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Case Study -  On vaginal discharge and parasympathetic nervous functions- affecting sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/7/2001>
Doctor, what if I told you that sometimes the
discharges have a slight greenish color sometimes.
Would you say that this is very bad or I shouldn't
stress myself out.And it doesn't smell too pleasant.
But it doesn;t smell very bad either.

Dr. Lin: 12/7/2001>
It is bad!
Your vaginal discharge reflects the parasympathetic nervous function (Yin Chi in the term of the Chinese medical concept) in your internal organs.
1. Yellow or brown discharge - the spleen.
2. White discharge - the large intestine or the lungs.
3. Blue or green discharge - the liver or gallbladder; anger and stress often goes with this symptom.
4. Black discharge - the kidneys.

The fishy smell of vaginal discharges indicates the bladder and kidneys are out of balance. Some DMAE (dimetheyaminoethanol) is loss into the vaginal discharge from the kidney/bladder filtration system.
Sea foods are rich in DMAE. DMAE has been found to increase choline levels. Choline serves as a precursor of the master neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is the main driver of the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems and the somatic and sensory nerves. It also serves as neurotransmitter for the preganglionic sympathetic neurons which mainly residence in the brain and spinal cord.

Insufficient parasympathetic nervous functions and excessive sympathetic nervous functions (stress, anxiety, and anger) in the uterus usually causes excessive vaginal discharge. 
The parasympathetic nervous function in the uterus also regulate vaginal female ejaculation during lovemaking, in conjunction with the estrogen effects on the water retention in the local tissues and the so-called urethral glands (the female seminal vesicles) distributed over the bladder-uterine boundary. 
Weak parasympathetic nervous functions in the bladder and urethra are associated with urinary incontinency and urethral female ejaculation during sex.

Reader 12/10/2001>
doctor, the vaginal discharges that I am experiencing changes color from time to time. it is green, yellow, brown sometimes. What do you think causes that.

Dr. Lin: 12/13/2001>
Hormonal change in the menstrual cycle can alternate the internal organ functions as well as the bacterial activities in the vagina. If you have to date the color change of your vaginal discharge vs. your menstrual cycle. 
If the discharge is a result of the unbalance of internal organ functions. You won't get itch.
Bacterial infection usually produces discharge and give you itch. Your OB can test the bacterial infection for you in this regard. If the cause is due to your organ unbalance, your OB will fail to solve the problem.
Here is additional information about the color of vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection:
1. Candida yeast infection can give an itchy vaginal discharge of white, curd-like material.
2. Trichomonas infections cause an itchy greenish-yellow frothy discharge and intercouse itchy pains. 
3. Baterial vaginosis is a multiple-species bacterial infection that produce thin and gray discharge with a distinctive and unpleasant order.
If you have a complex infection, each bacterial activity may change with your testosterone, estrogen, and estrogen levels.

The normal vaginal discharge changes with the variation of the hormone levels too! But the normal colors of vaginal discharge are transparent clearness and white, but its order is light or plain . Diet can change its order and color since diet affects the internal organ function and balance.
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