature ejaculation for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/7/2001>
Dear Dr lin
i have been reading some of your articles and im very pleased with this site so far. I started masterbating since i was 7, doing it 2 times a day or every other days. In this year i started drinking, adding to my masterbation. Now i suffer from lower back pain, and premature masterbation. Also when i ejaculate it pains me in the adomenal and kidney area. I think that the drinking has damaged my kindney, so i have decieded to stop. Is there any way of me fixing my kidney? The back pain i think is from the premature masterbation (i read it in one of your cases) Can you tell me some excersises to help my problems, or any way my body can regenerate itself naturally?

Dr. Lin: 12/8/2001>
Oh! boy, you are only 16! I have suffered the sexual exhaustion problem due to overmasturbation.
Over-masturbation have killed your brain's acetycholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous functions by over-draining the brain's and spinal neurochemical fluids out of the body with semen.
That causes depletion of neurochemicals in the brains, spine, and local tisuses. 
A deficiency of acetylcholine's neurochemicals will cause the underproduction of the local relaxant hormone prostaglandin E-1 to relax the neurons for stretching and bending of ligaments, muscles and joints. You will feel muscular pulling pains in the body, particularly, low back, low abdomen, and groins. You may experience testicular and hernial pains too, as discussed in
It will cause severe erectile dysfunction too (I hate to use impotence for a 16-year old teenager). 
I think your kidneys are ok. Well, you can ask your doctor to check them with MRI.
The liver and adrenal functions are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous function (which is called Yin Chi in the Chinese Medical Concept). When you deplete the acetylcholine neurochemicals by seminal discharge, your liver and adrenal functions are deactivated. Your liver cannot provide sufficient enzymes for hormone and neurotransmitters (such as acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin) production. And your adrenal glands can not produce sufficient DHEA and androstenedione to power your brain's and testicular functions that drive your manhood. 
Regarding premature ejaculation, you have trained your sympathetic nerves to have a quick orgasm or ejaculation response to sexual simulation. Your weak erection won't create a high blood pressure inside the penile shaft to compress the urethral/prostate nerves and block their sensing and communication. With a weak erection, you frequently exercise your PC or prostate muscles in order to revive your erection; in turn, it stimulates your bulbourethral glands to produce a lot of precum which contains a lot of the ripening hormone prostaglandin E-2 which opens the ejaculation duct for semen emission, even without orgasmic contraction in the prostate and seminal vesicles and their adjacent muscles.
Generally, premature ejaculators can produce a lot of precum by a simple visual or auditory stimulation or kissing, without touching the genital. The precum production is stimulated by the sympathetic nervous function, but can be down-modulated by the serotonin nervous function. 
With a depletion of serotonin neurochemicals, you will suffer anxiety, stress, ADD, sleeping disorder, and emotional unstsbility. Serotonin can help reduce conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine and epinephrine in the nervous systems and adrenal medulla (and bloodstream), and thus, down-modulate the sympathetic nervous (fight or Flight) functions. Serotonin is converted to melatonin by the pineal glands during the dark, where melatonin brings your brain to deep sleeps which help your pituitary gland produce a lot of Human Growth Hormone to support the entire body functions - energy restoration, healing, growth (anti-shrinkage), libido, erection, and so on.
Over-masturbation have done a lot of damage in your body for exchanging your temporary pleasure and release.
You are too young to take our products. Change your diets by reducing your red meat and cheese intake (cutting them down to 30%), but increasing your intake of seed, nuts, soy, sea foods, fresh vegetables and fruit; have a lot of exercises- 2 or 3 hours a day at least; stay away from pornography; turn off your internet!
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